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Promise/A, jQuery.Deferred and other libraries provide futures functionality using deferred, defer, and promise.

In contrast, the AngularJS.$defer() is actually a $wait() or $delay() feature. Thus I request that the $defer() be renamed to $wait() or $pause().


I see how this can be confusing. Especially with the recent addition of promises/futures which landed in master. I like the idea of renaming it to $delay unless a better name shows up. (wait makes it look like a synchronous api, so I don't like that name).


An alternative name could also be $callLater(); but in Flash call later delays the call only for 1 frame (typically ~24 ms).

@IgorMinar IgorMinar added a commit that closed this issue May 23, 2012
@IgorMinar IgorMinar feat($timeout): add $timeout service that supersedes $defer
$timeout has a better name ($defer got often confused with something related to $q) and
is actually promise based with cancelation support.

With this commit the $defer service is deprecated and will be removed before 1.0.

Closes #704, #532
@IgorMinar IgorMinar closed this in 4511d39 May 23, 2012
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