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Latest commit 8b68829 @dimitry- dimitry- committed with Gerrit Code Review Merge "Add missing liblog dependency"
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adb Add missing liblog dependency
adf Adf: Remove unused variable
base Merge "libziparchive: port unit tests to darwin and windows."
bootstat bootstat: Add support for logging the boot_reason metric.
cpio fs_config: replace getenv('OUT') by new fs_config parameter
crash_reporter crash_reporter_tests: Compile only on 'eng' builds.
debuggerd Newer kernels added SEGV_BNDERR.
fastboot fastboot: add UDP protocol.
fingerprintd Fingerprint: Add HAL close() code
fs_mgr Merge "fs_mgr: support upstream dm-verity without error correction"
gatekeeperd Track rename of base/ to android-base/.
healthd Add support for USB_HVDCP chargers
include Move libnativeloader headers into libnativeloader.
init init: fix writepid wrong pid written in file(s)
libbacktrace libbacktrace: support building static libraries on target.
libbinderwrapper libbinderwrapper: Add BinderWrapper::GetOrCreateInstance()
libcutils Merge "libcutils: abort for invalid fd"
libdiskconfig am eb075e2: am c817949: am 2f62edf: Merge "libdiskconfig: Turn on -We…
libion am 8d2cd03: am 2ddb9cb: am ed43be3: Merge "Remove LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DE…
liblog liblog: test: newline space prefix and max length print tests
libmemtrack Remove a hack for getting libpagerank's headers.
libmincrypt Enable clang compilation.
libnativebridge Revert "nativebrige: log code_cache access errors to stderr as well"
libnativeloader Move libnativeloader headers into libnativeloader.
libnetutils libnetutils: Check socket() return value
libpackagelistparser packagelistparser: rename to libpackagelistparser
libpixelflinger Use dlmalloc from external/dlmalloc instead of bionic/.
libprocessgroup processgroup: change the polling interval for killProcessGroup()
libsparse Fix static analyzer issues caught by clang
libsuspend Adds a parameter to the wakeup_callback to report sucessful wakeup or…
libsync Fix isValid() condition for libsync tests
libsysutils Switch from using sockaddr to sockaddr_storage.
libusbhost libusbhost: Fix problem reading USB string descriptors on some quirky…
libutils Fix windows 64-bit builds
libziparchive libziparchive: port unit tests to darwin and windows.
lmkd more O_CLOEXEC
logcat logd: use ro.debuggable instead of
logd logd: use ro.debuggable instead of
logwrapper am eaf04aa: am 3b94cef: Merge "Add FORK_EXECVP_OPTION_CAPTURE_OUTPUT …
metricsd Fix UploadService unittests.
mkbootimg mkbootimg: misc typo fixes
reboot reboot: Turn on -Werror
rootdir init-debug.rc: add runtime mmc max speed property actors
run-as Fix the run-as environment to better match su.
sdcard Add dependency on liblog
toolbox Add missing liblog dependency
trusty/libtrusty Merge "Revert "[core][trusty] add gatekeeper module""
tzdatacheck Track rename of base/ to android-base/.
.gitignore Ignore adb/*.pyc files Remove the simulator target from all makefiles. Add a CleanSpec for grep/toolbox.
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Fix omission in NOTICE file.
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