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adb Improve logging of USBDEVFS_CLAIMINTERFACE failures.
adf libadf: enable -Werror
base Add ReadFully and WriteFully to libbase.
cpio makebootfs: use libcutils shared libraries
debuggerd Fix alignment when reading note segment.
fastboot Fix windows adb build
fs_mgr Improve bad error reporting seen in shamu SELinux boot failures.
gpttool gpttool: turn on -Werror
healthd Move away from gr_surface.
include Merge "Fix typos in comments"
init init: get rid of the remaining double mounts
libbacktrace Remove libunwind-ptrace dependency.
libcutils Remove dead code.
libdiskconfig am eb075e2: am c817949: am 2f62edf: Merge "libdiskconfig: Turn on -We…
libion Remove LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES in cases where it's not needed.
liblog liblog: Add BM_is_loggable benchmark
libmemtrack Add missing <malloc.h> and <string.h> includes.
libmincrypt Disable clang optimization that has segmentation fault.
libnativebridge am 0d385d1: Merge "Track renaming of initUnchangeableSystemProperty."
libnetutils Add a command to call libnetutils' do_dhcp.
libpixelflinger pixelflinger: make self-contained
libprocessgroup Remove uses of
libsparse libsparse: move_chunks_up_to_len() does not account skip chunks
libsuspend Libsuspend: Remove unused variable
libsync Remove LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES in cases where it's not needed.
libsysutils Add missing <malloc.h> and <string.h> includes.
libusbhost am 0d8943c: am e4c5b61: Merge "libusbhost: Fix IOCTL call during usb_…
libutils Remove LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES in cases where it's not needed.
libziparchive Avoid mapping output to memory while writing to a file.
lmkd Lmkd: Fix unused variables
logcat logcat: build regression
logd Merge "logd: per UID less aggressive 12.5% threshold"
logwrapper Fix "ptsname is not thread-safe; use ptsname_r instead" build break.
mkbootimg mkbootimg: turn on -Werror
reboot reboot: Turn on -Werror
rootdir Revert "Revert "Make init re-exec itself for its SELinux domain trans…
run-as package missing include for string.h
sdcard Correct magic number on umount2
toolbox Improve toolbox SIGPIPE behavior.
tzdatacheck Executable to run on boot that removes old tzdata if needed
.gitignore eclair snapshot Remove the simulator target from all makefiles. Add a CleanSpec for grep/toolbox.
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Fix omission in NOTICE file.
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