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Asena, fast and reliable giveaway & poll bot for Discord 🎉!


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Asena 🤖

License: MIT Stars Servers CodeFactor Discord Version

stable, fast, easy and surrounded by new generation technologies Discord giveaway & poll bot!

Build & Run

⚠️ It should only be used for testing in development.

  1. First, install repository

    git clone && cd Asena
  2. Then, set permission and run

    chmod +x ./
    ./ --run

High-Level Design



Asena is software that does not generate revenue. All features are offered for free. But for those who insist on hosting their own; The reason bot codes are open source is to help other developers who want to code the bot, to see the working principle and to contribute to those who want to solve the bot's software problems. Other than that, you cannot host the bot yourself in any way. This is a violation of rights. Otherwise, no assistance will be provided to edit, compile or generate any code in this repository.