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<!doctype html>
<!-- -->
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<meta charset="utf-8">
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<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">
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padding: 0 30px;
margin: 20px 0;
background: rgba(0, 0, 250, .2);
color: #d00;
text-shadow: -1px -1px 0 #100;
<div id="wrapper">
<h1>Books part II</h1>
<?php require('templates/header.php'); ?>
<div id="main" role="main">
$phpvqs = array(
1 => 'Getting started with PHP',
'HTML forms and PHP',
'Using Numbers'
$phpadv = array(
1 => 'Advanced PHP techniques',
'Developing Web Applications',
'Advanced Database Concepts',
'Security Techniques'
$phpmysql = array(
1 => 'Introduction to PHP',
'Programing with PHP',
'Creating Dynamic Web Sites',
'Introduction to MySQL'
$books = array(
'PHP VQS' => $phpvqs,
'PHP Advanced VQP' => $phpadv,
'PHP and MySQL VQP' => $phpmysql
//echo "<p>The third chapter of my first book is <i class=\"red\">{$books['PHP VQS'][3]}</i></p>";
//echo "<p>The first chapter of my second book is <i class=\"red\">{$books['PHP Advanced VQP'][1]}</i></p>";
//echo "<p>The fourth chapter of my third book is <i class=\"red\">{$books['PHP and MySQL VQP'][4]}</i></p>";
/*foreach($books as $key => $value){
echo "<p>This is the key: <i class=\"red\">$key</i> and this is the value <i class=\"red\">$value</i>";
foreach ($value as $more => $chaps) {
echo "<p>The index is $more the chapter is $chaps</p>";
foreach ($books as $title => $chapters) {
echo "<p>$title";
foreach($chapters as $number => $chapter) {
echo "<br />Chapter $number: <b class=\"redt\">$chapter</b>";
echo '</p>';
/*foreach ($books as $title => $titles) {
echo '<br /><p>'.$title.'</p>';
for ($n=0; $n < count($chapters); $n++) {
echo "<p>The value is $chapters[$n]</p>\n";
print "<p>$books</p>";
//var_dump ( $books['PHP Advanced VQP'] );
<?php date_default_timezone_set('America/New_York');?>
<?php echo 'The date &amp; time:<br />'.date('r'); ?>
<?php require('templates/footer.php'); ?>
</div> <!--! end of #container -->
<!-- JavaScript at the bottom for fast page loading -->
<!-- Grab Google CDN's jQuery, with a protocol relative URL; fall back to local if offline -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- scripts concatenated and minified via ant build script-->
<!-- end scripts-->
<!-- Change UA-XXXXX-X to be your site's ID -->
window._gaq = [['_setAccount','UAXXXXXXXX1'],['_trackPageview'],['_trackPageLoadTime']];
load: ('https:' == location.protocol ? '//ssl' : '//www') + ''
<!-- Prompt IE 6 users to install Chrome Frame. Remove this if you want to support IE 6. -->
<!--[if lt IE 7 ]>
<script src="//"></script>
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