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Build Status MIT License Still Maintained

Vessel is a simple, yet powerful file-based CMS (content management system). Written in PHP, built on Laravel.

Currently in the early stages of development. See Roadmap below, or see Installation below to dive in.


Vessel aims to be:

  • Easy to set up and integrate. It should provide a low barrier to entry for CMS templating. The process for a newcomer to hook an HTML document into content management should be simple, and should not require knowledge of a server side language to get a site up and running. Powerful functionalities from the Laravel Blade templating language are available for use, such as template extension.

  • Be straightforward. The backend interface, styled with Twitter Bootstrap, should be easy enough for most users, including clients, to use.

  • Be extensible. A number of wordpress-style hooks (actions and filters) should be made available for plugins. Plugins can leverage the power of Composer, and the Laravel framework.

  • Be documented extensively, for templaters, plugin developers, and clients.


  • Laravel 4
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MCrypt PHP Extension


If you're brave and/or would like to help out, here's how to install a workbench'd Vessel.

  1. Create a new Laravel installation. Configure to taste (url + database).
  2. Run the following from your base laravel installation path:
$ mkdir -p workbench/hokeo/vessel
$ cd workbench/hokeo/vessel
$ git clone git://
$ composer update
$ cd ../../../
$ composer dump-autoload
$ php artisan migrate --bench=hokeo/vessel
$ php artisan db:seed --class=Hokeo\\Vessel\\Seeds\\TestVesselSeeder
$ php artisan dump-autoload
  1. If you want to fiddle with different config variables from your app, run:
php artisan config:publish --path=workbench/hokeo/vessel/src/config/config.php hokeo/vessel

For testing, run phpunit from workbench/hokeo/vessel. Some bootstrapping hackery will ensue, for now.

Feel free to post any issues or comments here on github.


Todo and recently completed, roughly in order:

  • Replace entrust with native role/permission mechanism
  • Lang + Validation messages
  • User Registration
  • Rehash plugin system
  • Breadcrumbs?
  • User Password resets
  • Cool formatters (redactor/wysiwyg, image, text, advanced-custom-fields-like, table, custom, etc)
  • Lots of hooks
  • Installer
  • HHVM support
  • Docs
  • Packagist submission


Vessel is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license