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# Example Ansible playbook that uses the PostgreSQL module.
# This installs PostgreSQL on an Ubuntu system, creates a database called
# "myapp" and a user called "django" with password "mysupersecretpassword"
# with access to the "myapp" database.
- hosts: webservers
become: yes
gather_facts: no
- name: ensure apt cache is up to date
apt: update_cache=yes
- name: ensure packages are installed
apt: name={{item}}
- postgresql
- libpq-dev
- python-psycopg2
- hosts: webservers
become: yes
become_user: postgres
gather_facts: no
dbname: myapp
dbuser: django
dbpassword: mysupersecretpassword
- name: ensure database is created
postgresql_db: name={{dbname}}
- name: ensure user has access to database
postgresql_user: db={{dbname}} name={{dbuser}} password={{dbpassword}} priv=ALL
- name: ensure user does not have unnecessary privilege
postgresql_user: name={{dbuser}} role_attr_flags=NOSUPERUSER,NOCREATEDB
- name: ensure no other user can access the database
postgresql_privs: db={{dbname}} role=PUBLIC type=database priv=ALL state=absent