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Techradar 📡

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single page web app to manage your own techradar

A full open source solution to build a custom technology radar as pioneered by Thoughtworks. See for an authentication free test environment.

The master branch of this repository holds a techradar version customized towards showing my personal technology set. For building a teams or organizations techradar it might be better to stick with the original Hold, Assess, Trial, Adopt style.


  • add new blips
  • modify blips
  • render tech blips on radar
  • show blip history
  • make radar categories customizable
  • oauth (github, twitter)
  • user name management


Here are a few short demos of how the app can be used

Browse the radar/list view

create a blip

Create a new entry

create a blip

Update or delete an entry

create a blip


The main part is a static Vue.js application using Firebase as backend and authentication provider.


Database schema

firestore schema

Role based access

Using OAuth users can signup to the service with a valid Twitter or GitHub account. By default users have no roles assigned. There are three roles that can be assigned to users in the /users section: admin, editor, viewer.

These roles can be used to prevent access to sections by setting the config. Access to the data itself is controlled by Firestore security rules that make use of the same three roles. Opening/Restricting access to data requires a change in the firestore rules as well.


You should be able to get your own version up and running within 15 minutes and no incurring infrastructure costs. The easiest way to set up your own radar is to

  1. fork this repository
  2. create a firebase project
  3. create Twitter app and configure firebase sign in method
  4. create GitHub app and configure firebase sign in method
  5. customize the techradar to your needs
  6. deploy it using Travis CI.
  7. log in using the Twitter or GitHub OAuth provider
  8. access the firebase database and within the /roles collection set admin: true for your account


The main files to customize are the config, the stylesheet and database security rules. The theme colors together with the labels for categories and required permissions to access specific resources can be found in the config.

The stylesheet can be modified to change the radar colors or the size/responsiveness.

The editPermissions function in the config specifies which roles are required for a user to add/edit/delete blips.

editPermissions: user => user.roles.admin || user.roles.editor

For each route defined in the config a similar function is defined in the validator property that needs to return true for the currently logged in user to be able to see a specific section.

{ view: 'List', icon: 'list', title: 'Blips', path: '/list/:search?', validator: user => user.uid, location: ['toolbar'] }
  • user => true shows the site to everyone
  • user => user.uid requires a logged in user (users can sign up via OAuth)
  • user => user.roles.admin requires users to have an admin role

Settings should be consistent between the config and firestore security rules


After creating a project, create a CI token and encode it for Travis CI use

# create a firebase CI token
firebase login:ci

# encrypt the token to your project
docker run --rm caktux/travis-cli encrypt "<token from firebase login:ci>" -r <github repo>

Log into firebase and initialize an empty Firestore database in locked mode.

Copy the resulting token to the Travis CI config under deploy / token /secure. Modify deploy / project to equal your firebase Project ID. One mandatory customization to the config is to set firebase.key and firebase.project to your Web API Key and Project ID respectively.


  • Urban SandenMIT
    • Inspiration for placing the blips
    • parts of his SCSS styles
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