FormValidator.Tips Not clearing on call to reset() #63

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ghost commented Feb 4, 2010

Making use of the FormValidator.Tips extension to use error tips
instead of the default FormValidator messages.

I'm calling validatorInstance.reset(); to clear the validation results
on my form.

Problem is that calling reset() doesn't clear the pointy tip display.
Is there an easy way to either:

A) Clear All Pointy Tips ?


B) Make reset() clear a validator instances pointy tip ?

I'm using the standard display one error tip at a time best practice.

Heres the mooshell:

To reproduce:

Click form 1 email field, tab out to trigger validation tip.

Click form 2 email field. Triggers click handler to call to activationValidator.reset()

Note the css class validation-failed is removed, but the pointy tip remains.

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