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libbuildtool is a project-dependency builder. What it aims to do is to receive instructions on how to build your dependencies and build them. This makes the build process open and easily allow rebuild and reconfiguration of dependencies by the project members. Furthermore, no binaries are needed in the repository, making it slimmer and less encumbered.

.__  ._____.  ___.         .__.__       .___ __                .__   
|  | |__\_ |__\_ |__  __ __|__|  |    __| _//  |_  ____   ____ |  |  
|  | |  || __ \| __ \|  |  \  |  |   / __ |\   __\/  _ \ /  _ \|  |  
|  |_|  || \_\ \ \_\ \  |  /  |  |__/ /_/ | |  | (  <_> |  <_> )  |__
|____/__||___  /___  /____/|__|____/\____ | |__|  \____/ \____/|____/
             \/    \/                    \/                          


libbuildtool is meant to be run as a standalone Ruby utility and is currently not packaged nor integrated into the gem ecosystem.

The current installation method for libbuildtool consist mainly in cloning the repository in a convenient location and either invoking libbuildtool by its full path or using a shim script in your PATH to invoke it.


You could blindly follow those instructions, but I'd like you to think whether each step is right for you and adapt them as you might need.

# Make or use a folder for locally-installed software
mkdir -p "$HOME/.opt/"
# Go into that folder
cd "$HOME/.opt/"
# Clone the repository with a canonical name
git clone libbuildtool
# Verify the presence of the `libbuildtool` script
ls -l "$HOME/.opt/libbuildtool/libbuildtool"

Once this is done, you should be able to invoke libbuildtool with its full path.

$HOME/.opt/libbuildtool/libbuildtool --help

If you want to be able to call it using only libbuildtool you could alias it to your shell, or make a wrapper script that will call libbuildtool directly.

# Assuming "$HOME/.bin/" is in your $PATH
cd "$HOME/.bin"
# Add a script
cat <<'EOF' > libbuildtool
exec "$HOME/.opt/libbuildtool/libbuildtool" "${@}"
# Make it executable
chmod a+x libbuildtool
# Verify it works
libbuildtool --help

You should now be able to use libbuildtool directly.

Usage (user)

When you want to build the libraries of a project that uses libbuildtool.

Command-line usage (libbuildtool --help)

Usage : libbuildtool [OPTION]
Execute the build libraries listed by the given libraries list.

Global options
	-h, --help                       Shows this help.
	-r, --rebuild                    Rebuild all the lib instead of building the remaining libs.
		--no-banner                  Do not output the ASCII art banner.
	-l, --libraries-list=FILENAME    Libraries list to use.
									 Default: libraries.rb
	-i, --install-dir=DIR            Final output directory.
									 Default: [...]
		--project-dir=DIR            Project directory.
									 Default: [...]
	-w, --work-dir=DIR               Temp work directory.
									 Default: [...]

Platform options
	-P, --list-platforms             Prints a list of available platforms.
	-p, --platform=PLATFORM          Name of the platform file to use.
		--list-platform-options      Lists the options of the platform.

Human-speak usage

A project that uses libbuildtool will generally have a folder for their libraries. This folder will have a main libraries file (defaulting to libraries.rb) and a couple description files (special ruby files).

To build the libraries using libbuildtool you will have to go to that sub-folder and call libbuildtool

> ls
[...] libraries [...]
> ls libraries/
libraries.rb [...].rb
> cd libraries
> libbuildtool

This is the way you will generally use libbuildtool. The build instructions of your project should have more informations about their particular uses of libbuildtool. The project might define some more options for libbuildtool and might have some more platforms configured, allowing cross-building to other platforms.

Usage (developer)

When you want to integrate libbuildtool to your project.

This is currently un-documented, but the API documentation should help. You might want to take a look at one of the projects that are using libbuildtool for inspiration.

The documentation API can be generated using YARD. It is not currently hosted anywhere, but we'll try to soon.

Projects using libbuildtool

Don't be shy, pull request your own!


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