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2017-xx-xx (v3.0.0 beta2) Andrea Benini <>
* Fixed beta glitches: S0 respawn, three fingers on inittab, setterm -blank,
* Fixed compatibility issues with Raspberry Pi boards, RPi3 tested, working.
RPi1 and RPi2 are fine.
* Repository cleanup, there're less packages in the main repo but everything
has been totally from scratch to avoid old stale gcc deps
2017-01-30 (v3.0.0 beta1) Andrea Benini <>
* A lot of things still needs to be changed, kernel and output log must be
shown on stdout and not on console, S0 is still respawning too fast, inittab
must be fixed and hardware compatibility tests are still missing, testing
platform is now RPi3 but this is just a beta release and MUST NOT BE USED in
production (or use it at your own risk)
* SD Image has just been released , it's still a beta because hardware tests
are not completed for all the Pi cards, RPi v3 is the suggested card in this
moment, Piv1/v2/zero are not fully tested, you might try them if you want.
* Beta 1 RELEASE. Seems to work fine, it's still a barebone system but boots
and works fine. Mainly tested with a RPiv3 machine, more tests has to come
with older cards (RPi v2, v1, zero). It's not tightly optimized but usable.
Repository has been heavily reduced and it includes just basic packages, a
massive rebuild with main daemons and utilities will arrive soon.
* Major distro rewrite. Kernel update to 4.x.x version, added native support
Raspberry Pi v1,v2,v3. General repackaging for the whole repository, little
bit of bugfixing and major republish since v2.0.1
* Unfortunately eglibc has been discontinued after a long period of pain and
agony, it was a cool lib because memory footprint and code size matters in a
common embedded machine. Now I'm switching back to glibc even if this will
increase the memory size and overall system space requirements. I'll try to
do my best to limit glibc overall required resources
* Increased memory consumption and bigger footprint, mainly related to glibc
usage and newer broadcom hardware drivers release. armhf fully supported and
it might be possible to exchange '.deb' packages from other distros as well.
Disk image is now ~165Mb, a 256Mb SD card is suggested for the installation,
root filesystem is ~75Mb and operating system, ssh and a running shell takes
"30Mb" of RAM while running, remaining memory is available for your needs.
2015-01-30 (v2.0.1) Andrea Benini <>
* Busybox. Added "uniq" utility, seems required for some packages during the
installation process
* Containers. Added containers support. Now you can use containers to add a
bunch of packages, configure them and make proper patches as well. It's some
sort of dpkg install+makefile with steroids. Everything from 'moebius' util.
* Repository. Now added: php, mysql, nginx, tar, screen and other few libs..
2015-01-30 (v2.0.1) Andrea Benini <>
** WARNING ** After the first boot it's strongly suggested to autoresize the
SD card, there's not so much space in it. You'd better resize the root part
before doing anything else.
* Full ARMHF support, kernel and base packages recompiled with full ARM Hard
Float support, on daily usage performances are basically the same but if you
use CPU intensive tasks/programs or something where the floating point unit
is involved you may see huge differences
* To avoid confusion github repository has been wiped and packages there are
now fully armhf compliants, to detect or check these files just use readelf:
root@moebius:~# readelf -A /proc/self/exe |grep Tag_ABI_VFP_args
Tag_ABI_VFP_args: VFP registers
If you see the line "Tag_ABI_VFP_args: VFP registers" you are using an ARMHF
binary, this is valid for whatever distro you may want to use
* Distribution repository on github is now reduced to its minimal terms. In
the next days you'll see major improvements, there is an huge compile queue
on the run. Current repository counts approx 5000 packages
* Distro manager utility "moebius" has been improved to better handle distro
packages, a new update will be released soon to support containers as well.
2015-01-10 (v2.0.0) Andrea Benini <>
** WARNING ** After the first boot it's strongly suggested to autoresize the
SD card, there's not so much space in it. You'd better resize the root part
before doing anything else.
* Image released ! There's not so much in here but it works fine. Repository
now has ~5800 packages, gcc/g++ included, python 2 and 3 support, locale and
basic utilities (nano, mc and few more). Maybe needs to be polished a little
bit but it runs nice.
* Minor filesystem fixes to user environment, first time .profile startup to
detect first login, first moebius utility startup and few more.
* Added "moebius" utility for dealing with the system configuration, not yet
ready for the primetime but useful enough for basic operations. Many options
are still missing but it's growing fine. Locales and timezone settings are
in an early stage but they're working with some minor tweaks.
* This image can be flashed in a 128Mb card (if you still have one of those)
I even considered to fit it in a 64Mb, still possible but I'm now happy with
current features (busybox but full of options) and additional libraries. Now
curses libs are included so 'moebius' utility can be cute.
2014-12-18 (v2.00b) Andrea Benini <>
* Image is on the run (release notes): Not yet ready for production but I'm
adding packages and useful tools for development. Upcoming 2.00 version will
be bony but usable enough for developers and barebone usage.
* Added packages (repository): glibc, libc, gtk, build-tools, tzdata, locale
and lots of different lib files for basic usage, now there are approx '6000'
packages ready to go. Most of them are locales, debug and devel versions.
* Development tools (toolchain): Not only Python but a lots of languages and
libs. Now there's perl, c++, c and related libs
2014-11-21 (v2.00b) Andrea Benini <>
* Repository and optimizations (release notes): Published a new github repo
with basic packages (ssh, ssl, wget, ash), package signing required
* Packages (repository): Python 2 and 3 is available through github as well
as additional libraries
* "moebius" (utility): New installer and main utility is now called moebius,
and will handle the install phase as well as common administration, it's not
just a wrapper but aims to be the replacement for previous moebius-config or
2014-11-05 (v2.00a) Andrea Benini <>
* Booting and fine (release notes): Now I have a bootable image, modules are
not a problem anymore and binary packages from PiFoundation are working with
the kernel (v3.12)
* local shell and ssh (functions): Nothing more than shell, dropbear (SSH),
udev and few services. Seems to be fine and stable
* GCC, toolchains (toolchain): Now I finally have a working toolchain for Pi
and ARM optimizations.
2014-10-31 (v2.00aa) Andrea Benini <>
* Announcing v2.0 (release notes): Here's a brand new release of Moebius,
previous version has been wiped and a new project toolchain is now trying to
get out something from gcc. I'm still getting troubles with Pi blob binaries
but at least it boots (most of the times), need to get something better soon
* I won't explicitly write my email address in this changelog because I hate
to be spammed from bot crawlers but you can easily write me something if
you want. Just take a look at the website, use the forum or find me on the
web, I have a gmail address (guess what it is...) linkedin and so on. Ben