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# lastpass2keepass
# Supports:
# Keepass XML - keepassxml
# USAGE: python exportedTextFile
# The LastPass Export format;
# url,username,password,1extra,name,grouping(\ delimited),last_touch,launch_count,fav
import sys, csv, time, datetime, itertools, re, operator # Toolkit
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET # Saves data, easier to type
# Strings
fileError = "You either need more permissions or the file does not exist."
lineBreak = "____________________________________________________________\n"
def formattedPrint(string):
print lineBreak
print string
print lineBreak
# Files
# Check for existence/read/write.
inputFile = sys.argv[1]
formattedPrint("USAGE: python exportedTextFile")
f = open(inputFile)
except IOError:
formattedPrint("Cannot read file: '%s' Error: '%s'" % (inputFile, fileError) )
# Create XML file.
outputFile = inputFile + ".export.xml"
open(outputFile, "w").close() # Clean.
w = open(outputFile, "a")
except IOError:
formattedPrint("Cannot write to disk... exiting. Error: '%s'" % (fileError) )
# Parser
# Parse w/ delimter being comma, and entries separted by newlines
h = re.compile('^http') # Fix multi-line lastpass problems
q = re.compile(',\d\n')
for line in f.readlines():
if h.match( line ):
w.write( "\n" + line.strip() ) # Each new line is based on this
elif line ):
w.write( line.strip() ) # Remove end line
w.write( line.replace( '\n', '|\t|' ) ) # Place holder for new lines in extra stuff
f.close() # Close the read file.
w.close() # reuse same file - stringIO isn't working
w = open(outputFile, "r") # open for reading - windows problems with reader on stringIO
reader = csv.reader( w, delimiter=',', quotechar='"' ) # use quotechar to fix parsing
# Create a list of the entries, allow us to manipulate it.
# Can't be done with reader object.
allEntries = []
for x in reader:
w.close() # reader appears to be lazily evaluated leave - close w here
w = open(outputFile, "w") # clean the file - prepare for xml tree write
allEntries.pop(0) # Remove LP format string.
# Keepass XML generator
# Add doctype to head, clear file.
# Generate Creation date
# Form current time expression.
now =
formattedNow = now.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M")
# Initialize tree
# build a tree structure
page = ET.Element('database')
doc = ET.ElementTree(page)
# A dictionary, organising the categories.
resultant = {}
# Parses allEntries into a resultant dict.
for entry in allEntries:
resultant.setdefault( entry[5], [] ).append( entry )
sorted_resultant = sorted(resultant.iteritems(), key=operator.itemgetter(1)) # sort for xml tree
# Sort by categories.
# Initilize and loop through all entries
for categoryEntries in sorted_resultant:
# Place hold sorted data
category = categoryEntries[0]
entries = categoryEntries[1]
# Create head of group elements
headElement = ET.SubElement(page, "group")
ET.SubElement(headElement, "title").text = str(category).decode("utf-8")
ET.SubElement(headElement, "icon").text = "0" # Lastpass does not retain icons.
for entry in entries:
# entryElement information
# Each entryElement
entryElement = ET.SubElement(headElement, "entry")
# entryElement tree
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'title').text = str(entry[4]).decode("utf-8") # Use decode for windows el appending errors
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'username').text = str(entry[1]).decode("utf-8")
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'password').text = str(entry[2]).decode("utf-8")
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'url').text = str(entry[0]).decode("utf-8")
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'comment').text = str(entry[3]).replace( '|\t|', '\n').strip('"').decode("utf-8") # fix place holder
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'icon').text = "0"
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'creation').text = formattedNow
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'lastaccess').text = str(entry[5]).decode("utf-8")
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'lastmod').text = formattedNow
ET.SubElement(entryElement, 'expire').text = "Never"
# Write out tree
# wrap it in an ElementTree instance, and save as XML
print lineBreak
print "\n'%s' has been succesfully converted to the KeePassXML format." %(inputFile)
print "Converted data can be found in the '%s' file.\n" %(outputFile)
print lineBreak
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