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Kernel driver ucd9200
Supported chips:
* TI UCD9220, UCD9222, UCD9224, UCD9240, UCD9244, UCD9246, and UCD9248
Prefixes: 'ucd9220', 'ucd9222', 'ucd9224', 'ucd9240', 'ucd9244', 'ucd9246',
Addresses scanned: -
Author: Guenter Roeck <>
[From datasheets] UCD9220, UCD9222, UCD9224, UCD9240, UCD9244, UCD9246, and
UCD9248 are multi-rail, multi-phase synchronous buck digital PWM controllers
designed for non-isolated DC/DC power applications. The devices integrate
dedicated circuitry for DC/DC loop management with flash memory and a serial
interface to support configuration, monitoring and management.
This driver is a client driver to the core PMBus driver. Please see
Documentation/hwmon/pmbus for details on PMBus client drivers.
Usage Notes
This driver does not auto-detect devices. You will have to instantiate the
devices explicitly. Please see Documentation/i2c/instantiating-devices for
Platform data support
The driver supports standard PMBus driver platform data. Please see
Documentation/hwmon/pmbus for details.
Sysfs entries
The following attributes are supported. Limits are read-write; all other
attributes are read-only.
in1_label "vin".
in1_input Measured voltage. From READ_VIN register.
in1_min Minimum Voltage. From VIN_UV_WARN_LIMIT register.
in1_max Maximum voltage. From VIN_OV_WARN_LIMIT register.
in1_lcrit Critical minimum Voltage. VIN_UV_FAULT_LIMIT register.
in1_crit Critical maximum voltage. From VIN_OV_FAULT_LIMIT register.
in1_min_alarm Voltage low alarm. From VIN_UV_WARNING status.
in1_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VIN_OV_WARNING status.
in1_lcrit_alarm Voltage critical low alarm. From VIN_UV_FAULT status.
in1_crit_alarm Voltage critical high alarm. From VIN_OV_FAULT status.
in[2-5]_label "vout[1-4]".
in[2-5]_input Measured voltage. From READ_VOUT register.
in[2-5]_min Minimum Voltage. From VOUT_UV_WARN_LIMIT register.
in[2-5]_max Maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_WARN_LIMIT register.
in[2-5]_lcrit Critical minimum Voltage. VOUT_UV_FAULT_LIMIT register.
in[2-5]_crit Critical maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_FAULT_LIMIT register.
in[2-5]_min_alarm Voltage low alarm. From VOLTAGE_UV_WARNING status.
in[2-5]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VOLTAGE_OV_WARNING status.
in[2-5]_lcrit_alarm Voltage critical low alarm. From VOLTAGE_UV_FAULT status.
in[2-5]_crit_alarm Voltage critical high alarm. From VOLTAGE_OV_FAULT status.
curr1_label "iin".
curr1_input Measured current. From READ_IIN register.
curr[2-5]_label "iout[1-4]".
curr[2-5]_input Measured current. From READ_IOUT register.
curr[2-5]_max Maximum current. From IOUT_OC_WARN_LIMIT register.
curr[2-5]_lcrit Critical minimum output current. From IOUT_UC_FAULT_LIMIT
curr[2-5]_crit Critical maximum current. From IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT register.
curr[2-5]_max_alarm Current high alarm. From IOUT_OC_WARNING status.
curr[2-5]_crit_alarm Current critical high alarm. From IOUT_OC_FAULT status.
power1_input Measured input power. From READ_PIN register.
power1_label "pin"
power[2-5]_input Measured output power. From READ_POUT register.
power[2-5]_label "pout[1-4]"
The number of output voltage, current, and power
attribute sets is determined by the number of enabled
rails. See chip datasheets for details.
temp[1-5]_input Measured temperatures. From READ_TEMPERATURE_1 and
temp1 is the chip internal temperature. temp[2-5] are
rail temperatures. temp[2-5] attributes are only
created for enabled rails. See chip datasheets for
temp[1-5]_max Maximum temperature. From OT_WARN_LIMIT register.
temp[1-5]_crit Critical high temperature. From OT_FAULT_LIMIT register.
temp[1-5]_max_alarm Temperature high alarm.
temp[1-5]_crit_alarm Temperature critical high alarm.
fan1_input Fan RPM. ucd9240 only.
fan1_alarm Fan alarm. ucd9240 only.
fan1_fault Fan fault. ucd9240 only.
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