Build OCI images from a declarative format
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tych0 remove skopeo runtime dep using the same API skopeo does to actually copy containers. This adds
an unfortunate dependency on libgpgme-dev, because there is seemingly no
way to use the copy code without a policy. But since we previously depended
on skopeo which required this, that's ok since the total footprint should
be smaller.

Signed-off-by: Tycho Andersen <>
Latest commit 6e50645 Nov 9, 2018
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doc remove skopeo runtime dep Nov 9, 2018
docker Add a Dockerfile for stacker. Mar 29, 2018
lib remove skopeo runtime dep Nov 9, 2018
stacker grab right substitute argument Oct 16, 2018
test delete stuff from imported dirs when it dissapears Sep 19, 2018
vagrant add a vagrantfile Mar 27, 2018
.gitignore don't commit every dependency to vendor Feb 9, 2018
.travis.yml travis: add libcap-dev Aug 28, 2018
LICENSE initial commit Nov 30, 2017
Makefile run actual test suite in travis May 25, 2018 doc: add tutorial Mar 21, 2018
api.go support -f http://url Jun 5, 2018
api_test.go change substitution syntax to ${{}} Jun 4, 2018
apply.go umoci: use v2 api Aug 28, 2018
base.go remove skopeo runtime dep Nov 9, 2018
build.go vendor update and corresponding changes to fix build Nov 7, 2018
cache.go umoci: use v2 api Aug 28, 2018
cache_test.go umoci: use v2 api Aug 28, 2018
container.go use readlink trick to exec instead of argv[0] Oct 3, 2018
git.go include the git version or stacker.yaml contents in output May 29, 2018
glide.lock remove skopeo runtime dep Nov 9, 2018
glide.yaml umoci: use v2 api Aug 28, 2018
grab.go make /stacker read only May 18, 2018
import.go move FileCopy to lib Nov 7, 2018
internal.go do "internal" trickery in the package Oct 3, 2018
network.go network: remove file if the download failed Nov 2, 2018
run.go make /stacker read only May 18, 2018
storage.go storage: drop restoring debug message Apr 4, 2018

stacker Build Status

Stacker is a tool for building OCI images via a declarative yaml format.


Stacker has various build and runtime dependencies.


See the tutorial for a short introduction to how to use stacker.

See the stacker.yaml specification for full details on the stacker.yaml specification.