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Form.Validator.Tips is only respecting the last validation rule for a given input #86

ableeda opened this Issue Jan 19, 2012 · 1 comment

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ableeda commented Jan 19, 2012

For example, if an input has validate-alphanum followed by maxLength:10 validators. Validation will pass for non-alphanumeric inputs that aren't longer than 10 characters. If the order of the validators is reversed, the opposite behavior applies. In that case, validation would pass for anything alphanumeric, regardless of character length.


Form.Validator.Tips with validate-alphanum first:
Form.Validator.Tips with validate-alphanum second
Form.Validator.Inline working correctly:

ableeda commented Jan 19, 2012

My very wise coworker ( came up with this solution -

From what I can tell it works like a charm.

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