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Connect your own home automation devices to different services like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri and IFTTT using MQTT communication
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Smartnest Logo


Smartnest is a web service that allows you to connect your Arduino and other development boards to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and Siri, and control them in many different ways.

Smartnest is now in Beta Phase and we are working very hard to have it running with all services as soon as posible.

Here is a list of the methods available to control your devices and their status:

Future developments:

  • Native iOS App
  • Native Android App

the connection is made using MQTT, there are plenty of MQTT libraries on the web so feel free to choose the one that suits your project and your Board. You can also download one of our examples, we use the library pubsubclient from knolleary which supports the following devices:

  • Arduino Ethernet
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • Arduino YUN
  • Arduino WiFi Shield
  • Sparkfun WiFly Shield
  • TI CC3000 WiFi
  • Intel Galileo/Edison
  • ESP8266
  • ESP32

Download and install from

1: Getting Started Guide

2: Web App on your computer

3: Web app on your mobile

4: MQTT guide

5: Alexa Integration

6: Siri Integraton

7: Google Home Integration

8: IFTTT Integration

9: Supported Device types

Z. Donations: Thank you!

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