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Apache Calcite docs site

This directory contains the code for the Apache Calcite web site,

You can build the site manually using your environment or use the docker compose file.


Setup your environment

Site generation currently works best with ruby-2.5.1.

  1. cd site
  2. svn co target
  3. sudo apt-get install rubygems ruby2.5-dev zlib1g-dev (linux)
  4. sudo gem install bundler
  5. bundle install

Add javadoc

  1. cd ..
  2. mvn -DskipTests site
  3. rm -rf site/target/apidocs site/target/testapidocs
  4. mv target/site/apidocs target/site/testapidocs site/target

Running locally

Before opening a pull request, you can preview your contributions by running from within the directory:

  1. bundle exec jekyll serve
  2. Open http://localhost:4000

Using docker

Setup your environment

  1. Install docker
  2. Install docker-compose

Build site

  1. cd site
  2. docker-compose run build-site

Generate javadoc

  1. cd site
  2. docker-compose run generate-javadoc

Running development mode locally

You can preview your work while working on the site.

  1. cd site
  2. docker-compose run --service-ports dev

The web server will be started on http://localhost:4000

As you make changes to the site, the site will automatically rebuild.

Pushing to site

  1. cd site
  2. svn co target
  3. cd target
  4. svn status
  5. You'll need to svn add any new files
  6. svn ci

Within a few minutes, svnpubsub should kick in and you'll be able to see the results at

This process also publishes Avatica's web site. Avatica's web site has separate source (under avatica/site) but configures Jekyll to generate files to site/target/avatica, which becomes an avatica sub-directory when deployed. See Avatica site README.

Site branch

We want to deploy project changes (for example, new committers, PMC members or upcoming talks) immediately, but we want to deploy documentation of project features only when that feature appears in a release. For this reason, we generally edit the site on the "site" git branch.

Before making a release, release manager must ensure that "site" is in sync with "master". Immediately after a release, the release manager will publish the site, including all of the features that have just been released. When making an edit to the site, a Calcite committer must commit the change to the git "master" branch (as well as subversion, to publish the site, of course). If the edit is to appear on the site immediately, the committer should then cherry-pick the change into the "site" branch. If there have been no feature-related changes on the site since the release, then "site" should be a fast-forward merge of "master".