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# this is a demo of how the user commands work and how to reference salted passwords
# in vars sections. You could also use vars_files if you like (see other examples)
- hosts: all
remote_user: root
# created with:
# python -c 'import crypt; print crypt.crypt("This is my Password", "$1$SomeSalt$")'
password: $1$SomeSalt$UqddPX3r4kH3UL5jq5/ZI.
# Walk through account creation, modification, and deletion
- name: test basic user account creation
user: name=tset comment=TsetUser group=users shell=/sbin/nologin createhome=no
# the following is just a simple example of how you don't have to include
# the 'name' element for each task
- user: name=tset comment=NyetUser
- user: name=tset password={{password}}
# The following will add the user to supplementary groups.
# Add the user to the groups dialout and uucp.
- user: name=tset groups=dialout,uucp
# Add the user to the groups dialout and wheel,
# This will remove tset from the group uucp.
- user: name=tset groups=dialout,wheel
# Add the user to the group uucp. Because append=yes, the user
# will not be removed from the groups dialout and wheel.
- user: name=tset groups=uucp append=yes
# Finally, remove the user.
- user: name=tset state=absent
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