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Changes with Apache 2.0.41
*) Allow AddOutputFilterByType to add multiple filters per directive.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Remove warnings with Sun's Forte compiler. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fixed mod_disk_cache's generation of 304s
[Kris Verbeeck <>]
*) Add support for using fnmatch patterns in the final path
segment of an Include statement (eg.. include /foo/bar/*.conf).
and remove the noise on stderr during config dir processing.
[Joe Orton <>]
*) mod_cache: cache_storage.c. Add the hostname and any request
args to the key generated for caching. This provides a unique
key for each virtual host and for each request with unique
args. [Paul J. Reder, args code provided by Kris Verbeeck]
*) mod_cache: Do not cache responses to GET requests with query
URLs if the origin server does not explicitly provide an
Expires header on the response (RFC 2616 Section 13.9)
[Kris Verbeeck]
*) Fix memory leak in core_output_filter. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Rewrite of aaa modules to an authn/authz model.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Update OpenSSL detection to work on Darwin.
[Sander Temme <>]
*) Update the xslt and css to give the documentation a more
modern style.
[André Malo <>, Gernot Winkler <>]
*) Fix some bucket memory leaks in the chunking code
[Joe Schaefer <>]
*) Add ModMimeUsePathInfo directive. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) mod_cache: added support for caching streamed responses (proxy,
CGI, etc) with optional CacheMaxStreamingBuffer setting [Brian Pane]
*) Add image/x-icon to httpd.conf PR 10993.
[Ian Holsman, Peter Bieringer <>]
*) Fix FileETags none operation. PR 12207.
[Justin Erenkrantz, Andrew Ho <>]
*) Restored the experimental leader/followers MPM to working
condition and converted its thread synchronization from
mutexes to atomic CAS. [Brian Pane]
*) Fix Logic on non-html file removal in mod_deflate
[Kris Verbeeck <>]
*) Fix "ab -g"'s truncated year: the last digit was cut off.
[Leon Brocard <>]
*) mod_rewrite can now sets cookies in err_headers, uses the correct
expiry date, and can now set the path as well
PR 12132,12181,12172.
[Ian Holsman / Rob Cromwell <>]
*) The content-length filter no longer tries to buffer up
the entire output of a long-running request before sending
anything to the client. [Brian Pane]
*) Win32: Lower the default stack size from 1MB to 256K. This will
allow around 8000 threads to be started per child process.
'EDITBIN /STACK:size apache.exe' can be used to change this
value directly in the apache.exe executable.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32: Implement ThreadLimit directive in the Windows MPM.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Remove CacheOn config directive since it is set but never checked.
No sense wasting cycles on unused code. Besides, the only truly
bug free code is deleted code. :) [Paul J. Reder]
*) BufferLogs are now run-time enabled, and the log_config now has 2 new
callbacks to allow a 3rd party module to actually do the writing of the
log file [Ian Holsman]
*) Correct ISAPIReadAheadBuffer to default to 49152, per mod_isapi docs.
[André Malo, Astrid Keßler <>]
*) Fix Segfault in mod_cache. [Kris Verbeeck <>]
*) Fix a null pointer dereference in the merge_env_dir_configs
function of the mod_env module. PR 11791
[Paul J. Reder]
*) New option to ServerTokens 'maj[or]'. Only show the major version
Also Surfaced this directive in the standard config (default FULL)
[Ian Holsman]
*) Change mod_rewrite to use apr-util's dbm support for dbm rewrite
maps. The dbm type (e.g., ndbm, gdbm) can be specified on the
RewriteMap directive. PR 10644 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fixed mod_rewrite's RewriteMap prg: support so that request/response
pairs will no longer get out of sync with each other. PR 9534
[Cliff Woolley]
*) Fixes required to get quoted and escaped command args working in
mod_ext_filter. PR 11793 [Paul J. Reder]
*) mod-proxy: handle proxied responses with no status lines
[JD Silvester <>, Brett Huttley <>]
*) Fix bug where environment or command line arguments containing
non-ASCII-7 characters would cause the Win32 child process creation
to fail. PR 11854 [William Rowe]
*) Bug #11213.. make module loading error messages more informative
[Ian Darwin <>]
*) thread safety & proxy-ftp [Alexey Panchenko, Ian Holsman]
*) mod_disk_cache works much better. This module should still
be considered experimental. [Eric Prud'hommeaux]
*) Performance improvement for keepalive requests: when setting
aside a small file for potential concatenation with the next
response on the connection, set aside the file descriptor rather
than copying the file into the heap. [Brian Pane]
Changes with Apache 2.0.40
*) SECURITY: [CAN-2002-0661] Close a very significant security hole that
applies only to the Win32, OS2 and Netware platforms. Unix was not
affected, Cygwin may be affected. Certain URIs will bypass security
and allow users to invoke or access any file depending on the system
configuration. Without upgrading, a single .conf change will close
the vulnerability. Add the following directive in the global server
httpd.conf context before any other Alias or Redirect directives;
RedirectMatch 400 "\\\.\."
Reported by Auriemma Luigi <>.
[Brad Nicholes]
*) SECURITY: Close a path-revealing exposure in multiview type
map negotiation (such as the default error documents) where the
module would report the full path of the typemapped .var file when
multiple documents or no documents could be served based on the mime
negotiation. Reported by Auriemma Luigi <>.
[CAN-2002-0654] [William Rowe]
*) SECURITY: Close a path-revealing exposure in cgi/cgid when we
fail to invoke a script. The modules would report "couldn't create
child process /path-to-script/" revealing the full path
of the script. Reported by Jim Race <>.
[CAN-2002-0654] [Bill Stoddard]
*) Set aside the apr-iconv and apr_xlate() features for the Win32
build of 2.0.40 so development can be completed. A patch, from
will be available for those that wish to work with apr-iconv.
[William Rowe]
*) Fix proxy so that it is possible to access ftp: URLs via a proxy
chain. [Peter Van Biesen <>]
*) mod-deflate now checks to make sure that 'gzip-only-text/html' is
set to 1, so we can exclude things from the general case with
browsermatch. [Ian Holsman, Andre Schild <>]
*) Accept multiple leading /'s for requests within the DocumentRoot.
PR 10946 [William Rowe, David Shane Holden <>]
*) Solved the reports of .pdf byterange failures on Win32 alone.
APR's sendfile for the win32 platform collapses header and trailer
buffers into a single buffer. However, we destroyed the pointers
to the header buffer if a trailer buffer was present. PR 10781
[William Rowe]
*) mod_ext_filter: Add the ability to enable or disable a filter via
an environment variable. Add the ability to register a filter of
type other than AP_FTYPE_RESOURCE. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Restore the ability to specify host names on Listen directives.
PR 11030. [Jeff Trawick, David Shane Holden <>]
*) When deciding on the default address family for listening sockets,
make sure we can actually bind to an AF_INET6 socket before
deciding that we should default to AF_INET6. This fixes a startup
problem on certain levels of OpenUNIX. PR 10235. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Replace usage of atol() to parse strings when we might want a
larger-than-long value with apr_atoll(), which returns long long.
This allows HTTPD to deal with larger files correctly.
[Shantonu Sen <>]
*) mod_ext_filter: Ignore any content-type parameters when checking if
the response should be filtered. Previously, "intype=text/html"
wouldn't match something like "text/html;charset=8859_1".
[Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_ext_filter: Set up environment variables for external programs.
[Craig Sebenik <>]
*) Modified the HTTP_IN filter to immediately append the EOS (end of
stream) bucket for C-L POST bodies, saving a roundtrip and allowing
the caller to determine that no content remains without prefetching
additional POST body. [William Rowe]
*) Get proxy ftp to work over IPv6. [Shoichi Sakane <>]
*) Look for OpenSSL libraries in /usr/lib64. [Peter Poeml <>]
*) Update SuSE layout. [Peter Poeml <>]
*) Changes to the internationalized error documents:
Comment them out in the default config file to make the default
install as simple as possible; Correct the english 500 error to
be more understandable; Add a Swedish translation.
[Thomas Sjogren <>,
Erik Abele <>, Rich Bowen, Joshua Slive]
*) Increase the limit on file descriptors per process in apachectl.
[Brian Pane]
*) Fix a dependency error when building ApacheMonitor, so that Win32
and MSVC now trust that the project is current (when it is).
[James Cox <>]
*) mod_ext_filter: don't segfault if content-type is not set. PR 10617.
[Arthur P. Smith <>, Jeff Trawick]
*) APR-Util Renames pending have been completed [Thom May]
*) Performance improvements for the code that reads request
headers (ap_rgetline_core() and related functions) [Brian Pane]
*) Add a new directive: MaxMemFree. MaxMemFree makes it possible
to configure the maximum amount of memory the allocators will
hold on to for reuse. Anything over the MaxMemFree threshold
will be free()d. This directive is useful when uncommon large
peaks occur in memory usage. It should _not_ be used to mask
defective modules' memory use. [Sander Striker]
*) Fixed the Content-Length filter so that HTTP/1.0 requests to CGI
scripts would not result in a truncated response.
[Ryan Bloom, Justin Erenkrantz, Cliff Woolley]
*) Add a filter_init parameter to the filter registration functions
so that a filter can execute arbitrary code before the handlers
are invoked. This resolves a problem where mod_include requests
would incorrectly return a 304. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix a long-standing bug in 2.0, CGI scripts were being called
with relative paths instead of absolute paths. Apache 1.3 used
absolute paths for everything except for SuExec, this brings back
that standard. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix infinite loop due to two HTTP_IN filters being present for
internally redirected requests. PR 10146. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Switch conn_rec->keepalive to an enumeration rather than a bitfield.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix mod_ext_filter to look in the main server for filter definitions
when running in a vhost if the filter definition is not found in
the vhost. PR 10147 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Support WinNT CGI invocation through ScriptInterpreterSource
'registry' for script interpreter paths and names with non-ascii
characters in the executable filepath. [William Rowe]
*) Support the -w flag on to keep the Win32 console open on error.
[William Rowe]
*) Normalize the hostname value in the request_rec to all-lowercase
[Perry Harrington <>]
*) Fix WinNT cgi 500 errors when QUERY_ARGS or other strings include
extended characters (non US-ASCII) in non-utf8 format. This brings
Win32 back into CGI/1.1 compliance, and leaves charset decoding up
to the cgi application itself. [William Rowe]
*) Major overhaul of mod_dav, mod_dav_fs and the experimental/cache
modules to bring them up to the current apr/apr-util APIs.
[William Rowe]
*) Fix segfault in mod_mem_cache most frequently observed when
serving the same file to multiple clients on an MP machine.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) mod_rewrite can now set cookies (RewriteRule (.*) - [CO=name:$1:.domain])
[Brian Degenhardt <>, Ian Holsman]
*) Fix perchild to work with apachectl by adding -k support to perchild.
PR 10074 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a silly htpasswd.c logic error that incorrectly reported that
both -c and -n had been used. PR 9989 [Cliff Woolley]
*) Fixed a mod_include error case in which no HTTP response was sent
to the client if an shtml document contained an unterminated SSI
directive [Brian Pane]
*) Improve ap_get_client_block implementation by using APR-util brigade
helper functions and relying on current filter assumptions.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
Changes with Apache 2.0.39
*) Fixed a build problem in htpasswd.c on Win32.
[Guenter Knauf <>, Cliff Woolley]
Changes with Apache 2.0.38
*) Rewrite htpasswd to use APR. The removes the annoying warning about
tmpnam being unsafe. [Ryan Bloom]
*) We must set the MIME-type for .shtml files to text/html if we want them
to be parsed for SSI tags. Add the config for that to the default
config file so that it is easier to enable .shtml parsing.
[Dave Dyer <>]
*) Fixed a problem with 'make install' on ReliantUnix.
[Jean-frederic Clere <>]
*) Make the default_handler catch all requests that aren't served by
another handler. This also gets us to return a 404 if a directory
is requested, there is no DirectoryIndex, and mod_autoindex isn't
loaded. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fixed the handling of nested if-statements in shtml files.
PR 9866 [Brian Pane]
*) Allow 'make install DESTDIR=/path'. This allows packagers to install
into a directory different from the one that was configured. This
also mirrors the root= feature from 1.3. We cannot use prefix=,
because both APR and APR-util resolve their installation paths at
configuration time. This means that there is no variable prefix
to replace. [Andreas Hasenack <>]
These levels of AIX don't have a thundering herd problem with
accept(). [Jeff Trawick]
*) prefork MPM: Ignore mutex errors during graceful restart. For
certain types of mutexes (particularly SysV semaphores), we
should expect to occasionally fail to obtain or release the
mutex during restart processing. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix so that it finds any perl instead of just
early perl 5.x versions. This is consistent with a build/install
from source, and it allows the perl scripts installed by a bindist
to work on systems with perl 5.6. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix apxs so that the makefile created by "apxs -g" works on AIX and
Tru64 (and probably some other platforms). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow CGI scripts to return their Content-Length. This also fixes a
hang on HEAD requests seen on certain platforms (such as FreeBSD).
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Added log rotation based on file size to the RotateLog support
utility. [Brad Nicholes]
*) Fix some casting in mod_rewrite which broke random maps.
PR 9770 [Allan Edwards, Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.0.37
*) allow POST method over SSL when per-directory client cert
authentication is used with 'SSLOptions +OptRenegotiate' enabled
and a client cert was found in the ssl session cache.
*) 'SSLOptions +OptRengotiate' will use client cert in from the ssl
session cache when there is no cert chain in the cache. prior to
the fix this situation would result in a FORBIDDEN response and
error message "Cannot find peer certificate chain"
[Doug MacEachern]
*) ap_finalize_sub_req_protocol() shouldn't send an EOS bucket if
one was already sent. PR 9644 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix the display of the default name for the mime types config
file. PR 9729 [Matthew Brecknell <>]
*) Fix the working directory *for WinNT/2K/XP services only* to
change to the Apache directory (one level above the location
of Apache.exe, in the case that Apache.exe resides in bin/.)
Solves the case of ServerRoot /foo paths where /foo was not
on the same drive as /winnt/system32. [William Rowe]
*) Make 2.0's "AcceptMutex" startup message now "completely"
match how 1.3 does it. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Implement a fixed size memory cache using a priority queue
[Ian Holsman]
*) Fix apxs to allow "apxs -q installbuilddir" and to allow
querying certain other variables from PR 9316
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Added the "detached" attribute to the cgi_exec_info_t internals
so that Win32 and Netware won't create a new window or console
for each CGI invoked. PR 8387
[Brad Nicholes, William Rowe]
*) Consolidated the command line parameters and attributes that are
manipulated by the optional function ap_cgi_build_command() in
mod_cgi into a single structure.
[Brad Nicholes]
*) Get rid of uninitialized value errors with "apxs -q" on certain
variables. [Stas Bekman <>]
*) Fix apxs to allow it to work when the build directory is somewhere
besides server-root/build. PR 8453
[Jeff Trawick and a host of others]
*) Allow ap_discard_request_body to be called multiple times in the
same request. Essentially, ap_http_filter keeps track of whether
it has sent an EOS bucket up the stack, if so, it will only ever
send an EOS bucket for this request.
[Ryan Bloom, Justin Erenkrantz, Greg Stein]
*) Remove all special mod_ssl URIs. This also fixes the bug where
redirecting (.*) will allow an SSL protected page to be viewed
without SSL. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix the binary build install script so that the build logic
created by "apxs -g" will work when the user has a binary
build. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow to work with full paths to the shared module.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) NetWare: Enabled CGI functionality and added mod_cgi as a built
in module for NetWare [Brad Nicholes]
*) Changed cgi and piped log behavior to accept 65536 characters
on Win32 (matching Linux) before deadlocking between outputing
client stdin, slurping the output from stdout and then the stderr
stream. PR 8179 [William Rowe]
*) Fixed Win32 wintty.exe support to assure the window title is valid.
Elimiates possible gpfault or garbage title without the -t option.
[William Rowe]
*) Rewrite mod_cgi, mod_cgid, and mod_proxy input handling to use
brigades and input filters. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Allow ap_http_filter (HTTP_IN) to return EOS when there is no request
body. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) NetWare: Piping log entries through RotateLogs using the
CustomLogs directive is finally supported now that we have
the pipes and spawning functionality working.
[Brad Nicholes]
*) Detect overflow when reading the hex bytes forming a chunk line.
[Aaron Bannert]
*) Allow RewriteMap prg:'s to take command-line arguments. PR 8464.
[James Tait <>]
*) Correctly return 413 when an invalid chunk size is given on
input. Also modify ap_discard_request_body to not do anything
on sub-requests or when the connection will be dropped.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix the TIME_* SSL var lookups to be threadsafe. PR 9469.
[Cliff Woolley]
*) Ensure that apr_brigade_write() flushes in all of the cases that
it should to avoid conditions in some modules that could cause
large amounts of data to be buffered. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Fix problem where mod_cache/mod_disk_cache was incorrectly
stripping the content_type from cached responses.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) apachectl passes through any httpd options. Note: apachectl
should be used in preference to httpd since it ensures that any
appropriate environment variables have been set up.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix the combination of mod_cgid, mod_setuexec, and mod_userdir.
PR 7810 [Colm MacCarthaigh <>]
*) Fix suexec execution of CGI scripts from mod_include.
PR 7791, 8291 [Colm MacCarthaigh <>]
*) Fix segfaults at startup on some platforms when mod_auth_digest,
mod_suexec, or mod_ssl were used as DSO's due to the way they
were tracking the current init phase since DSO's get completely
unloaded and reloaded between phases. PR 9413.
[Tsuyoshi Sasamoto <>, Brad Nicholes]
*) Fix mod_include's handling of regular expressions in
"<!--#if" directives [Julius Gawlas <>]
*) Fix the worker MPM deadlock problem [Brian Pane]
*) Modify the module documentation to allow for translations.
[Yoshiki Hayashi, Joshua Slive]
*) Fix a file permissions problem which prevented mod_disk_cache
from working on Unix. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Add "-k start|restart|graceful|stop" support to httpd for the Unix
MPMs. These have semantics very similar to the old apachectl
commands of the same name. [Justin Erenkrantz, Jeff Trawick]
*) Make sure that the runtime dir is created by make install.
PR 9233. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix an unusual set of ./configure arguments that could cause
mod_http to be built as a DSO, which it currently doesn't
support. PR 9244.
[Cliff Woolley, Robin Johnson <>]
*) Win32: Fix bug in apr_sendfile() that caused incorrect operation
of the %X, %b and %B logformat options. PR 8253, 8996.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) If content-encoding is already present, do not run deflate (PR 9222)
[Kazuhisa ASADA <>]
*) The APLOG_NOERRNO flag to ap_log_[r]error() is now deprecated.
It is currently ignored and it will be removed in a future release
of Apache. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Removed documentation references to the no-longer-supported
"make certificate" feature of mod_ssl for Apache 1.3.x. Test
certificates, if truly desired, can be generated using openssl
commands. PR 8724. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Remove SSLLog and SSLLogLevel directives in favor of having
mod_ssl use the standard ErrorLog directives. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) OS/390: LIBPATH no longer has to be manually uncommented in
envvars to get apachectl to set up httpd properly. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_isapi: All mod_isapi directives, excluding ISAPICacheFile,
may now be specified to the <File/Directory > container, rather
than by vhost. [William Rowe]
*) mod_isapi: Experimental support for faux async support for ISAPI
modules. [William Rowe]
*) mod_isapi: Major refactoring of the code to rely on apr internals
rather than MS APIs (using our own mod_isapi.h headers for ISAPI
symbol definitions.) [William Rowe]
*) mod_isapi: Fixed the return string length from GetServerVariable
callback, it was not including the trailing null in the consumed
buffer size. This was particularly bad for Delphi 6.0 users.
PR 8934 [Sebastian Hantsch <>]
*) Fixed Win32 builds for Microsoft VisualStudio 7.0 (.net).
[William Rowe]
*) Make apxs look in the correct directory for envvars. It was
broken when sbindir != bindir. PR 8869
[Andreas Sundström <>]
*) Fix mod_deflate corruption when using multiple buckets. PR 9014.
[Asada Kazuhisa <>]
*) Performance enhancements for access logger when using
default timestamp formatting [Brian Pane]
*) Added EnableMMAP config directive to enable the server
administrator to disable memory-mapping of delivered files
on a per-directory basis. [Brian Pane]
*) Performance enhancements for mod_setenvif [Brian Pane]
*) Fix a mod_ssl build problem on OS/390. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fixed If-Modified-Since on Win32, which would give false positives
because of the sub-second resolution of file timestamps on that
platform. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Reverse the hook ordering for mod_userdir and mod_alias so
that Alias/ScriptAlias will override Userdir. PR 8841
[Joshua Slive]
*) Move mod_deflate out of experimental and into filters.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Get proxy CONNECT basically working. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix mod_rewrite hang when APR uses SysV Semaphores and
RewriteLogLevel is set to anything other than 0. PR: 8143
[Aaron Bannert, Cliff Woolley]
*) Fix byterange requests from returning 416 when using dynamic data
(such as filters like mod_include). [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Allow mod_rewrite's set of "int:" internal RewriteMap functions
to be extended by third-party modules via an optional function.
[Tahiry Ramanamampanoharana <>, Cliff Woolley]
*) Fix mod_include expression parser's handling of unquoted strings
followed immediately by a closing paren. PR 8462. [Brian Pane]
*) Remove autom4te.cache in 'make distclean'.
[Thom May <>]
*) Fix generated httpd.conf to respect layout for LoadModule lines.
PR 8170. [Thom May <>]
*) Win32: During a graceful restart, threads in the new process
were accessing scoreboard slots still in use by active threads in
the the old process. [Bill Stoddard]
Changes with Apache 2.0.36
*) Fix some minor formatting issues with ab. Part of this is
in reference to PR 8544, the rest I noticed while testing
the PR fix. [Paul J. Reder]
*) Fix a case where an invalid pass phrase is entered and an
error message is given, but the prompt is not shown again.
This left the user in an ambiguous state. PR 8320 [Paul J. Reder]
*) Close sockets on worker MPM when doing a graceless restart.
[Aaron Bannert]
*) Reverted a minor optimization in mod_ssl.c that used the vhost ID
as the session id context rather that a MD5 hash of that vhost ID,
because it caused very long vhost id's to be unusable with mod_ssl.
PR 8572. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Fix the link to the description of the CoredumpDirectory
directive in the server-wide document. PR 8643. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fixed SHMCB session caching. [Aaron Bannert, Cliff Woolley]
*) Synced with remaining changes from mod_ssl 2.8.8-1.3.24:
- Avoid SIGBUS on sparc machines with SHMCB session caches
- Allow whitespace between the pipe and the name of the
program in SSLLog "| /path/to/program". [Cliff Woolley]
*) Introduce mod_ext_filter and mod_deflate experimental modules
to the Win32 build (zlib sources must be in srclib\zlib.)
[William Rowe]
*) Changes to the worker MPM's queue management and thread
synchronization code to reduce mutex contention [Brian Pane]
*) Don't install *.in configuration files since we already install
*-std.conf files. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Many improvements to the threadpool MPM. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix subreqs that are promoted via fast_redirect from having invalid
frec->r structures. This would cause subtle errors later on in
request processing such as seen in PR 7966. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) More efficient pool recycling logic for the worker MPM [Brian Pane]
*) Modify the worker MPM to not accept() new connections until
there is an available worker thread. This prevents queued
connections from starving for processing time while long-running
connections were hogging all the available threads. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Convert the worker MPM's fdqueue from a LIFO back into a FIFO.
[Aaron Bannert]
*) Get basic HTTP proxy working on EBCDIC machines. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow mod_unique_id to work on systems with no IPv4 address
corresponding to their host name. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix suexec behavior with user directories. PR 7810.
[Colm <>]
*) Reject a blank UserDir directive since it is ambiguous. PR 8472.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Make mod_mime use case-insensitive matching when examining
extensions on all platforms. PR 8223. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Add an intelligent error message should no proxy submodules be
valid to handle a request. PR 8407 [Graham Leggett]
*) Major improvements in concurrent processing for AB by enabling
non-blocking connect()s and preventing APR from doing blocking
read()s. Also implement fatal error checking for apr_recv().
[Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix Win32 NTFS Junctions (symlinks). PR 8014 [William Rowe]
*) Fix Win32 'short name' aliases in httpd.conf directives.
PR 8009 [William Rowe]
*) Fix generation of default httpd.conf when the layout paths are
disjoint. PR 7979, 8227. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Swap downgrade-1.0 and force-response-1.0 conditional checks so
that downgraded responses can have force-response. PR 8357.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix perchild MPM so that it can be configured with the move to the
experimental directory. [Scott Lamb <>]
*) Fix perchild MPM so that it uses ap_gname2id for groups instead of
ap_uname2id. [Scott Lamb <>]
*) Fix AcceptPathInfo. PR 8234 [Cliff Woolley]
*) SECURITY: Added the APLOG_TOCLIENT flag to ap_log_rerror() to
explicitly tell the server that warning messages should be sent
to the client in addition to being recorded in the error log.
Prior to this change, ap_log_rerror() always sent warning
messages to the client. In one case, a faulty CGI script caused
the server to send a warning message to the client that contained
the full path to the CGI script. This could be considered a
minor security exposure. [Bill Stoddard]
*) mod_autoindex output when SuppressRules was specified would
omit the first carriage return so the first item in the list
would appear to the right of the column headings instead of
underneath them. PR 8016 [David Shane Holden <>]
*) Moved the call to apr_mmap_dup outside the error branch so
that it would actually get called. This fixes a core dump
at init everytime you use the MMapFile directive. PR 8314
[Paul J. Reder]
*) Trigger an error when a LoadModule directive attempts to
load a module which is built-in. This is a common error when
switching from a DSO build to a static build. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Change to use libtool --install everywhere and then
clean up some stray files and symlinks that libtool leaves around
on some platforms. This gets subversion building properly since
it needed a re-link to be performed by libtool at install time,
and the old logic to simply cp the DSO didn't handle
that requirement. [Sander Striker]
*) Allow VPATH builds to succeed when configured from an empty
directory. [Thom May <>]
*) Fix 'control reaches end of non-void function' warning in
server/log.c. [Ben Collins-Sussman <>]
*) Perchild MPM is now correctly deemed as experimental and is now
located in server/mpm/experimental. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix segfault in mod_mem_cache when garabge collecting an expired
cache entry. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Introduced -E startup_logfile_name option to httpd to allow admins
to begin logging errors immediately. This provides Win32 users
an alternative to sending startup errors to the event viewer, and
allows other daemon tool authors an alternative to logging to stderr.
[William Rowe]
*) Fix subreqs with non-defined Content-Types being served improperly.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Merge in latest GNU config.guess and config.sub files. PR 7818.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Move 100 - Continue support to the HTTP_IN filter so that filters
are guaranteed to support 100 - Continue logic without any
intervention. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Add HTTP chunked input trailer support. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Rename and export get_mime_headers as ap_get_mime_headers.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Allow empty Host: header arguments. PR 7441. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Properly substitute sbindir as httpd's location in apachectl. PR 7840.
[Andreas Hasenack <>]
*) Allow Win32 shebang scripts to follow the path (or omit the .exe
suffix from the shebang command), and allow ScriptInterpreterSource
Registry or RegistryStrict to override shebang lines, as 1.3 did.
PR 8004 [William Rowe]
*) worker MPM: Fix a situation where a child exited without releasing
the accept mutex. Depending on the OS and mutex mechanism this
could result in a hang. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Update the instructions for how to get started with mod_example.
[Stas Bekman]
*) Fix PidFile to default to rel_runtimedir instead of
rel_logfiledir. PR 7841. [Andreas Hasenack <>]
*) Win32: Fix problem that caused rapid performance degradation
when number of connecting clients exceeded ThreadsPerChild.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fixed a segfault parsing large SSIs on non-mmap systems.
[Brian Havard]
*) Proxy was bombing out every second keepalive request, caused by a
stray CRLF before the second response's status line. Proxy now
tries to read one more line if it encounters a CRLF where it
expected a status. PR 10010 [Graham Leggett]
*) Deprecated the apr_lock.h API. Please see the following files
for the improved thread and process locking and signaling:
apr_proc_mutex.h, apr_thread_mutex.h, apr_thread_rwlock.h,
apr_thread_cond.h, and apr_global_mutex.h. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Change mod_status to use scoreboard accessor functions so it can
be used in any MPM without having to be recompiled.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Fix parsing of some AP_DECLARE_DATA declarations so that the filter
handle declarations are recognized. This fixes problems loading
mod_autoindex on some platforms. [Brian Havard]
*) add optional fixup hook to proxy [Daniel Lopez <>]
*) Remind the admin about the User and Group directives when we are
unable to set permissions on a semaphore. PR 7812 [Jeff Trawick]
*) fix possible compilation problem in ssl_engine_kernel.c. PR 7802
[Doug MacEachern]
*) fix possible infinite loop in mod_ssl triggered by certain
netscape clients [Doug MacEachern]
*) fix ProxyPass when frontend is https and backend is http
[Doug MacEachern]
*) Add DASL support to mod_dav
[Sung Kim <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.35
*) mod_rewrite: updated to use the new APR global mutex type.
[Aaron Bannert]
*) Fixes for mod_include errors on boundary conditions in which
"<!--#" occurs at the very end of a bucket
[Paul Reder, Brian Pane]
*) worker, prefork, perchild, beos MPMs: Add -DFOREGROUND switch to
cause the Apache parent process to run in the foreground (similar to
-DNO_DETACH except that it doesn't switch session ids).
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Added support for Posix semaphore mutex locking (AcceptMutex posixsem)
for those platforms that support it. If using the default
implementation, this is between pthread and sysvsem in priority.
This implies it's the new default for Darwin. [Jim Jagielski]
*) AIX: Fix the syntax for setting the LDR_CNTRL and AIXTHREAD_SCOPE
environment variables in the envvars file. [Jeff Trawick]
*) worker MPM: Don't create a listener thread until we have a worker
thread. Otherwise, in situations where we'll have to wait a while
to take over scoreboard slots from a previous generation, we'll be
accepting connections we can't process yet. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow worker MPM to build on systems without pthread_kill().
[Pier Fumagalli, Jeff Trawick]
*) Prevent ap_add_output_filters_by_type from being called in
ap_set_content_type if the content-type hasn't changed.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Performance: implemented the bucket allocator made possible by the
API change in 2.0.34. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Don't allow initialization to succeed if we can't get a socket
corresponding to one of the Listen statements. [Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.0.34
*) Allow all Perchild directives to accept either numerical UID/GID
or logical user/group names. [Scott Lamb <>]
*) Make Perchild compile cleanly and serve pages again. [Ryan Bloom]
*) implement ssl proxy to support ProxyPass / https:// and the
SSLProxy* directives [Doug MacEachern]
*) Update mod_cgid to not do single-byte socket reads for CGI headers
[Brian Pane]
*) Made AB's use of the Host: header rfc2616 compliant
by Taisuke Yamada <> [Dirk-Willem van Gulik].
*) The old, legacy (and unused) code in which the scoreboard was totally
and completely contained in a file (SCOREBOARD_FILE) has been
removed. This does not affect scoreboards which are *mapped* to
files using named-shared-memory. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Change bucket brigades API to allow a "bucket allocator" to be
passed in at certain points. This allows us to implement freelists
so that we can stop using malloc/free so frequently.
[Cliff Woolley, Brian Pane]
*) Add support for macro expansion within the variable names in
<!--#echo--> and <!--#set--> directives [Brian Pane]
*) Fix some mod_include segfaults [Cliff Woolley, Brian Pane, Brad Nicholes]
*) Update the "RedHat" Layout to match Red Hat Linux version 7. PR BZ-7422
[Joe Orton]
*) add compat layer to support RSA SSLC 1.x and 2.x in mod_ssl
[Jon Travis, John Barbee, William Rowe, Ryan Bloom, Doug MacEachern]
*) Add a new parameter to the quick_handler hook to instruct
quick handlers to optionally do a lookup rather than actually
serve content. This is the first of several changes required fix
several problems with how quick handlers work with subrequests.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) worker MPM: Get MaxRequestsPerChild to work again. [Jeff Trawick]
*) [APR-related] The ordering of the default accept mutex method has
been changed to better match what's done in Apache 1.3. The ordering
is now (highest to lowest): pthread -> sysvsem -> fcntl -> flock.
[Jim Jagielski]
*) Ensure that the build/ directory is created when using VPATH.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Add some popular types to the mime magic file. PR 7730.
[Linus Walleij <>, Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Remove the single-byte socket reads for CGI headers [Brian Pane]
*) When a proxied site was being served, Apache was replacing
the original site Server header with it's own, which is not
allowed by RFC2616. Fixed. [Graham Leggett]
*) Fix a mod_cgid problem that left daemon processes stranded
in some server restart scenarios. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Added exp_foo and rel_foo variables to for
all Apache and Autoconf path variables (like --sysconfdir,
--sbindir, etc). exp_foo is the "expanded" version, which means
that all internal variable references have been interpolated.
rel_foo is the same as $exp_foo, only relative to $prefix if they
share a common path. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix some restart/terminate problems in the worker MPM. Don't
drop connections during graceful restart. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Change the header merging behaviour in proxy, as some headers
(like Set-Cookie) cannot be unmerged due to stray commas in
dates. [Graham Leggett]
*) Be more vocal about what AcceptMutex values we allow, to make
us closer to how 1.3 does it. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Get nph- CGI scripts working again. PRs 8902, 8907, 9983
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Upgraded PCRE library to latest version 3.9 [Brian Pane]
*) Add accessor function to set r->content_type. From now on,
ap_rset_content_type() should be used to set r->content_type.
This change is required to properly implement the
AddOutputFilterByType configuration directive.
[Bill Stoddard, Sander Striker, Ryan Bloom]
*) Add new M_FOO symbols for the WebDAV/DeltaV methods specified by
RFC 3253. Improved the method name/number mapping functions.
[Greg Stein]
*) remove sock_enable_linger from connection.c [Ian Holsman]
*) Fix for virtual host processing where the requested hostname
has a '.' at the end (PR 9187) [Ryan Cruse <>]
*) mod_dav's APIs for REPORT response handling was changed so that
providers can generate the content directly into the output filter
stack, rather than buffering the response into memory. [Greg Stein]
*) Fix a hang condition with graceful restart and prefork MPM
in the situation where MaxClients is very high but
much fewer servers are actually started at the time of the
restart. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Small performance fixes for mod_include [Brian Pane]
*) Performance improvement for the error logger [Brian Pane]
*) Change configure so that Solaris 8 and above have
according to sun people solaris 8+ doesn't have a thundering
herd problem [Ian Holsman]
*) Allow URIs specifying CGI scripts to include '/' at the end
(e.g., /cgi-bin/printenv/) on AIX and Solaris (and other OSs
which ignore '/' at the end of the names of non-directories).
PR 10138 [Jeff Trawick]
*) implement SSLSessionCache shmht and shmcb based on apr_rmm and
apr_shm. [Madhusudan Mathihalli <>]
*) Fix apxs -g handling. Move from the top build
directory to the build directory. PR 10163 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix some mod_include problems which broke evaluation of some
expressions. PR 10108 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix the calculation of request time in mod_status. [Stas Bekman]
*) Fix the calculation of thread_num in the worker score structure.
[Stas Bekman]
*) Use apr_atomic operations in managing the mod_mem_cache
cache_objects for SMP scalability. (see USE_ATOMICS
preprocessor directive in mod_file_cache)
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add filehandle caching to mod_mem_cache. (see CACHE_FD
preprocessor directive in mod_file_cache)
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Implement prototype mod_disk_cache for use with mod_cache.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add a missing manualdir entry in the Debian config.layout.
[Thom May <>]
*) Stop installing libtool for APR and tell APR where it should place
its copy of libtool (via our installbuildpath layout variable).
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) New directive ProxyIOBufferSize. Sets the size of the buffer used
when reading from a remote HTTP server in proxy. [Graham Leggett]
*) Modify receive/send loop in proxy_http and proxy_ftp so that
should it be necessary, the remote server socket is closed before
transmitting the last buffer (set by ProxyIOBufferSize) to the
client. This prevents the backend server from being forced to hang
around while the last few bytes are transmitted to a slow client.
Fix the case where no error checking was performed on the final
brigade in the loop. [Graham Leggett]
*) Scrap CacheMaxExpireMin and CacheDefaultExpireMin. Change
CacheMaxExpire and CacheDefaultExpire to use seconds rather than
hours. [Graham Leggett, Bill Stoddard]
*) New Directive SSIUndefinedEcho. to change the '(none)' echoed
for a undefined variable. [Ian Holsman]
*) Proxy HTTP and CONNECT: Keep trying other addresses from the DNS
when we can't get a socket in the specified address family. We may
have gotten back an IPv6 address first and yet our system is not
configured to allow IPv6 sockets. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Be more careful about recursively removing CVS directories. Make
sure that we aren't cd'ing to their home directory first. PR: 9993
[Aaron Bannert, James LewisMoss <>]
*) Add a missing errordir entry in the Debian config.layout. PR: 10067
[Dirk-Jan Faber <>, Aaron Bannert,
Thom May <>]
*) Rename the filter ordering priorities. The recent filtering fixes
have showcased problems with their usage. Therefore, we need to
rename them to increase the clarity. (CONTENT->RESOURCE,
Changes with Apache 2.0.33
*) Fix a problem in the new --enable-layout functionality where
it wouldn't allow overrides from variables like --prefix,
--bindir, etc. [Thom May <>]
*) Fix a bug in the core input filter for AP_MODE_EXHAUSTIVE. It
no longer hangs around waiting for the socket to close before
returning exhaustive data. [Aaron Bannert]
*) rename apr_exploded_time_t to apr_time_exp_t (as per renames pending)
[Thom May <>]
*) Change mod_ssl to always do a full startup/teardown on restarts.
this allows mod_ssl to be added to a server that is already
running and makes it possible to add/change certs/keys after the
server has been started. [Doug MacEachern]
*) Introduce PassPhraseDialog "|/path/to/pipe" mechanism to mod_ssl.
This pipe must be a bidirectional 'console' style relay, which
mod_ssl prints all prompts to the pipe's stdin, and reads the
passphrases from the pipe's stdout. [William Rowe]
*) Fix bug where --sysconfdir and --localstatedir were being
ignored. [Thom May <>, Aaron Bannert]
PR 9888
*) Fix --enable-layout to work again. Caution: When specifying
--enable-layout, common arguments like --prefix, --exec-prefix,
etc. will be ignored and the settings from the layout will be
used instead. [Thom May <>, Aaron Bannert]
PR 9124, 9873, 9885
*) New Directive for mod_proxy: ProxyRemoteMatch. This provides
regex pattern matching for the determination of which requests
to use the remote proxy for. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Fix CustomLog bytes-sent with HTTP 0.9. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Prevent Apache from ignoring SIGHUP due to some lingering 1.3
cruft in piped logs and rewritemap child processes.
[William Rowe]
*) All instances of apr_lock_t have been removed and converted
to one of the following new lock APIs: apr_thread_mutex.h,
apr_proc_mutex.h, or apr_global_mutex.h. No new code should
use the apr_lock.h API, as the old API will soon be deprecated.
[Aaron Bannert]
*) Merged in changes to mod_ssl up through 2.8.7-1.3.23.
[Ralf S. Engelschall, Cliff Woolley]
*) mod-include: make it handle flush'es and fix the 'false-alarm'
[Justin Erenkrantz, Brian Pane, Ian Holsman]
*) ap_get_*_filter_handle() functions to allow 3rd party modules
to lookup filter handles so they can bypass the filter name
lookup when adding filters to a request (via ap_add_*_filter_handle())
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Fix for multiple file buckets on Win32, where the first file
bucket would cause the immediate closure of the socket on any
non-keepalive requests. [Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Correct Win32 failure of mmap of a segment beyond start of the
file; fixes large SSL and similar transfers. [William Rowe]
PR 9898
*) Implement apr_proc_detach changes and allow -DNO_DETACH in the
multi-process mode to not "daemonize" while detaching from the
controlling terminal. This is necessary for Apache to work with
process-management tools like AIX's "System Resource Controller"
as well as Dan Bernstein's "daemontools".
[Jos Backus <>, Aaron Bannert]
*) Convert mod_auth_digest to use the new apr_global_mutex_t
type. [Aaron Bannert]
*) fix bug in mod-include where it wouldn't send a unmatched
part if it was at the end of a bucket [Ian Holsman]
*) worker MPM: Improve logging of errors with the interface between
the listener thread and worker threads. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Some browsers ignore cookies that have been merged into a
single Set-Cookie header. Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 headers
are now unmerged in the http proxy before being sent to the
client. [Graham Leggett]
*) Fix a problem with proxy where each entry of a duplicated
header such as Set-Cookie would overwrite and obliterate the
previous value of the header, resulting in multiple header
values (like cookies) going missing.
[Graham Leggett, Joshua Slive]
*) Add the server-limit and thread-limit values to the scoreboard
for the sake of third-party applications.
[Adam Sussman <>]
*) Fix segfault when proxy recieves an invalid HTTP response [Ian Holsman]
*) OS/390: Get make install to properly copy DSO modules.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Win32: Fix bug in mod_status with displaying "Restart Time"
and "Server uptime".
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix IPv6 name-based virtual hosts. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Introduce AddOutputFilterByType directive. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix DEBUG_CGI support in mod_cgi. PR 9670, 9671.
[David MacKenzie <>]
*) Fix incorrect check for script_in in mod_cgi. PR 9669.
[David MacKenzie <>]
*) Fix segfault and display error when SSLMutex file can not be
created. [Adam Sussman <>]
*) Add reference counting to mod_mem_cache cache objects to
better manage removing objects from the cache.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Change the verbage on the ScoreBoardFile in our default configs.
Also change the default to be commented out (unspecified) so we
get anonymous shared memory by default. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Implement new ScoreBoardFile directive logic. This affects how
we create the scoreboard's shared memory segment. If the directive
is present, a name-based segment is created. If the directive is
not present, first an anonymous segment is created, and if that
fails, a name-based segment is created from a file of the name
DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD. This gives third-party applications the
ability to access our scoreboard. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Allow mod_deflate to work with non-GET requests and properly send
Content-Lengths. [Sander Striker <>]
*) Fix ap_directory_merge() to correctly merge configs when there is
no <Directory /> block. [Justin Erenkrantz, William Rowe]
*) Remove spurious debug messsages that are normal under HTTP
keep-alive logic. [Jeff Trawick, Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix a bug in mod_cgid that would prevent proper shutdown death
of the cgid process. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Add signal handling back in to the worker MPM for the one_process
(-X, -DDEBUG, -DONE_PROCESS) case. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Performance: Reuse per-connection transaction pools in the
worker MPM, rather than destroying and recreating them. [Brian Pane]
*) Remove all signals from the worker MPM's child process. Instead,
the parent uses the Pipe of Death for all communication with the
child processes. [Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.32
*) mod_negotiation: ForceLanguagePriority now uses 'Prefer' as the
default if the directive is not specified. This mirrors older
behavior without changes to the httpd.conf. [William Rowe]
*) Win32: solve the win32 service problems in 2.0.31-alpha, by fixing
the service, mpm and logging code, and bugs in apr_file_open_stderr
and apr_file_dup2 functions. Win2K/XP services have no handles
associated for stdin/out/err, which caused unpredictable behavior
in the prior release. [William Rowe, Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32: simplify the Application Event Log messages, since there isn't
likely to be 'more information in the error log' before an error log
has been opened. [William Rowe]
*) Win32: substantial cleanup to the mpm_winnt code for legibility and
to follow the program flow of other MPMs. [Ryan Bloom, William Rowe]
*) Win32: apache -k shutdown now behaves like apache -k stop.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix prefork to not kill the parent if a child hits a resource shortage
on accept(). [Greg Ames]
*) Fix seg faults that occur when what should be the httpd request line
starts with \r\n followed by garbage. [Greg Ames]
*) Allow statically linked support binaries with the new
--enable-static-support flag, and enable this behavior in
the binbuild script. Also add a new --enable-static-htdbm
flag. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Allow mod_autoindex to serve symlinks if permitted and attempt to
do only one stat() call when generating the directory listings.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix resolve_symlink to save the original symlink name if known.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Be a bit more sane with regard to CanonicalNames. If the user has
specified they want to use the CanonicalName, but they have not
configured a port with the ServerName, then use the same port that
the original request used. [Ryan Bloom and Ken Coar]
*) In core_input_filter, check for an empty brigade after
APR_BRIGADE_NORMALIZE(). Otherwise, we can get segfaults if a
client says it will post some data but we get FIN before any
data arrives. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Not being able to bind to the socket is a fatal error. We should
print an error to the console, and return a non-zero status code.
With these changes, all of the Unix MPMs do that correctly.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) suexec: Allow HTTPS and SSL_* environment variables to be passed
through to CGI scripts. PR 9163
[Brian Reid <>,
Zvi Har'El <>]
*) Make sure that we use the expat from our source
tree so that there aren't any surprises on the target machine.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_cgid: Add retry logic for when the daemon can't fork fast
enough to keep up with new requests. Start using
when we can't talk to the daemon. [Jeff Trawick]
*) apxs: LTFLAGS envvar can override default libtool options. Try
"LTFLAGS=' ' apxs -c mod_foo.c" to see what libtool does under
the covers. [Jeff Trawick]
*) The Location: response header field, used for external
redirect, *must* be an absoluteURI. The Redirect directive
tested for that, but RedirectMatch didn't -- it would allow
almost anything through. Now it will try to turn an abs_path
into an absoluteURI, but it will correctly varf like Redirect
if the final redirection target isn't an absoluteURI. [Ken Coar]
Changes with Apache 2.0.31
*) Create the scoreboard (in the parent) in a global pool context,
so it survives graceful restarts. This fixes a SEGV during
graceful restarts. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Add a timeout option to the proxy code 'ProxyTimeout'
[Ian Holsman]
*) FTP directory listings are now always retrieved in ASCII mode.
The FTP proxy properly escapes URI's and HTML in the generated
listing, and escapes the path components when talking to the FTP
server. It is now possible to browse the root directory by using
a url like: ftp://user@host/%2f/ (ported from apache_1.3.24)
Also, the last path component may contain wildcard characters
'*' and '?', and if they do, a directory listing is created instead
of a file retrieval. Example: ftp://user@host/httpd/server/*.c
[Martin Kraemer]
*) Added single-listener unserialized accept support to the
worker MPM [Brian Pane]
*) New Directive for mod_proxy: 'ProxyPreserveHost'. This passes
the incoming host header through to the proxied server
[Geoff <>]
*) New Directive Option for ProxyPass. It now can block a location
from being proxied [Jukka Pihl <>]
*) Don't let the default handler try to serve a raw directory. At
best you get gibberish. Much worse things can happen depending
on the OS. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Change the pre_config hook to return a value. Modules can now emit
an error message and then cause the server to quit gracefully during
startup. This required a bump to the MMN. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix some unix socket descriptor leaks in the handler side of
mod_cgid (the part that runs in the server process). Whack a
silly "close(-1)" in the handler too. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Change the pre_mpm hook to return a value, so that scoreboard
init errors percolate up to code that knows how to exit
cleanly. This required a bump to the MMN. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Add the socket back to the conn_rec and remove the create_connection
hook. The create_connection hook had a design flaw that did not
allow creating connections based on vhost info. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Fixed PATH_INFO and QUERY_STRING from mod_negotiation results.
Resolves the common case of using negotation to resolve the request
/script/foo for /script.cgi/foo. [William Rowe]
*) Added new functions ap_add_(input|output)_filter_handle to
allow modules to bypass the usual filter name lookup when
adding hard-coded filters to a request [Brian Pane]
*) caching should now work on subrequests (still very experimental)
[Ian Holsman]
*) The Win32 mpm_winnt now has a shared scoreboard. [William Rowe]
*) Change ap_get_brigade prototype to use apr_off_t instead of apr_off_t*.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Refactor ap_rgetline so that it does not use an internal brigade.
Change ap_rgetline's prototype to return errors. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Remove mod_auth_db. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Do not install unnecessary pcre headers like config.h and internal.h.
[Joe Orton <>]
*) Change in quick_hanlder behavior for subrequests. it now passes DONE
(as it does for a normal request). quick_handled sub-requests now work
in mod-include [Ian Holsman]
*) Change SUBREQ_CORE so that it is a 'HTTP_HEADER' filter instead of
'CONTENT' one, as it needs to run AFTER all content headers
*) Rename BeOS MPM directive RequestsPerThread to MaxRequestsPerThread.
[Lars Eilebrecht]
*) Split out blocking from the mode in the input filters.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix a segfault in mod_include. [Justin Erenkrantz, Jeff Trawick]
*) Cause Win32 to capture all child-worker process errors in
Apache to the main server error log, until the child can
open its own error logs. [William Rowe]
*) HPUX 11.*: Do not kill the child process when accept()
returns ENOBUFS on HPUX 11.*. (ported from a 1.3 patch
by [])
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix a problem in the parsing of the <Proxy foo> directive.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) rewrite of mod_ssl input filter for better performance and less
memory usage [Doug MacEachern]
*) allow quick_handler to be run on subrequests. [Ian Holsman]
*) mod_dav now asks its provider to place content directly into the
filter stack when handling a GET request. The mod_dav/provider
API has changed, so providers need to be updated. [Greg Stein]
*) Clear the output socket descriptor in unixd_accept() to make sure
we don't supply a bogus socket to the caller if the accept fails.
This caused problems with the worker MPM, which tried to process
the returned socket if it was non-NULL. [Brian Pane]
*) Move a check for an empty brigade to the start of core input filter
to avoid segfaults. [Justin Erenkrantz, Jeff Trawick]
*) Add FileETag directive to allow configurable control of what
data are used to form ETag values for file-based URIs. MMN
bumped to 20020111 because of fields added to the end of
the core_dir_config structure. [Ken Coar]
*) Fix a segfault in mod_rewrite's logging code caused by passing the
wrong config to ap_get_remote_host(). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow mod_cgid to work from a binary distribution install by
using 755 for the permissions on the log directory instead of
750. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fixed a segfault that happened during graceful shutdown (or when
the httpd ran out of file descriptors) with the worker MPM [Brian Pane]
*) Split all Win32 modules [excluding the core components mod_core,
mod_so, mod_win32 and the winnt mpm] into individual loadable
modules, so the administrator may individually disable the former
compiled-in modules by simply commenting out their LoadModule
directives. [William Rowe]
*) Saved Win32 module authors and porters many future headaches, by
duplicating the appropriate .h files such as os.h into the include
directory, including in the build tree. [William Rowe]
*) mod_ssl adjustments to help with using toolkits other than OpenSSL:
Use SSL functions/macros instead of directly dereferencing SSL
structures wherever possible.
Add type-casts for the cases where functions return a generic pointer.
Add $SSL/include to configure search path.
[Madhusudan Mathihalli <>]
*) Moved several pointers out of the shared Scoreboard so it is
more portable, and will present the vhost name across server
generation restarts. [William Rowe]
*) Fix SSLPassPhraseDialog exec: and SSLRandomSeed exec:
[Doug MacEachern]
Changes with Apache 2.0.30
*) Fix the main bug for FreeBSD and threaded MPM's. There are
still issues (see STATUS) but at least the server will now
run without crashing the machine.
[David Reid, Aaron Bannert, Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix a typo in mod_deflate's m4 config section.
[albert chin (]
*) Fix a couple of mod_proxy problems forwarding HTTP connections
and handling CONNECT:
(1) PR #9190 Proxy failed to connect to IPv6 hosts.
(2) Proxy failed to connect when the first IP address returned by
the resolver was unreachable but a secondary IP address was.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix the module identifer as shown in the docs for various core
modules (e.g., the identifer for mod_log_config was previously
listed as config_log_module). PR #9338
[James Watson <>]
*) Fix LimitRequestBody directive by placing it in the HTTP
filter. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix mod_proxy seg fault when the proxied server returns
an HTTP/0.9 response or a bogus status line.
[Adam Sussman]
*) Prevent mod_proxy from truncating one character off the
end of the status line returned from the proxied server.
[Adam Sussman, Bill Stoddard]
*) Eliminate loop in ap_proxy_string_read().
[Adam Sussman, Bill Stoddard]
*) Provide $0..$9 results from mod_include regex parsing.
[William Rowe]
*) Allow mod-include to look for alternate start & end tags [Ian Holsman]
*) Introduced the ForceLanguagePriority directive, to prevent
returning MULTIPLE_CHOICES or NONE_ACCEPTABLE in some cases,
when using Multiviews. [William Rowe]
*) Fix a problem which prevented mod_cgid and suexec from working
together reliably [Greg Ames]
*) Remove the call to exit() from within mod_auth_digest's post_config
phase. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix a problem in mod_auth_digest that could potentially cause
problems with initialized static data on a system that uses DSOs.
[Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix a segfault in the worker MPM that could happen during
child process exits. [Brian Pane, Aaron Bannert]
*) Allow mod_auth_dbm to handle multiple DBM types [Ian Holsman]
*) Fix matching of vhosts by ip address so we find IPv4
vhost address when target address is v4-mapped form of
that address. [Jeff Trawick]
*) More performance tweaks to the BNDM string-search algorithm
used to find "<!--#" tokens in mod_include [Brian Pane]
*) Miscellaneous small performance fixes: optimized away various
string copy operations and removed large temp buffers from
the stack [Brian Pane]
*) Fixed startup segfault that occurred when a VirtualHost
directive had a port but no address [Brian Pane]
*) Allow htdbm to work with multiple DBM types [Ian Holsman]
*) Win32: Made change to apr_sendfile() to return APR_ENOTIMPL
if oslevel < WINNT. This should fix several problems reported
Against 2.0.28 on Windows 98 [Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32: Fix bug that could cause CGI scripts with QUERY_STRINGS
to fail. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Change core code to allow an MPM to set hard thread/server
limits at startup. prefork, worker, and perchild MPMs now have
directives to set these limits. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Win32: The async AcceptEx() event should be autoreset upon
successful completion of a wait (WaitForSingleObject). This
eliminates a number of spurious
setsockopt(SO_UPDATE_ACCEPT_CONTEXT) failed." messages.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Move any load library path environment variables out of
apachectl and into a separate environment variable file which
can be more easily tailored by the admin. The environment
variable file as built by Apache may have additional system-
specific settings. For example, on OS/390 we tailor the heap
settings to allow lots of threads. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Use the new APR pool code to reduce pool-related lock
contention in the worker MPM. [Sander Striker]
*) The POD no longer assumes the child is listening on
and now pulls the first hostname in the list of listeners to
perform the dummy connect on. This fixes a bug when the user
had configured the Listen directive for an IP other than This would result in undead children and error
messages such as "Connection refused: connect to listener".
[Aaron Bannert]
*) The worker MPM now respects the LockFile setting, needed to
avoid locking problems with NFS. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix segfault when worker MPM receives SIGHUP.
[Ian Holsman, Aaron Bannert, Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix bug that could potentially prevent the perchild MPM from
working with more than one vhost/uid. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Change make install and apxs -i processing of DSO modules to
perform special handling on platforms where libtool doesn't install This fixes some wonkiness on HP-UX, Tru64, and AIX
which prevented standard LoadModule statements from working.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Whenever mod_so is enabled (not just when there are DSOs for
our modules), do whatever special magic is required for compiling/
loading third-party modules. This allows third-party DSOs to
be used on an AIX build when there were no built-in modules
built as DSOs. (This should help on OS/390 and BeOS as well.)
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow apxs to be used to build DSOs on AIX without requiring the
user to hard-code the list of import files. (This should help
on OS/390 and BeOS as well.) [Jeff Trawick]
*) Resolved segfault in mod_isapi when configuring with ISAPICacheFile.
PR 8563, 8919 [William Rowe]
*) Get binary builds working when libapr and libaprutil are built
shared [Greg Ames]
*) Get shared builds of libapr and libaprutil, as well as Apache DSOs,
working on AIX. [Aaron Bannert, Dick Dunbar <>,
Gary Hook <>, Victor Orlikowski, Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix the handling of SSI directives in which the ">" of the
terminating "-->" is the last byte in a file [Brian Pane]
*) Add back in the "suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /path/to/suexec)"
message that we had back in apache-1.3 and still have scattered
throughout our docs. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Prevent the Win32 port from continuing after encountering an
error in the command line args to apache. [William Rowe]
*) On a error in the proxy, make it write a line to the error log
[Ian Holsman]
*) Various mod_ssl performance improvements [Doug MacEachern]
Changes with Apache 2.0.29
*) Add buffering in core_output_filter to ensure that long
lists of small buckets don't cause small packet writes.
[Brian Pane, Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix the installation target to make sure that the manual is
installed in the correct location.
[Yoshifumi Hiramatsu <> and
Gomez Henri <>]
*) Fix the cmd command for mod_include. When we are processing
a cmd command, we do not want to use the r->filename to set
the command name. The command comes from the SSI tag. To do this,
I added a variable to the function that builds the command line
in mod_cgi. This allows the include_cmd function to specify
the command line itself. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Change open_logs hook to return a value, allowing you
to flag a error while opening logs
[Ian Holsman, Doug MacEachern]
*) Change post_config hook to return a value, allowing you
to flag a error post config
[Ian Holsman, Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow SUEXEC_BIN (the path to the suexec binary that is
hard-coded into the server) to be specified to the configure
script by the --with-suexec-bin parameter. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix segv in worker MPM following accept on pipe-of-death
[Brian Pane]
*) Add mod_deflate to experimental.
[Ian Holsman, Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Bail out at configure time if an invalid MPM was specified.
[jean-frederic clere <>]
*) Prevent segv in ap_note_basic_auth_failure() when no AuthName is
configured [John Sterling <>]
*) Fix apxs to use sbindir. [Henri Gomez <>]
*) Fix a problem with IPv6 vhosts. PR #8118 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Optimization for the BNDM string-search function in
mod_include. [Brian Pane]
*) Fixed the behavior of the XBitHack directive.
[Taketo Kabe <>, Cliff Woolley] PR#8804
*) The threaded MPM for Unix has been removed. Use the worker
MPM instead. [various]
*) APR-ize the resolver logic in mod_unique_id. This fixes a bug
in logging the error from a failed DNS lookup. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Added the missing macros AP_INIT_TAKE13 and AP_INIT_TAKE123.
[Cliff Woolley]
*) Get mod_cgid killed when a MPM exits due to a fatal error.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a file descriptor leak in mod_include. When we include a
file, we use a sub-request, but we didn't destroy the sub-request
immediately, instead we waited until the original request was
done. This patch closes the sub-request as soon as the data is
done being generated. [Brian Pane <>]
*) Allow modules that add sockets to the ap_listeners list to
define the function that should be used to accept on that
socket. Each MPM can define their own function to use for
the accept function with the MPM_ACCEPT_FUNC macro. This
also abstracts out all of the Unix accept error handling
logic, which has become out of synch across Unix MPMs.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a bug which would cause the response headers to be omitted
when sending a negotiated ErrorDocument because the required
filters were attached to the wrong request_rec.
[John Sterling <>]
*) Remove commas from the end of the macros that define
directives that are used by MPMs. Prior to this patch,
you would use these macros without commas, which was unlike
the macros for any other directives. Now, the caller provides
the comma rather than the macro providing it. This makes
the macros look more like the rest of the directives.
[Ryan Bloom and Cliff Woolley]
*) Add 'redirect-carefully' environment option to disable sending
redirects under special circumstances. This is helpful for
Microsoft's WebFolders when accessing a directory resource via
DAV methods. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Begin to abstract out the underlying transport layer.
The first step is to remove the socket from the conn_rec,
the server now lives in a context that is passed to the
core's input and output filters. This forces us to be very
careful when adding calls that use the socket directly,
because the socket isn't available in most locations.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Really reset the MaxClients value in worker and threaded
when the configured value is not a multiple of the number
of threads per child. We said we did previously but we
forgot to. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Add Debian layout. [Daniel Stone <>]
*) If shared modules are requested and mod_so is not available,
produce a fatal config-time error. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Improve http2env's performance by cutting the work it has to
do. [Brian Pane <>]
*) use new 'apr_hash_merge' function in mod_mime (performance fix)
[Brian Pane <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.28
*) Fix infinite loop in mod_cgid.c.
[Dale Ghent <>, Brian Pane <>]
*) When no port is given in a "ServerName host" directive, the
server_rec->port is now set to zero, not 80. That allows for
run-time deduction of the correct server port (depending on
SSL/plain, and depending also on the current setting of
UseCanonicalName). This change makes redirections
work, even with https:// connections. As in Apache-1.3, the
connection's actual port number is never used, only the ServerName
setting or the client's Host: setting. Documentation updated
to reflect the change. [Martin Kraemer]
*) Add a '%{note-name}e' argument to mod-headers, which works in
the same way as mod_log_confg. [Ian Holsman]
*) Fix the spelling of the AP_MPMQ_MIN_SPARE_DAEMONS and
AP_MPMQ_MAX_REQUESTS_DAEMON macros in ap_mpm.h and all standard
MPMs. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Introduce htdbm, a user management utility for db/dbm authorization
databases. [Mladen Turk <>]
*) Optimize usage of strlen and strcat in ap_directory_walk.
[Brian Pane <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.27
*) Introduce an Apache mod_ssl initial configuration template
(ssl.conf, generated from ssl-std.conf). [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Fixed a memory leak in the getline parsing code that could
be triggered by arbitrarily large header lines. Requests
from the core input filter for single lines are now limited
to HUGE_STRING_LEN (8192 bytes). [Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix a truncation bug in how we print the port on the Via: header.
The routine that prints the Via: header now takes a length for
the port string. [Zvi Har'El <>]
*) Some syntax errors in mod_mime_magic's magic file can result
in a 500 error, which previously was unlogged. Now we log the
error. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Add the support/checkgid helper app, which checks the run-time
validity of group identifiers usable in the Group directive.
[Ken Coar]
*) Various --enable-so options have been fixed: --enable-so is
treated as "static"; explicit --enable-so=shared issues an error;
and explicit --enable-so fails with error on systems without
APR_HAS_DSO. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Fix a segfault in the core input filter when the client socket
gets disconnected unexpectedly. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Fix the reporting for child processes that die. This removes
all of the non-portable W* macros from Apache.
[Jeff Trawick and Ryan Bloom]
*) Win32: Track and display "Parent Server Generation:" in
mod_status output. The generation will be bumped at
server graceful restart, when the child process exits
by hitting MaxRequestsPerChild or if the child
process exits abnormally. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32: Fix problem where MaxRequestsPerChild directive was
not being picked up in favor of the default. Enable
the parent to start up a new child process immediately upon
the old child starting shutdown.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix some bungling of the remote port in rfc1413.c so that
IdentityCheck retrieves the proper user id instead of failing
and thus always returning "nobody."
[Dick Streefland <>]
*) Introduced thread saftey for mod_rewrite's internal cache.
[Brian Pane <>]
*) Simplified mod_env's directives to behave as most directives are
expected, in that UnsetEnv will not unset a SetEnv and PassEnv
directive following that UnsetEnv within the same container.
Also provides a runtime startup warning if a PassEnv configured
environment value is undefined. [William Rowe]
*) The worker MPM is now completely ported to APR's new lock API. It
uses native APR types for thread mutexes, cross-process mutexes,
and condition variables. [Aaron Bannert]
*) Sync up documentation to remove all references to the now deprecated
Port directive. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Moved all ldap modules from the core to httpd-ldap sub-project
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Exit when we can't listen on any of the configured ports. This
is the same behavior as 1.3, and it avoids having the MPMs to
deal with bogus ap_listen_rec structures. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Cleanup the proxy code that creates a request to the origin
server. This change adds an optional hook, which allows modules
to gain control while the request is created if the proxy module
is loaded. The purpose of this hook is to allow modules to add
input and/or output filters to the request to the origin. While
I was at it, I made the core use this hook, so that proxy request
creation uses some of the code from the core. This can still be
greatly improved, but this is a good start. [Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.26
*) Port the MaxClients changes from the worker MPM to the threaded
MPM. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix mod_proxy so that it handles chunked transfer-encoding and works
with the new input filtering system. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Introduce the MultiviewsMatch directive, to allow the operator
to be flexible in recognizing Handlers and Filters filename
extensions as part of the Multiviews matching logic, strict with
MultiviewsMatch NegotiatedOnly to accept only filename extentions
that designate negotiated parameters, (content type, charset, etc.)
or MultiviewsAll for the 1.3 behavior of matching any files, even
if they have unregistered extensions. [William Rowe]
*) Fixed the configure script to add a LoadModule directive to
the default httpd.conf for any module that was compiled
as a DSO. [Aaron Bannert <>]
*) rewrite mod_ssl input filtering to work with the new input filtering
system. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) prefork: Don't segfault when we are able to listen on some but
not all of the configured ports. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Build mod_so even if no core modules are built shared.
[Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Introduce ap_directory_walk rewrite (with further optimizations
required) to adapt to the ap_process_request_internal() changes.
Optimized so subrequests and redirects now reuse previous section
merges, until we mismatch with the original directory_walk, and
precomputed r->finfo results will cause directory_walk to skip
the most expensive phases of the function. [William Rowe]
*) Allow ApacheMonitor to connect to and control Apache on other
WinNT/2K machines. [Mladen Turk <>]
*) Remove the Port directive. In it's place, the Listen directive
is now a required directive, which tells Apache what port to
listen on. The ServerName directive has also been extended
to accept an optional port. If the port is specified to the
ServerName, the server will report that port whenever it
reports the port that it is listening on. This change was
made to ease configuration errors that stem from having a Port
directive, and a Listen directive. In that situation, the server
would only listen to the port specified by the Listen command,
which caused a lot of confusion to users. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Added mod_mime_magic, mod_unique_id and mod_vhost_alias to the Win32
build, as loadable modules. [William Rowe]
*) Fix --enable-mods-shared processing. If most is specified,
then all modules that can be compiled as shared modules are.
[Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Update the mime.types file to map video/vnd.mpegurl to mxu
and add commonly used audio/x-mpegurl for m3u extensions.
[Heiko Recktenwald <>, Lars Eilebrecht]
*) Eliminate the depreciated r->content_language, in favor of the array
r->content_languages introduced many years ago. Module authors must
substantially overhaul their modules, so this needs to be upgraded
if the module still relied on backwards-brokeness. [William Rowe]
*) Allow configure help strings to work with autoconf 2.50+ and 2.13.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Rewrite the input filtering mechanisms to consolidate and reorganize
code. In short, core_input_filter does something now and
ap_http_filter is now only concerned with HTTP. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Update the Win32 build to re-absorb mod_proxy and family.
[William Rowe]
*) Resolved the build failure on Win32 using MSVC 5.0 (without the
current SDK.) [William Rowe]
*) Some style changes to the code that does ProxyErrorOverride. Fixed
config merge behaviour. [Graham Leggett]
*) Allow support programs to be compiled against a static version
of libapr. This allows the smaller support programs to be
relocated. [Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Update the mime.types file to the registered media types as
of 2001-09-25, and add mapping for xsl extension [Mark Cox]
*) Fix MaxClients in the Worker MPM, so that it specifies the maximum
number of clients that can connect at the same time, instead of
specifying the maximum number of child processes.
[Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Switch proc_pthread AcceptMutex configuration directive to pthread to
be consistent with 1.3. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Cache apr_explode_localtime() value for 15 seconds.
[Brian Pane <>]
*) Fix mod_include to not return ETag or Last-Modified headers.
[Ian Holsman <>]
*) Fix worker MPM's scoreboard logic. [Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Eliminate the wasteful run-time conversion of method names from strings
to numbers in places where the methods are known at compile time.
[Brian Pane <>]
*) Turn the worker MPM's queue into a LIFO. This may
improve cache-hit performance under some conditions.
[Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Switch back to SIGUSR1 for graceful restarts on all platforms that
support it. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Cleanup the worker MPM. We no longer re-use transaction
pools. This incurs less overhead than shuffling the pools
around so that they can be re-used. Remove one of the
queue's condition variables. We just redefined the API to
state that you can't try to add more stuff than you allocated
segments for. [Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Fix SSL VPATH builds [Cody Sherr <>]
*) Fixed persistent connections when a request contains a body.
[Greg Stein]
*) mod_dav uses a new API to speak to the backend provider for dead
property management. [Greg Stein]
*) Remove the Win32 script-processing exception from mod_cgi, and
roll build_command_line/build_argv_list into a unified, overrideable
ap_cgi_build_command optional function. [William Rowe]
*) Rewrite find_start_sequence to use a better search algorithm
to find the start tag. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Fix a seg fault in mod_include. When we are generating an
internal redirect, we must set r->uri to "", not a bogus
string, and not NULL. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Optimized location_walk, so subrequests, redirects and second passes
now reuse previous section merges on a <Location > by <Location >
basis, until we mismatch with the original location_walk.
[William Rowe]
*) Back out the 1.45 change to util_script.c. This change made
us set the environment variable REQUEST_URI to the redirected
URI, instead of the originally requested URI.
[Taketo Kabe <>]
*) Make mod_include do lazy evaluation of potentially expensive to
compute variables. [Brian Pane <>]
*) Fix logging of bytes sent for HEAD requests. %b and %B should
log either - or 0, before this patch, they were both logging
the file size. [Taketo Kabe <>]
*) Make mod_include check for BYTE_CHECK_THRESHOLD per bucket rather
than per character. [Brian Pane <>]
*) Normalize the primary request, redirects and sub-requests to
run the same ap_process_request_internal for consistency in
robustness, behavior and security. [William Rowe]
*) Fix a segfault with mod_include when r->path_info is not set
(which is the case with mod_proxy). [Ian Holsman <>]
*) Add -X functionality back. This indicates to all MPMs and any other
part of Apache that it should run in "debug" mode. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Some initial support for the cygwin platform [prefork only].
This is not to be confused with support for the WinNT/Win32
platform, which is the recommended configuration for native
Win32 users. The cygwin platform support is recommended for
cygwin platform users. [Stipe Tolj <>]
*) Changed syntax of Set{Input|Output}Filter. The list of filters
must be semicolon delimited (if more than one filter is given.)
The Set{Input|Output}Filter directive now overrides a parent
container's directive (e.g. SetInputFilter in <Directory /web/foo>
will override any SetInputFilter directive in <Directory /web>.)
This new syntax is more consistent with Add{Input|Output}Filter
directives defined in mod_mime. Also cures a bug in prior releases
where the Set{Input|Output}Filter directive would corrupt the
global configuration if the multiple directives were nested.
[William Rowe]
*) Cured what's ailed mime for quite some time. If an AddSomething
was given in the configuration (Language, Charset, Handler or
Encoding) Apache would set the content type as given by AddType,
but refused to check the mime.types file if AddType wasn't given
for that specific extension. Setting the AddHandler for .html
without setting the AddType text/html html would cause Apache to
use the default content type. [William Rowe]
*) Added some bulletproofing to memory allocation in the LDAP cache
code. [Graham Leggett]
Changes with Apache 2.0.25
*) Move the installed /manual directory out of the /htdocs/ tree, so
that it can be kept more independently from the remaining document
root. The "Alias /manual ..." already allowed for easy projection
into existing private document trees. [Martin Kraemer]
*) Add specified user attributes to the environment when using
mod_auth_ldap. This allows you to use mod_include to embed specified
user attributes in a page like so:
Hello <!--#echo var="AUTHENTICATE_CN"-->, how are you?
[Graham Leggett]
*) Fix a performance problem with the worker MPM. We now create
transaction pools once, and re-use them for each connection.
[Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Modfied mod_mime to prevent mod_negotation from serving a multiview
of a 'handler' or 'filter', so that any filename extension that does
not contribute to the negotiated metadata can't be served without
an explicit request. E.g., if the .Z extension is associated with
an unzip filter, the user request somefile.Z.html, mod_negotiation
won't serve it. It can serve somefile.Z.html when somefile.Z is
requested, since the .Z extension is explictly requested, if the
.html extension is associated with ContentType text/html.
[William Rowe]
*) Introduce the AddInputFilter filter[;filter...] ext [ext...]
and corresponding AddOutputFilter syntax, to insert one or more
filters by mod_mime filename extension processing.
[William Rowe]
*) Fix a growing connection pool in core_output_filter() for
keepalive requests. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Moved split_and_pass_pretag_buckets back to being a
macro at Ryans's request. Removed the return from it
by setting and returning a return code instead. Updated
the code to check the return code from the macro and
do the right thing. [Paul J. Reder]
*) Fix a segfault when a numeric value was received for Host:.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add a function ap_remove_input_filter. This is to match
up with ap_remove_output_filter. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Clean up location_walk, so that this step performs a minimum
amount of redundant effort (it must be run twice, but it will no
longer reparse all <Location > blocks when the request uri
hadn't changed.) [William Rowe]
*) Eliminate proxy: (and all other 'special') processing from the
ap_directory_walk() phase. Modules that want to use special
walk logic should refer to the mod_proxy map_to_location example,
with it's proxy_walk and proxysection implementation. This makes
either directory_walk flavor much more legible, since that phase
only runs against real <Directory > blocks.
[William Rowe]
*) SECURITY: Fix a security problem in mod_include which would allow
an SSI document to be passed to the client unparsed.
[Cliff Woolley, Brian Pane]
*) Introduce the map_to_storage hook, which allows modules to bypass
the directory_walk and file_walk for non-file requests. TRACE
shortcut moved to http_protocol.c as APR_HOOK_MIDDLE, and the
directory_walk/file_walk happen as APR_HOOK_VERY_LAST in core.c.
[William Rowe]
*) Add the ability for mod_include to add the INCLUDES filter
if the file is configured for the server-parsed handler.
This makes the configuration for .shtml files much easier
to understand, and allows mod_include to honor Apache 1.3
config files. Based on Doug MacEachern's patch to PHP
to do the same thing. [Ryan Bloom]
*) force OpenSSL to ignore process local-caching and to always
get/set/delete sessions using mod_ssl's callbacks
[Madhusudan Mathihalli <>,
Geoff Thorpe <>]
*) Make the worker MPM shutdown and restart cleanly. This also
cleans up some race conditions, and gets the worker using
pools more cleanly. [Aaron Bannert <>]
*) Implement CRYPTO_set_locking_callback() in terms of apr_lock
for mod_ssl
[Madhusudan Mathihalli <>]
*) Fix for mod_include. Ryan's patch to check error
codes put a return in the wrong place. Also, the
include handler return code wasn't being checked.
I don't like macros with returns, so I converted
[Paul J. Reder <>]
*) fix segv in mod_mime if no AddTypes are configured
[John Sterling <>]
*) Enable ssl client authentication at SSL_accept time
[Madhusudan Mathihalli <>]
*) Fix a segfault in mod_include when the original request has no
associated filename (e.g., we're filtering the error document for
a bad URI). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a storage leak (a strdup() call) in mod_mime_magic. [Jeff Trawick]
*) The prefork and OS/2 MPMs are overwriting the pid file when a second copy
of httpd is started and shuts down due to socket conflict. Moving the
call to ap_log_pid solves the problem.
*) Changed the late-1.3 log_config substitution %c to %X, to log the
status of the closed connection, as it conflicts with the far more
common, historical ssl logging directive %...{var}c. [William Rowe]
*) Added the common error/ tree to the build/install targets
(similar to the common icons/ tree) for the multi-language error
messages that Lars committed earlier. [William Rowe]
*) Added a multi process, multi threaded OS/2 MPM mpmt_os2. [Brian Havard]
*) Added a default commented-out mod_ldap and mod_auth_ldap
configuration to httpd-std.conf and httpd-win.conf
[Graham Leggett]
*) Added documentation for mod_ldap and mod_auth_ldap.
[Graham Leggett]
*) Enabled negative caching on attribute comparisons in the LDAP cache.
Fixed a problem where the default cache TTL was set in milliseconds
not microseconds causing the cache to time out almost immediately.
[Graham Leggett]
*) Fixed all the #if APR_HAS_SHARED_MEMORY checks within the LDAP
module code to follow APR. [Graham Leggett]
*) Fixed LDAP cleanup on graceful restarts. LDAP connections are now
cleaned up when the connection pool pool is cleaned up.
[Graham Leggett]
*) Fix a minor issue with Jeff Trawick's mod_include
patch. Without this patch, the code will just allocate
more bytes in get_combined_directive than are needed.
[Paul Reder]
*) Added the LDAP authentication module mod_auth_ldap.
[Dave Carrigan <>, Graham Leggett]
*) Added the LDAP cache and connection pooling module mod_ldap.
[Dave Carrigan <>, Graham Leggett]
*) Fix --enable-modules=all breakage with mod_auth_db and mod_auth_digest
by allowing a module to disable itself if its prerequisites are not
met. [Justin Erenkrantz]
Changes with Apache 2.0.24
*) Fix a couple of issues in mod_include when the tag appeared at
offsets near 8192 in the file being parsed. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix an assertion failure in mod_ssl when the keepalive timeout is
reached. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Numerous improvements to the Win32 build system. Introduced command line
builds without requiring .mak files for MSVC 6.0 and later versions.
Improved .dsp file compatibility for both Visual Studio 5.0 and 6.0 users.
[William Rowe]
*) Assorted corrections and improvements to the winnt_mpm startup code. Better
reporting of uninstalled services and other error conditions, and changed the
default service name to Apache2. [William Rowe]
*) Numerous improvements to the Win32 ApacheMonitor utility, including winnt_mpm
compatibility with existing Apache 1.3 Win32 Apache management utilites.
[Mladen Turk <>, William Rowe]
*) Fixed the segfaults in mod_mime introduced by hash tables in 2.0.20.
[William Rowe, Greg Ames]
*) Rounded out the mod_mime Add/Remove pairs by adding RemoveLanguage
and RemoveCharset directives. [William Rowe]
*) The Unix MPMs other than perchild now allow child server
processes to use the accept mutex when starting as root and
using SysV sems for the accept mutex. Previously, this
combination would lead to fatal errors in the child server
processes. perchild can't use SysV sems because of security
issues. [Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames]
*) Added Win32 revision stamp resources to all http binaries
(including modules/ and support/ tools.) PR7322 [William Rowe]
*) Fix ap_rvprintf to support more than 4K of data at one time.
[Cody Sherr <>]
*) We have always used the obsolete/deprecated Netscape syntax
for our tracking cookies; now the CookieStyle directive
allows the Webmaster to choose the Netscape, RFC2109, or
RFC2965 format. The new CookieDomain directive allows the
setting of the cookie's Domain= attribute, too. PR #s 5006,
5023, 5920, 6140 [Ken Coar]
*) Tweak server/Makefile so that the rules for generating exports.c
are compatible with make utilities which don't expand wildcards
in a dependency list (e.g., OS/390 make, certain levels of GNU
make). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Install the SSL headers. [John Sterling <>]
*) Begin to sanitize the MPM configuration directives. Now, all
MPMs use the same functions for all common MPM directives. This
should make it easier to catch all bugs in these directives once.
[Cody Sherr <>]
*) Close a major resource leak. Every time we had issued a
graceful restart, we leaked a socket descriptor.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a problem with the new method code. We need to cast
the 1 to an apr_int64_t or it will be treated as a 32-bit
integer, and it will wrap after being shifted 32 times.
[Cody Sherr <> and Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Fix a bug in mod_expires. Previous to this patch, if you
told mod_expires to add 604800 seconds to the last-modified
time, it actually added 604800 usec's to the last-modified time,
so that when looking at the response it looked like nothing
had been done. The root of the problem was that we always compute
time in usec's, but we ask users to input sec's. This means we
need to convert to usec's before using those values.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) The worker MPM now handles shutdown and restart requests. It
definitely isn't perfect, but we do stop the servers correctly.
The biggest problem right now is that SIGHUP causes the server to
just die. [Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.23
*) Use the prefork MPM by default on Unix. [various]
*) Added a systray icon monitor application for Win32.
[Mladen Turk <>]
*) mod_rewrite: Fix the line ending on some non-Unix systems for
messages written to the rewrite log.
[Richard Labennett <>]
*) All mod_autoindex query parsing is now quietly quashed with the
IndexOption IgnoreClient. The IndexOption SuppressColumnSorting
still drops the column sort <a href>'s for the column headers, but
IgnoreClient is required to ignore these Query options entirely.
[William Rowe]
*) Introduced new mod_autoindex query argument parsing for F=[0|1|2]
to allow the client to select plain, FancyIndexing or HTMLTable
formatting, V=[0|1] to inhibit or enable version sorting, and
P=pattern to return only specific files. The old Query Arguments
were reorganized as C=f for sorting column 'f' (same N, D, S, or M
as before), and O=A|D for ordering ascending or descending.
[William Rowe]
*) Fixed an error in mod_include's directive parsing routines which
caused #if, #elif, and #else expressions containing backslashes
to be improperly evaluated. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Introduced new mod_autoindex IndexOptions flags: SuppressIcon to
drop the icon column, SuppressRules to drop the <hr> elements,
and HTMLTable to create rudimentary HTML table listings (implies
FancyIndexing). [William Rowe]
*) Re-introduced the mod_autoindex IndexOptions flag TrackModified
from Apache 1.3.15. This is needed for two reasons, first, given
multiple machines within a server farm, ETags and Last-Modified
stamps won't correspond from machine to machine, and second, many
Unixes don't capture changes to the date or time stamp of existing
files, since these don't modify the dirent itself. [William Rowe]
*) Re-introduced the mod_autoindex IndexOptions flag FoldersFirst
and DirectoryWidth options from Apache 1.3.10.
[William Rowe, Ken Coar]
*) Eliminated FancyIndexing directive, deprecated early in Apache
1.3 by the IndexOptions FancyIndexing syntax. [William Rowe]
*) mod_autoindex now excludes any file names that would result in
an error, other than a success or redirect. Also optimized
the parent directory, always included except in the URI '/'.
[William Rowe]
*) Refactored mod_negotiation and mod_mime to help mod_dir accept
negotiated index pages, and prevent the server from defaulting
to an autoindex of the directory. mod_negotiation will now die
with a 500 Internal Error if it could match some filenames
(e.g. for mod_dir) but none can be served. mod_negotation now
refuses to serve any file with an extention that mod_mime doesn't
recognize, and wasn't part of the request. [William Rowe]
*) Eliminate mod_cgi's handling of .exe files without the .exe file
extension. This is already handled by multiviews, if the admin
wishes to AddHandler .exe or define a content type handler and
associate .exe files with that content type. Multiviews must be
enabled to allow these to be served. [William Rowe]
*) Speed up the server's response to a spike in incoming workload
or restarts by assigning empty scoreboard slots to new processes
when they are available. [Greg Ames]
*) Add a handler to mod_includes.c. This handler is designed to
implement the XbitHack directive. This can't be done with a
fixup, because we need to check the content-type, which is
only available in the handler phase. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the includes filter check return codes from filters lower in
the filter chain. If a lower level filter returns an error, then
the request needs to stop immediately. This allows mod_include to
stop parsing data once a lower filter recognizes an error.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add the ability to extend the methods that Apache understands
and have those methods <limit>able in the httpd.conf. It uses
the same bit mask/shifted offset as the original HTTP methods
such as M_GET or M_POST, but expands the total bits from an int to
an ap_int64_t to handle more bits for new request methods than
an int provides. [Cody Sherr <>]
*) Fix broken mod_mime behavior in merging its arguments. Possible
cause of unexplicable crashes introduced in 2.0.20. [William Rowe]
*) Solve many mod_ssl porting issues (too many to detail) with
help from the whole team, but most notably [Ralf S. Engelschall,
Madhusudan Mathihalli <>,
Doug MacEachern, William Rowe, Cliff Woolley]
*) More stall fixes for the threaded & worker mpm's.
Make mod_status output more accurate. Don't
count workers in processes which aren't actively
serving requests. [Greg Ames]
*) Win32: Get SSI exec cgi tag working. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Add a single listener/multiple worker MPM. This MPM is
definately not fully correct, but it allows us to solve many
of the problems that exist in the threaded MPM. This is a
modified version of the threaded MPM. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Improve content generation throughout Apache, providing closer
compliance with HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01 Transitional and XHTML 1.0
Transitional specifications. [William Rowe]
Changes with Apache 2.0.22
*) Fix a problem where the threaded MPM stalls after restarts or
segfaults. Also prevent multiple active processes from using
the same scoreboard slot. [Greg Ames]
*) Apache/Win32 now fills in the service description with Apache's
server version string, including loaded and advertised modules.
[William Rowe]
*) Improved support for the Win32 build, to recover gracefully from
missing apr or apr-util directories or the awk interpreter,
create the proper cgi-bin examples, including a test-cgi.bat, and
fix the perl shebang line for, when installing from
the build environment. [William Rowe]
*) Fix a segfault in threaded.c caused by passing uninitialized
apr_thread_t * to apr_thread_join(). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Use new APR number conversion functions to reduce CPU consumption
when setting the content length, and in mod_log_config.
[Brian Pane]
*) Fix problem reported by Taketo Kabe <>
where HEAD response headers were being repeated twice for
files greater than 32K bytes (4*AP_MIN_BYTES_TO_WRITE). This
problem in the http_header filter was exposed by the recent rewrite
of the content_length filter. [Taketo Kabe, Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix seg faults in mod_status with ExtendedStatus enabled, after
restarts. A garbage pointer to a vhost's server_rec from the
previous generation was being left around under certain
conditions. [Greg Ames]
*) Fix a cosmetic problem with mod_include. Non-existant SSI vars
used to appear as '(none', without the closing paren.
[Günter Knauf <>]
*) Improve the exports generating awk script. In the past, we had
work around problems in the awk script by avoiding some #if and
#ifdefs. This has bitten us many times in generating the exports.c
file. This improvement allows corrects the header file parsing.
[Sander Striker <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.21
*) Resolve the Win32 htpasswd bug, where a file that existed would be
overwritten, regardless of the -c flag.
[William Rowe, Mladen Turk <>]
*) Introduce connection sub-pools into ab. Truncating the lifetime
of these allocations means that ab no longer perpetually grows
its working set, running out of memory on large request attempts.
[William Rowe]
*) Make scoreboard creation a hook. This allows management
modules to have access to the scoreboard at the time that it is
created, and at every restart request.
[Cody Sherr <>]
*) Changed AP_MPMQ_MAX_DAEMONS to refer to MaxClients and
added an AP_MPMQ_MAX_DAEMON_USED to refer to the highest
daemon index actually used in the scoreboard. I also
updated the pertinent calls. [Paul J. Reder]
*) Win32: Prevent listening sockets from being inherited by
the Apache child process, CGI scripts, rotatelog process
etc. If the Apache child process segfaults, any processes
that the child started are not reaped. Prior to this fix,
these processes inherited the listening sockets which sometimes
prevented the restarted Apache child process from accepting
connections (ie, the server would hang).
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Provide vhost and request strings when ExtendedStatus is on.
[Greg Ames]
*) Fix some issues with the pod and prefork: check the pod *after*
processing a connection so that a server processing a time-
consuming request bails out as soon as practical; when the
parent process wakes up a server process via connect(), use an
APR timeout on the connect() so that we don't hang for a long
time if there aren't server processes around to do accept().
[Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames]
*) Performance improvement to mod_mime.c. find_ct() in mod_mime,
spends a lot of time in apr_table_get calls. Using the default
httpd.conf, the tables for languages and charsets are somewhat
large, so the time spent scanning them on each request is
significant. Replacing the tables with hash tables provides
a nice speedup. [Brian Pane <>]
*) Add two functions to allow modules to access random parts of the
scoreboard. This allows modules compiled for one MPM to access the
scoreboard, even if it the server was compiled for another MPM.
[Harrie Hazewinkel <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.20
*) Fix problem in content-length filter where the filter would
buffer all the output from a CGI before sending any bytes
down the filter stack to the network. This problem would cause
significant memory consumption if the CGIs generated
lots of bytes. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Get non-blocking CGI pipe reads working with the bucket brigades.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix seg fault on Windows when serving files cached with mod_file_cache.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix a bug in the threaded MPM that would cause it to kill off all
workers immediately after starting if the number of workers started
was above a certain threshold. [Ryan Bloom, Bill Stoddard]
Changes with Apache 2.0.19
*) Fix problem with threaded MPM. The problem was that if each child
process was busy serving a single long-lived request and the server
was sent a graceful restart signal, the server would stop serving
requests. This would happen because each child process would wait to
die until the last thread was done, and the parent wouldn't spawn any
new children until a process died. Now, the parent looks at the fact
that the children are dying gracefully, and starts new children.
Those new children only start enough threads to compliment the number
of threads in the other child process that shares the same spot in
the scoreboard. In this way, we make sure to never go over
MaxClients. [Ryan Bloom]
*) modified mod_negotiation and mod_autoindex to speed up by almost a
factor of two on apr_dir_read()-enhanced platforms, such as Win32
and OS2, by calling ap_sub_request_lookup_dirent() with the results
already provided by apr_dir_read(). [William Rowe]
*) mod_file_cache is now more robust to filtering and serves requests
slightly more efficiently. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Fix problem handling FLUSH bucket in the chunked encoding filter.
Module was calling ap_rwrite() followed by ap_rflush() but the
served content was not being displayed in the browser. Inspection
of the output stream revealed that the first data chunk was
missing the trailing CRLF required by the RFC. [Bill Stoddard]
*) apxs no longer generates ap_send_http_header() in the example handler
*) Fix an ab problem which could cause a divide-by-zero exception
with certain invocations (e.g., ab -k -c 6 -n 100 localhost/).
[Ian Holsman <>]
*) Solve case-insensitive platforms' confusion about negotiated
filenames, allowing files of differnt case to match in choosing
the document to serve. [William Rowe]
*) Fix brokenness when ThreadsPerChild is higher than the built-in
limit. We left ap_threads_per_child at the higher value which
led to segfaults when doing certain scoreboard operations.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix seg faults and/or missing output from mod_include. The
default_handler was using the subrequest pool for files and
MMAPs, even though the associated APR structures typically
live longer than the subrequest. [Greg Ames]
*) Extend mod_setenvif to support specifying regular expressions
on the SetEnvIf (and SetEnvIfNoCase) directive attribute field.
Example: SetEnvIf ^TS* [a-z].* HAVE_TS
will cause HAVE_TS to be set if any of the request headers begins
with "TS" and has a value that begins with any character in the
set [a-z]. [Bill Stoddard]
*) httpd children now re-bind themselves to a random CPU on
multiprocessor systems on AIX via bindprocessor() in 2.0.
[Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Fix htdigest. It would go into a loop in getline when adding
a second user. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32 platforms now fully support mod_userdir options. [Will Rowe]
*) Automatically generate httpd.exp for AIX.
DSOs now work again on AIX in 2.0
[Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Add a new request hook, error_log. This phase allows modules
to act on the error log string _after_ it has been written
to the error log. The goal for this hook is to allow monitoring
modules to send the error string to the monitoring agent.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Modify mod_echo to make it use filters for input and output.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Extend mod_headers to support conditional driven Header
add, append and set. Use SetEnvIf to set an envar and conditionally
add/append/set headers based on this envar thusly:
SetEnvIf TSMyHeader value HAVE_TSMyHeader
Header add MyHeader "%t %D" env=HAVE_TSMyHeader
If the request contains header "TSMyHeader: value" then header
MyHeader: "t=xxxxxxxxxx D=yyyy" will be sent on the response.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Extend mod_headers to support using format specifiers on Header
add, append and set header values. Two format specifiers are supported:
%t - reports, in UTC microseconds since the epoch, when the
request was received.
%D - reports the time, in microseconds, between when the request was
received and the response sent.
Header add MyHeader "This request served in %D microseconds. %t"
results in a header being added to the response that looks like this:
MyHeader: This request served in D=5438 microseconds. t=991424704447256
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix reset_filter(). We need to be careful how we remove filters.
If we set r->output_filters to NULL, we also have to reset the
connection's filters. [John Sterling]
*) Optimise reset_filter() in http_protocol.c. [Greg Stein]
*) Add a check to ap_die() to make sure the filter stack is sane and
contains the correct basic filters when an error occurs. This fixes
a problem where headers are not being sent on error. [John Sterling]
*) New Header directive 'echo' option. "Header echo regex" will
cause any headers received on the request that match regex to be
echoed to (included in) the response headers.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) include/ap_compat.h tested and set APR_COMPAT_H instead of AP_COMPAT_H.
This prevented the inclusion of apr_compat.h. PR #7773
[Oleg Broytmann <>]
*) Moved util_uri to the apr-util library. This required a bunch of
apr_name changes for the uri utility functions. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Move the addition of default AP_HTTP_HTTP_HEADER filters to the
insert_filter phase so that other filters are not bypassed by default.
[Graham Leggett]
*) Reimplement mod_headers as an output filter. mod_headers can now
add custom headers to inbound requests using the RequestHeader directive
and to responses using the same old Header directive. [Graham Leggett]
Changes with Apache 2.0.18
*) Fix command-line processing so that if a bad argument is specified
Apache will exit. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Change the make targets and rules to be consistent in all of the
Apache-owned source trees. [Roy Fielding]
*) Fix processing of the TRACE method. Previously we passed bogus
parms to form_header_field() and it overlaid some vhost structures,
resulting in a segfault in check_hostalias().
[Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Win32: Add support for reliable piped logs. If the logging process
goes down, Apache will automatically restart it. This function has
been part of Apache on Unix/Linux/BSD since the early v1.3 releases.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Do not start piped log processes during the config file
preflight. This change also circumvents a problem on
Windows where the rotatelog processes created during preflight
was not getting cleaned up properly.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) add "Request Phase Participation" info to mod_info
[Doug MacEachern]
*) Make first phase changes to the scoreboard data structures in
preparation for the rewriting of the scoreboard per my posted
design notes. [Paul J. Reder]
*) Fix httpd's definition of LTFLAGS to be consistent with that of apr
and apr-util, allow it to be overridden by the configure command-line
(default="--silent") and introduce LT_LDFLAGS to replace what we were
formerly abusing as LTFLAGS. [Roy Fielding]
*) Clean up the reporting of incorrect closing container tags.
[Barrie Slaymaker <>]
*) Simplify the configure process by moving all libtool stuff to APR
and moving hints.m4 inline. [Roy Fielding]
*) Add the AP_DECLARE()/AP_CORE_DECLARE macros on the return types
of functions used by mod_proxy for export in the DLL
[Ian Holsman <>]
*) Prevent a hang when a cgi handled by mod_cgid tries to read a
request body from its stdin but no reqest body is being written to
the cgi. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_log_config: %c connection status incorrectly logged
as "-" (non-keepalive) when MaxKeepAliveRequests is set to 0.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Get mod_cern_meta working under Windows
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Create Files, and thus MMAPs, out of the request pool, not the
connection pool. This solves a small resource leak that had us
not closing files until a connection was closed. In order to do
this, at the end of the core_output_filter, we loop through the
brigade and convert any data we have into a single HEAP bucket
that we know will survive clearing the request_rec.
[Ryan Bloom, Justin Erenkrantz <>,
Cliff Woolley]
*) Completely revamp configure so that it preserves the standard make
the configure additions to EXTRA_* variables. Also, allow the user
to specify NOTEST_* values for all of the above, which eliminates the
need for THREAD_CPPFLAGS, THREAD_CFLAGS, and OPTIM. Fix the setting
of INCLUDES and EXTRA_INCLUDES. Check flags as they are added to
avoid pointless duplications. Fix the order in which flags are given
on the compile and link lines. Remove obsolete macros APR_DOEXTRA,
Renamed AC_TYPE_RLIM_T macro to APACHE_TYPE_RLIM_T. [Roy Fielding]
*) Get mod_tls to compile/work better on Windows. PR #7612
[Bernhard Schrenk <>]
*) Fix shutdown/restart hangs in the threaded MPM.
[Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames, Ryan Bloom]
*) Removed the keptalive boolean from conn_rec because it is now only
used by a single routine and can be replaced by a local variable.
[Greg Stein, Ryan Bloom, Roy Fielding]
*) Patch prefork to put enough of the signal processing back in so that
signals are all handled properly now. The previous patch fixed the
deadlock race condition, but broke the user directed signal handling.
This fixes it to work the way it did before my previous prefork patch
(primarily, SIGTERM is now working).
*) Change how input filters decide how much data is returned to the
higher filter. We used to use a field in the conn_rec, with this
change, we use an argument to ap_get_brigade to determine how much
data is retrieved. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix seg fault at start-up introduced by Ryan's change to enable
modules to specify their own logging tags. mod_log_config
registers an optional function, ap_register_log_handler().
ap_register_log_handler() was being called by http_core before
the directive hash table was created. This patch creates the
directive hash table before ap_register_log_handler() is
registered as an optional function.
[jean-frederic clere <>]
*) Add ap_set_int_slot() function
[John K. Sterling <>]
*) Under certain circumstances, Apache did not supply the
right response headers when requiring authentication.
[Gertjan van Wingerde <>] PR#7114
(This is a port of the change that went into Apache 1.3.19.)
*) Allow modules to specify their own logging tags. This basically
allows a module to tell mod_log_config that when %x is encountered
a specific function should be called. Currently, x can be any single
character. It may be more useful to make this a string at some point.
[Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.17
*) If a higher-level filter handles the the byterange aspects of a
request, then the byterange filter should not try to redo the
work. The most common case of this happening, is a byterange
request going through the proxy, and the origin server handles
the byterange request. The proxy should ignore it.
[Graham Leggett <>]
*) Changed the threaded mpm to have child_main join to each of the
worker threads to make sure the kids are all gone before child_main
exits after a signal (cleanup from perform_idle_server_maintenance).
This is an extension of Ryans recent commit to make the child_main
the signal thread.
*) Add more options to the ap_mpm_query function. This also allows MPMs to
report if their threads are dynamic or static. Finally, this also
implements a new API, ap_show_mpm, which returns the MPM that was
required into the core. [Harrie Hazewinkel <>]
*) Do not install the binaries from the support directory twice.
[jun-ichiro hagino <>]
*) The ap_f* functions should flush data to the filter that is passed
in, not the the filter after the one passed in.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Make ab work again by changing its native types to apr types and formats.
[Justin Erenkrantz <>]
*) Move the byterange filter and all of the supporting functions back
to the HTTP module. The byterange filter turned out to be very
HTTP specific, and it belongs in the HTTP module. [Greg Stein]
*) Make clean, distclean, and extraclean consistently according to the
Gnu makefile guidelines. [Justin Erenkrantz <>]
*) Fix errors in the renaming of the apr_threadattr_detach_xxx functions.
This may have been causing problems stopping processes in the threaded
mpm's. [Greg Ames]
*) Fix content-length in mod_negotiation to a long int representation.
[William Rowe]
*) Remove BindAddress from the default config file.
*) Allow module authors to add a module to their Apache build using
--with-module, without re-running buildconf. The syntax is:
The configure script will copy the module.c file to
modules/module_type, and it will be added to the relevant Makefiles.
currently, this only works for static modules. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Changes required to make prefork clean up idle children properly.
There was a window during which a starting worker deadlocks when
an idle cleanup arrives before it completes init. Apache then keeps
trying to cleanup the same deadlocked worker forever (until higher
pids come along, but it still will never reduce below the deadlocked
pid). Thus the number of children would not reduce to the correct
idle level. [Paul J. Reder]
Changes with Apache 2.0.16
*) Change the default installation directory to /usr/local/apache2,
as now defined by the "Apache" layout in config.layout. [Marc Slemko]
*) OS/2: Added support for building loadable modules as OS/2 DLLs.
[Brian Havard]
*) Get MaxRequestsPerChild working with the Windows MPM.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Make generic hooks to work, with mod_generic_hook_import/export
experimental modules. [Ben Laurie, Will Rowe]
*) Fix segfaults for configuration file syntax errors such as
"<Directory>" followed by "</Directory" and
"<Directory>" followed by "</Directoryz>". [Jeff Trawick]
*) Cleanup the --enable-layout option of configure. This makes
us use a consistent location for the config.layout file, and it
makes configure more portable.
[jun-ichiro hagino <>]
*) Changes to 'ab'; fixed int overrun's, added statistics, output in
csv/gnuplot format, rudimentary ssl support and various other tweaks
to make results more true to what is measured. The upshot of this it
turns out that 'ab' has often underreported the true performance of
apache. Often by a order of magnitude :-) See talk/paper of Sander
Temme at April ApacheCon 2001 for details.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Clean up mod_cgid's temporary request pool. Besides fixing a
storage leak this ensures that some unnecessary pipes are closed.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Performance: Add quick_handler hook. This hook is called at the
very beginning of the request processing before location_walk,
translate_name, etc. This hook is useful for URI keyed content
caches like Mike Abbott's Quick Shortcut Cache.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) top_module global variable renamed to ap_top_module [Perl]
*) Move ap_set_last_modified to the core. This is a potentially
controversial change, because this is kind of HTTP specific. However
many protocols should be able to take advantage of this kind of
information. I expect that headers will need one more layer of
indirection for multi-protocol work, but this is a small step in
the right direction. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Enable mod_status by default. This matches what Apache 1.3 does.
[Ed Korthof]
*) Add a ScriptSock directive to the default config file. This is
only enabled when mod_cgid is used.
[Taketo Kabe <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.15
*) Untangled the buildconf script and eliminated the need for build's
aclocal.m4, generated_lists,,, and a host of other
libtool muck that is now under srclib/apr/build. [Roy Fielding]
*) Win32: Don't accept more connections than we have worker threads
to handle.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix bug in the Unix threaded.c MPM that allowed child processes
to fork() new child processes.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) SECURITY: Fix a major security problem with double-reverse lookup
checking. Previously, a client connecting over IPv4 would not be
matched properly when the server had an IPv6 listening socket.
PR #7407 [Taketo Kabe <>]
*) Change the way the beos MPM handles polling to allow it to stop and
restart. Problem was the sockets being polled were being reset by
the select call, so once it had accepted a connection it was no
longer listening on the UDP socket we use for shutdown instructions.
APR needs to be altered, patch on it's way. [David Reid]
*) Empty out the brigade shared by ap_getline()/ap_get_client_block()
on error exit from ap_getline(). Some other code got upset because
the wrong data was in the brigade. [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Handle ap_discard_request_body() being called more than once.
[Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Get rid of an inadvertent close of file descriptor 2 in
mod_mime_magic. [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Add a hook, create_request. This hook allows modules to modify
a request while it is being created. This hook is called for all
request_rec's, main request, sub request, and internal redirect.
When this hook is called, the the r->main, r->prev, r->next
pointers have been set, so modules can determine what kind of
request this is. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleanup the build process a bit more. The Apache configure
script no longer creates its own helper scripts, it just
uses APR's.
[jean-frederic clere <>]
*) Stop the forced downgrade of the connection to HTTP/1.0 for
proxy requests. [Graham Leggett]
*) Avoid using sscanf to determine the HTTP protocol number in
the common case because sscanf is a performance hog. From
Mike Abbot's Accelerating Apache patch number 6.
[Mike Abbot <>, Bill Stoddard]
*) SECURITY: Fix a security exposure in mod_access. Previously when
IPv6 listening sockets were used, allow/deny-from-IPv4-address rules
were not evaluated properly (PR #7407). Also, add the ability to
specify IPv6 address strings with optional prefix length on Allow
and Deny. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Enhance rotatelogs so that a UTC offset can be specified, and
the logfile name can be formatted using strftime(3). (Brought
forward from 1.3.) [Ken Coar]
*) Reimplement the Windows MPM (mpm_winnt.c) to eliminate calling
DuplicateHandle on an IOCompletionPort (a practice which
MS "discourages"). The new model does not rely on associating
the completion port with the listening sockets, thus the
completion port can be completely managed within the child
process. A dedicated thread accepts connections off the network,
then calls PostQueuedCompletionStatus() to wake up worker
threads blocked on the completion port.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Bring forward the --suexec-umask option which allows the
builder to preset the umask for suexec processes. [Ken Coar]
*) Add a -V flag to suexec, which causes it to display the
compile-time settings with which it was built. (Only
usable by root or the AP_HTTPD_USER username.) [Ken Coar]
*) Mod_include should always unset the content-length if the file is
going to be passed through send_parsed_content. There is no to
determine if the content will change before actually scanning the
entire content. It is far safer to just remove the C-L as long
as we are scanning it. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make sure Apache sends WWW-Authenticate during a reverse proxy
request and not Proxy-Authenticate.
[Graham Leggett <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.14
*) Fix content-length computation. We ONLY compute a content-length if
We are not in a 1.1 request and we cannot chunk, and this is a keepalive
or we already have all the data. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Report unbounded containers in the config file. Previously, a typo
in the </container> directive could result in the rest of the config
file being silently ignored, with undesired defaults used.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Make the old_write filter use the ap_f* functions for the buffering.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Move more code from the http module into the core server. This
is core code, basically the default handler, the default input
and output filters, and all of the core configuration directives.
All of this code is required in order for the server to work, with or
without HTTP. The server is closer to working without the HTTP
module, although there is still more to do. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a number of SGI compile warnings throughout the server. Fix some
bad parameters to apr_bucket_read(). Fix a bad statement in
ap_method_in_list(). For the mod_rewrite cache use apr_time_t
consistently; we were mixing apr_time_t and time_t in invalid ways
before. In load_file(), call apr_dso_error() instead of
apr_strerror() so that we get a more specific string on some platforms.
PR #6980 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow modules to query the MPM about it's execution profile. This
query API can and should be extended in the future, but for now,
max_daemons, and threading or forking is a very good start.
[Jon Travis <>]
*) Modify mod_include to send blocks of data no larger than 9k.
Without this, mod_include will wait until the whole file is parsed,
or the first tag is found to send any data to the client.
[Paul J. Reder <>]
*) Fix mod_info, so that <Directory> and <Location> directives are
not displayed twice when displaying the current configuration.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Add config directives to override DEFAULT_ERROR_MSG and
DEFAULT_TIME_FORMAT. This was sent in as PR 6193.
[Dan Rench <>]
*) Get mod_info building and loading on Win32. [William Rowe]
*) Begin to move protocol independant functions out of mod_http. The goal
is to have only functions that are HTTP specific in the http directory.
[Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.13
*) Don't assume that there will always be multiple calls to the byterange
filter. It is possible that we will need to do byteranges with only
one call to the filter. [Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Move the error_bucket definition from the http module to the
core server. Every protocol will need this ability, not just
HTTP. [Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.12
*) Modify mod_file_cache to save pre-formatted strings for
content-length and last-modified headers for performance.
[Mike Abbot <>]
*) Namespace protect IOBUFSIZ since it is exposed in the API.
[Jon Travis <>]
*) Use "Basic" authentication instead of "basic" in ab, as the spec
says we should. [Andre Breiler <>]
*) Fix a seg fault in mod_userdir.c. We used to use the pw structure
without ever filling it out. This fixes PR 7271.
[Taketo Kabe <> and
Cliff Woolley <>]
*) Add a couple of GCC attribute tags to printf style functions.
[Jon Travis <>]
*) Add the correct language tag for interoperation with the Taiwanese
versions of MSIE and Netscape. [Clive Lin <clive@CirX.ORG>] PR#7142
*) Migrate the perchild MPM to use the new apr signal child, and
APR thread functions. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Close one copy of the CGI's stdout before creating the new process.
The CGI will still have stdout, because we have already dup'ed it.
This keeps Apache from waiting forever to send the results of a CGI
process that has forked a long-lived child process.
[Taketo Kabe <>]
*) Remove the rest of the pthreads functions from the threaded MPM.
This requires the APR support for a signal thread that was just
added. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make mod_dir use a fixup for sending a redirect to the browser.
Before this, we were using a handler, which doesn't make much
sense, because the handler wasn't generating any data, it would
either return a redirect error code, or DECLINED. This fits the
current hooks better. [Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Make the threaded MPM use APR threads instead of pthreads.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get mod_tls to the point where it actually appears to work in all cases.
[Ben Laurie]
*) implement --enable-modules and --enable-mods-shared for "all" and
"most". [Greg Stein]
*) Move the threaded MPM to use APR locks instead of pthread locks.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Rename mpmt_pthread to threaded. This is more in line with the
fact that mpmt_pthread shouldn't be using pthreads directly, and
it is a smaller name that doesn't tie into anything.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Rename the module structures so that the exported symbol matches
the file name, and it is easier to automate the installation
process (generating LoadModule directives from the module filenames).
[Martin Kraemer]
*) Remove the coalesce filter. With the ap_f* functions, this filter
is no longer needed. [Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.11
*) Remove the dexter MPM. Perchild is the same basic idea, but it has the
added feature of allowing a uid/gid per child process. If no
uid/gid is specified, then Perchild behaves exactly like dexter.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get perchild building again. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Don't disable threads just because we are using the prefork MPM.
If somebody wants to compile without threads, they must now add
--disable-threads to the configure command line. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Begin to move the calls to update_child_status into common code, so
that each individual MPM does not need to update the scoreboard itself.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow mod_tls to compile under Unix boxes where openssl has been
installed to the system include files.
[Gomez Henri <>]
*) Cleanup the mod_tls configure process. This should remove any need
to hand-edit any files. We require OpenSSL 0.9.6 or later, but
configure doesn't check that yet. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Add a very early prototype of SSL support (in mod_tls.c). It is
vital that you read modules/tls/README before attempting to build
it. [Ben Laurie]
*) Fix a potential seg fault on all platforms. David Reid fixed this
on BEOS, but the problem could happen anywhere, so we don't want
to #ifdef it. [Cliff Woolley <>]
*) Add new LogFormat directive, %D, to log time it takes to serve a
request in microseconds. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Change AddInputFilter and AddOutputFilter to SetInputFilter and
SetOutputFilter. This corresponds nicely with the other Set
directives, which operate on containers while the Add* directives
tend to work directly on extensions. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleanup the header handling a bit. This uses the apr_brigade_*
functions for the buffering so that we don't need to compute
the length of the headers before we actually create the header
buffer. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow filters to buffer data using the ap_f* functions. These have
become macros that resolve directly to apr_brigade_*.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the Unix MPM's to do a graceful restart again. If we are going
to register a cleanup with ap_cleanup_scoreboard, then we have to
kill the cleanup with the same function, and that function can't be
static. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Install all required header files. Without these, it was not
possible to compile some modules outside of the server.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix the AliasMatch directive in Apache 2.0. When we brought a patch
forward from 1.3 to 2.0, we missed a single line, which broke regex
aliases. [Ryan Bloom]
*) We have a poor abstraction in the protocol. This is a temporary
hack to fix the bug, but it will need to be fixed for real. If
we find an error while sending out a custom error response, we back
up to the first non-OK request and send the data. Then, when we send
the EOS from finalize_request_protocol, we go to the last request,
to ensure that we aren't sending an EOS to a request that has already
received one. Because the data is sent on a different request than
the EOS, the error text never gets sent down the filter stack. This
fixes the problem by finding the last request, and sending the data
with that request. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the server status page show the correct restart time, and
thus the proper uptime. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Move the CGI creation logic from mod_include to mod_cgi(d). This
should reduce the amount of duplicate code that is required to
create CGI processes.
[Paul J. Reder <>]
*) ap_new_connection() closes the socket and returns NULL if a socket
call fails. Usually this is due to a connection which has been
reset. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Move the Apache version information out of httpd.h and into release.h.
This is in preparation for the first tag with the new tag and release
system. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Begin restructuring scoreboard code to enable adding back in
the ability to use IPC other than shared memory.
Get mod_status working on Windows again. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Make mod_status work with 2.0. This will work for prefork,
mpmt_pthread, and dexter. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Correct a typo in httpd.conf.
[Kunihiro Tanaka <>] PR#7154
*) Really fix mod_rewrite map lookups this time. [Tony Finch]
*) Get the correct IP address if ServerName isn't set and we can't
find a fully-qualified domain name at startup.
PR#7170 [Danek Duvall <>]
*) Make mod_cgid work with SuExec. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Adopt apr user/group name features for mod_rewrite. Eliminates some
'extra' stat's for user/group since they should never occur, and now
resolves the SCRIPT_USER and SCRIPT_GROUP, including on WinNT NTFS
volumes. [William Rowe]
*) Adopt apr features to simplify mod_includes. This changes the
behavior of the USER_NAME variable, unknown uid's are now reported
as USER_NAME="<unknown>" rather than the old user#000 result.
WinNT now resolves USER_NAME on NTFS volumes. [William Rowe]
*) Adopt apr features for simplifing mod_userdir, and accept the new
Win32/OS2 exceptions without hiccuping. [William Rowe]
*) Replace configure --with-optim option by using and saving the
environment variable OPTIM instead. This is needed because configure
options do not support multiple flags separated by spaces.
[Roy Fielding]
*) Fix some byterange handling. If we get a byte range that looks like
"-999999" where that is past the end of the file, we should return
a PARTIAL CONTENT status code, and return the whole file as one big
byterange. This matches the 1.3 handling now. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the error bucket a real meta-data bucket. This means that the
bucket length is 0, and a read returns NULL data. If one of these
buckets is passed down after the headers are sent, this data will
just be ignored. [Greg Stein]
*) The prefork MPM wasn't killing child processes correctly if a restart
signal was received while the process was serving a request. The child
process would become the equivalent of a second parent process. If
we break out of the accept loop, then we need to do die after cleaning
up after ourselves. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Change the Prefork MPM to use SIGWINCH instead of SIGUSR1 for graceful
restarts. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Modify the apr_stat/lstat/getfileinfo calls within apache to use
the most optimal APR_FINFO_wanted bits. This spares Win32 from
performing very expensive owner, group and permission lookups
and allows the server to function until these apr_finfo_t fields
are implemented under Win32. [William Rowe]
*) Support for typedsafe optional functions - that is functions exported by
optional modules, which, therefore, may or may not be present, depending
on configuration. See the experimental modules mod_optional_fn_{ex,im}port
for sample code. [Ben Laurie]
*) filters can now report an HTTP error to the server. This is done
by sending a brigade where the first bucket is an error_bucket.
This bucket is a simple bucket that stores an HTTP error and
a string. Currently the string is not used, but it may be needed
to output an error log. The http_header_filter will find this
bucket, and output the error text, and then return
AP_FILTER_ERROR, which informs the server that the error web page
has already been sent. [Ryan Bloom]
*) If we get an error, then we should remove all filters except for
those critical to serving a web page. This fixes a bug, where
error pages were going through the byterange filter, even though
that made no sense. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Relax the syntax checking of Host: headers in order to support
iDNS. PR#6635 [Tony Finch]
*) Cleanup the byterange filter to use the apr_brigade_partition
and apr_bucket_copy functions. This removes a lot of very messy
code, and hopefully makes this filter more stable.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Remove AddModule and ClearModuleList directives. Both of these
directives were used to ensure that modules could be enabled
in the correct order. That requirement is now gone, because
we use hooks to ensure that modules are in the correct order.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) When SuExec is specified, we need to add it to the list of
targets to be built. If we don't, then any changes to the
configuration won't affect SuExec, unless 'make suexec' is
specifically run. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleaned out open_file from mod_file_cache, as apr now accepts
the APR_XTHREAD argument to open a file for consumption by
parallel threads on win32. [William Rowe]
*) Correct a bug in determining when we follow symlinks. The code
expected a stat -1 result, not an apr_status_t positive error.
Also check if the APR_FINFO_USER fields are valid before we
follow the link. [William Rowe]
*) Move initgroupgs, ap_uname2id and ap_gname2id from util.c to
mpm_common.c. These functions are only valid on some platforms,
so they should not be in the main-line code. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Remove ap_chdir_file(). This function is not thread-safe,
and nobody is currently using it. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Do not try to run make depend if there are no .c files in the
current directory, doing so makes `make depend` fail.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Update highperformance.conf to work with either prefork or
pthreads mpms. [Greg Ames]
*) Stop checking to see if this is a pipelined request if we know
for a fact that it isn't. Basically, if r->connection->keepalive == 0.
This keeps us from making an extra read call when serving a 1.0
request. [Ryan Bloom and Greg Stein]
*) Fix the handling of variable expansion look-ahead in mod_rewrite,
i.e. syntax like %{LA-U:REMOTE_USER}, and also fix the parsing of
more complicated nested RewriteMap lookups. PR#7087 [Tony Finch]
*) Fix the RFC number mentioned when complaining about a missing
Host: header. PR#7079 [Alexey Toptygin <>]
*) Fix an endless loop in ab which occurred when ab was posting
and the server dropped the connection unexpectedly.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a segfault while handling request bodies in ap_http_filter().
This problem has been seen with mod_dav usage as well as with
requests where the body was just being discarded. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Some adjustment on the handling and automatic setting (via
hints.m4) of various compilation flags (eg: CFLAGS). Also,
add the capability to specify flags (NOTEST_CFLAGS and
NOTEST_LDFLAGS) which are used to compile Apache, but
not used during the configuration process. Useful for
flags like "-Werror". [Jim Jagielski]
*) Stop using environment variables to force debug mode or
no detach. We now use the -D command line argument to
specify the correct mode. -DONE_PROCESS and -DNO_DETACH.
[Greg Stein, Ryan Bloom]
*) Change handlers to use hooks. [Ben Laurie]
*) Stop returning copies of filenames from both apr_file_t and
apr_dir_t. We pstrdup the filenames that we store in the
actual structures, so we don't need to pstrdup the strings again.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) mod_cgi: Fix some problems where the wrong error value was being
traced. [Jeff Trawick]
*) EBCDIC: Fix some missing ASCII conversion on some protocol data.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add generic hooks. [Ben Laurie]
*) Use a real pool to dup the error log descriptor. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a segfault caused by mod_ext_filter when the external filter
program does not exist. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix an output truncation error when on an HTTP >= 1.0 request an
object of size between DEFAULT_BUCKET_SIZE and AP_MIN_BYTES_TO_WRITE
was served through mod_charset_lite (or anything else that would
create a transient bucket in this size range). ap_bucket_make_heap()
silently failed (fixed), transient_setaside() discovered it, but
ap_save_brigade() ignored it (fixed). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Ignore \r\n or \n when using PEEK mode for input filters. The problem
is that some browsers send extra lines at the end of POST requests, and
we don't want to delay sending data back to the user just because the
browser isn't well behaved. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get SuEXEC working again. We can't send absolute paths to suExec
because it refuses to execute those programs. SuEXEC also wasn't
always recognizing configuration changes made using the autoconf
setup. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow the buildconf process to find the config.m4 files in the correct
order. Basically, we can now name config.m4 files as config\d\d.m4,
and we will sort them correctly when inserting them into the build
process. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get mod_cgid to use apr calls for creating the actual CGI process.
This also allows mod_cgid to use ap_os_create_priviledged_process,
thus allowing for SuExec execution from mod_cgid. Currently, we do
not support everything that standard SuExec supports, but at least
it works minimally now. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow SuExec to be configured from the ./configure command line.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Update some of the docs in README and INSTALL to reflect some of
the changes in Apache 2.0 [Cliff Woolley <>]
*) If we get EAGAIN returned from the call to apr_sendfile, then we
need to call sendfile again. This gets us serving large files
such as apache_2.0a9.tar.gz on FreeBSD again. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the support programs building cleanly again.
[Cliff Woolley <>]
*) The Apache/Win32 Apache.exe and dll's now live in bin. The
current directory logic now backs up over bin/ to determine the
server root from the Apache.exe path.
*) Apache/Win32 now follows the standard conventions of
loadable modules, dynamic libs are all named libfoo.dll, and the populates the include, lib and libexec directories.
*) Apache is now IPv6-capable. On systems where APR supports IPv6,
Apache gets IPv6 listening sockets by default. Additionally, the
Listen, NameVirtualHost, and <VirtualHost> directives support IPv6
numeric address strings (e.g., "Listen [fe80::1]:8080").
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Modify the install directory layout. Modules are now installed in
modules/. Shared libraries should be installed in libraries/, but
we don't have any of those on Unix yet. All install directories
are modifyable at configure time. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Install all header files in the same directory on Unix. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the functions in server/linked into the server, regardless of
which modules linked into the server. This uses the same hack
for Apache that we use for APR and apr-util to ensure all of the
necessary functions are linked. As a part of thise, the CHARSET_EBCDIC
was renamed to AP_CHARSET_EBCDIC for namespace protection, and to make
the scripts a bit easier.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Rework the RFC1413 handling to make it thread-safe, use a timeout
on the query, and remove IPv4 dependencies. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Get all of the auth modules to the point that they will install and
be loadable into the server. Our new build/install mechanism expects
that all modules will have a common name format. The auth modules
didn't use that format, so we didn't install them properly.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) API routines ap_pgethostbyname() and ap_pduphostent() are no longer
available. Use apr_getaddrinfo() instead. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Get "NameVirtualHost *" working in 2.0. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Return HTTP_RANGE_NOT_SATISFIABLE if the every range requested starts
after the end of the response. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get byterange requests working with responses that do not have a
content-length. Because of the way byterange requests work, we have to
have all of the data before we can actually do the byterange, so we
can compute the content-length in the byterange filter.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get exe CGI's working again on Windows.
[Allan Edwards]
*) Get mod_cgid and mod_rewrite to work as DSOs by changing the way
they keep track of whether or not their post config hook has been
called before. Instead of a static variable (which is replaced when
the DSO is loaded a second time), use userdata in the process pool.
[Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.0a9
*) Win32 now requires perl to complete the final install step for users
to build + install on Win32. now rewrites @@ServerRoot@
and installs the conf, htdocs and htdocs/manual directories.
[William Rowe]
*) Make mod_include use a hash table to associate directive tags with
functions. This allows modules to implement their own SSI tags easily.
The idea is simple enough, a module can insert it's own tag and function
combination into a hash table provided by mod_include. While mod_include
parses an SSI file, when it encounters a tag in the file, it does a
hash lookup to find the function that implements that tag, and passes
all of the relevant data to the function. That function is then
responsible for processing the tag and handing the remaining data back
to mod_include for further processing.
[Paul J. Reder <>]
*) Get rid of ap_new_apr_connection(). ap_new_connection() now has
fewer parameters: the local and remote socket addresses were removed
from the parameter list because all required information is available
via the APR socket. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Distribution directory structure reorganized to reflect a
normal source distribution with external install targets.
[Roy Fielding]
*) The MPMs that need multiple segments of shared memory now create
two apr_shmem_t variables, one for each shared memory allocation.
the problem is that we can't determine how much memory will be required
for shared memory allocations once we try to allocate more than one
variable. The MM code automatically aligns the shared memory allocations,
so we end up needing to pad the amount of shared memory we want based
on how many variables will be allocated out of the shared memory segment.
It is just easier to create a second apr_shmem_t variable, and two
shmem memory blocks.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleanup the export list a bit. This creates a single unified list of
functions exported by APR. The export list is generated at configure
time, and that list is then used to generate the exports.c file.
Because of the way the export list is generated, we only export those
functions that are valid on the platform we are building on.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Enable logging the cookie with mod_log_config
[Sander van Zoest <>]
*) Fix a segfault in mod_info when it reaches the end of the configuration.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Added lib/aputil/ as a placeholder for utility functions which are not
specific to the Apache HTTP Server (but do not make sense with APR).
The first utility is "apu_dbm": a set of functions to work with DBM
files. This first version can be compiled for SDBM or GDBM databases.
[Greg Stein]
*) Complete re-write of mod_include. This makes mod_include a filter that
uses buckets directly. This has now served the FAQ correctly.
[Paul Reder <>]
*) Allow modules to specify the first filter in a sub_request when
making the sub_request. This keeps modules from having to change the
output_filter immediately after creating the sub-request, and therefore
skip the sub_req_output_filter. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Update ab to accept URLs with IPv6 literal address strings (in the
format described in RFC 2732), and to build Host header fields in
the same format. This allows IPv6 literal address strings to be
used with ab. This support has been tested against Apache 1.3 with
the KAME patch, but Apache 2.0 does not yet work with this format
of the Host header field. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Accomodate an out-of-space condition in the piped logs and the
rotatelogs.c code, and no longer churn log processes for this
condition. [Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Add support for partial writes with apr_sendfile() to core_output_filter.
[Greg Ames]
Changes with Apache 2.0a8
*) Add a directive to mod_mime so that filters can be associated with
a given mime-type.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get multi-views working again. We were setting the path_info
field incorrectly if we couldn't find the specified file.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix 304 processing. The core should never try to send the headers
down the filter stack. Always, just setup the table in the request
record, and let the header filter convert it to data that is ready
for the network.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) More fixes for the proxy. There are still bugs in the proxy code,
but this has now proxied and (my ISP)
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix params for apr_getaddrinfo() call in connect proxy handler.
[Chuck Murcko]
*) APR: Add new apr_getopt_long function to handle long options.
[B. W. Fitzpatrick <>]
*) APR: Change apr_connect() to take apr_sockaddr_t instead of hostname.
Add generic apr_create_socket(). Add apr_getaddrinfo() for doing
hostname resolution/address string parsing and building
apr_sockaddr_t. Add apr_get_sockaddr() for getting the address
of one of the apr_sockaddr_t structures for a socket. Change
apr_bind() to take apr_sockaddr_t. [David Reid and Jeff Trawick]
*) Remove the BUFF from the HTTP proxy. This is still a bit ugly, but
I have proxied pages with it, cleanup will commence soon.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the proxy work with filters. This isn't perfect, because we
aren't dealing with the headers properly. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Do not send a content-length iff the C-L is 0 and this is a head
request. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make cgi-bin work as a regular directory when using mod_vhost_alias
with no VirtualScriptAlias directives. PR#6829 [Tony Finch]
*) Remove BUFF from the PROXY connect handling. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the default_handler to stop trying to deal with HEAD requests.
The idea is to let the content-length filter compute the C-L before
we try to send the data. If we can get the C-L correctly, then we
should send it in the HEAD response.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) The Header filter can now determine if a body should be sent based
on r->header_only. The general idea of this is that if we delay
deciding to send the body, then we might be able to compute the
content-length correctly, which will help caching proxies to cache
our data better. Any handler that doesn't want to try to compute
the content-length can just send an EOS bucket without data and
everything will just work.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add the referer to the error log if one is available.
[Markus Gyger <>]
*) Mod_info.c has now been ported to Apache 2.0. As a part of this
change, the root of the configuration tree has been exposed to modules
as ap_conftree.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Get the core_output_filter to use the bucket interface directly.
This keeps us from calling the content-length filter multiple times
for a simple static request.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) We are sending the content-type correctly now.
[Ryan Bloom and Will Rowe]
*) APR on FreeBSD: Fix a bug in apr_sendfile() which caused us to report
a bogus bytes-sent value when the only thing being sent was trailers
and writev() returned an error (or EAGAIN). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Get SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT working again. This uses the
hints file to determine which platforms define
[Ryan Bloom]
*) APR: add apr_get_home_directory() [Jeff Trawick]
*) Initial import of 1.3-current mod_proxy. [Chuck Murcko]
*) Not all platforms have INADDR_NONE defined by default. Apache
used to make this check and define INADDR_NONE if appropriate,
but APR needs the check too, and I suspect other applications will
as well. APR now defines APR_INADDR_NONE, which is always a valid
value on all platforms.
[Branko Èibej <>]
*) Destroy the pthread mutex in lock_intra_cleanup() for PR#6824.
[Shuichi Kitaguchi <>]
*) Relax the syntax checking of Host: headers in order to support
iDNS. PR#6635 [Tony Finch]
*) When reading from file buckets we convert to an MMAP if it makes
sense. This also simplifies the default handler because the
default handler no longer needs to try to create MMAPs.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) BUFF has been removed from the main server. The BUFF code will remain
in the code until it has been purged from the proxy module as well.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Byteranges have been completely re-written to be a filter. This
has been tested, and I believe it is working correctly, but it could
doesn't work for the Adobe Acrobat plug-in. The output almost matches
the output from 1.3, the only difference being that 1.3 includes
a content-length in the response, and this does not.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) APR read/write functions and bucket read functions now operate
on unsigned integers, instead of signed ones. It doesn't make
any sense to use signed ints, because we return the error codes,
so if we have an error we should report 0 bytes read or written.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Always compute the content length, whether it is sent or not.
The reason for this, is that it allows us to correctly report
the bytes_sent when logging the request. This also simplifies
content-length filter a bit, and fixes the actual byte-reporing
code in mod_log_config.c
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Remove AP_END_OF_BRIGADE definition. This does not signify what
it says, because it was only used by EOS and FLUSH buckets. Since
neither of those are required at the end of a brigade, this was
really signifying FLUSH_THE_DATA, but that can be determined better
buckets now return a length of 0, which is actually the amount of data
read, so they make more sense.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow the core_output_filter to save some data past the end of a
request. If we get an EOS bucket, we only send the data if it
makes sense to send it. This allows us to pipeline request
responses. As a part of this, we also need to allocate mmap
buckets out of the connection pool, not the request pool. This
allows the mmap to outlive the request.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Make blocking and non-blocking bucket reads work correctly for
sockets and pipes. These are the only bucket types that should
have non-blocking reads, because the other bucket types should
ALWAYS be able to return something immediately.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) In the Apache/Win32 console window, accept Ctrl+C to stop the
server, but use Ctrl+Break to initiate a graceful restart
instead of duplicating behavior. [John Sterling]
*) Patch mod_autoindex to set the Last-Modified header based on
the directory's mtime, and add the ETag header. [William Rowe]
*) Merge the 1.3 patch to add support for logging query string in
such a way that "%m %U%q %H" is the same as "%r".
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Port three log methods from mod_log_config 1.3 to 2.0:
CLF compliant '-' byte count, method and protocol.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add a new LogFormat directive, %c, that will log connection
status at the end of the response as follows:
'X' - connection aborted before the response completed.
'+' - connection may be kept-alive by the server.
'-' - connection will be closed by the server.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Expand APR for WinNT to fully accept and return utf-8 encoded
Unicode file names and paths for Win32, and tag the Content-Type
from mod_autoindex to reflect that charset if the the feature
macro APR_HAS_UNICODE_FS is true. [William Rowe]
*) Compute the content length (and add appropriate header field) for
the response when no content length is available and we can't use
chunked encoding. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Changed ap_discard_request_body() to use REQUEST_CHUNKED_DECHUNK,
so that content input filters get dechunked data when using
the default handler. Also removed REQUEST_CHUNKED_PASS.
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Add mod_ext_filter as an experimental module. This module allows
the administrator to use external programs as filters. Currently,
only filtering of output is supported. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Most Apache functions work on EBCDIC machines again, as protocol
data is now translated (again). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Introduce ap_xlate_proto_{to|from}_ascii() to clean up some of
the EBCDIC support. They are noops on ASCII machines, so this
type of translation doesn't have to be surrounded by #ifdef
CHARSET_EBCDIC. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix mod_include. tag commands work again, and the server will
send the FAQ again. This also allows mod_include to set aside
buckets that include partial buckets.
[Ryan Bloom and David Reid]
*) Add suexec support back. [Manoj Kasichainula]
*) Lingering close now uses the socket directly instead of using
BUFF. This has been tested, but since all we can tell is that it
doesn't fail, this needs to be really hacked on.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow filters to modify headers and have those headers be sent to
the client. The idea is that we have an http_header filter that
actually sends the headers to the network. This removes the need
for the BUFF to send headers.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Charset translation: mod_charset_lite handles translation of
request bodies. Get rid of the xlate version of ap_md5_digest()
since we don't compute digests of filtered (e.g., translated)
response bodies this way anymore. (Note that we don't do it at
all at the present; somebody needs to write a filter to do so.)
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Input filters and ap_get_brigade() now have a input mode parameter
(blocking, non-blocking, peek) instead of a length parameter.
*) Update the mime.types file to the registered media types as
of 2000-10-19. PR#6613 [Carsten Klapp <>,
Tony Finch]
*) Namespace protect some macros declared in ap_config.h
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Support HTTP header line folding with input filtering.
[Greg Ames]
*) Mod_include works again. This should still be re-written, but at
least now we can serve an SHTML page again.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Begin to remove BUFF from the core. Currently, we keep a pointer
to both the BUFF and the socket in the conn_rec. Functions that
want to use the BUFF can, functions that want to use the socket,
can. They point to the same place.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) apr_psprintf doesn't understand %lld as a format. Make it %ld.
[Tomas "Ögren" <>]
*) APR pipes on Unix and Win32 are now cleaned up automatically when the
associated pool goes away. (APR pipes on OS/2 were already had this
logic.) This resolvs a fatal file descriptor leak with CGIs.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) The final line of the config file was not being read if there was
no \n at the end of it. This was caused by apr_fgets returning
APR_EOF even though we had read valid data. This is solved by
making cfg_getline check the buff that was returned from apr_fgets.
If apr_fgets return APR_EOF, but there was data in the buf, then we
return the buf, otherwise we return NULL.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Piped logs work again in the 2.0 series.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Restore functionality broken by the mod_rewrite security fix:
rewrite map lookup keys and default values are now expanded
so that the lookup can depend on the requested URI etc.
PR #6671 [Tony Finch]
*) SECURITY: Tighten up the syntax checking of Host: headers to fix a
security bug in some mass virtual hosting configurations
that can allow a remote attacker to retrieve some files
on the system that should be inaccessible. [Tony Finch]
*) Add a pool bucket type. This bucket is used for data allocated out
of a pool. If the pool is cleaned before the bucket is destroyed, then
the data is converted to a heap bucket, allowing it to survive the
death of the pool.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add a flush bucket. This allows modules to signal that the filters
should all flush whatever data they currently have. There is no way
to actually force them to do this, so if a filter ignores this bucket,
that's life, but at least we can try with this.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add an output filter for sub-requests. This filter just strips the
EOS bucket so that we don't confuse the main request's core output
filter by sending multiple EOS buckets. This change also makes sub
requests start to send EOS buckets when they are finished.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Make ap_bucket_(read|destroy|split|setaside) into macros. Also
makes ap_bucket_destroy a return void, which is okay because it
used to always return APR_SUCCESS, and nobody ever checked its
return value anyway.
[Cliff Woolley <>]
*) Remove the index into the bucket-type table from the buckets
structure. This has now been replaced with a pointer to the
bucket_type. Also add some macros to test the bucket-type.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Renamed all MODULE_EXPORT symbols to AP_MODULE_DECLARE and all symbols
for CORE_EXPORT to AP_CORE_DECLARE (namespace protecting the wrapper)
All _VAR_ flavors changes to _DATA to be absolutely clear.
[William Rowe]
*) Add support for /, //, //servername and //server/sharename
parsing of <Directory> blocks under Win32 and OS2.
[Tim Costello, William Rowe, Brian Harvard]
*) Remove the function pointers from the ap_bucket type. They have been
replaced with a global table. Modules are allowed to register bucket
types and use then use those buckets.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) mod_cgid: In the handler, shut down the Unix socket (only for write)
once we finish writing the request body to the cgi child process;
otherwise, the client doesn't hit EOF on stdin. Small request bodies
worked without this change (for reasons I don't understand), but large
ones didn't. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Remove file bucket specific information from the ap_bucket type.
This has been moved to a file_bucket specific type that hangs off
the data pointer in the ap_bucket type.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Input filtering now has a third argument. This is the amount of data
to read from lower filters. This argument can be -1, 0, or a positive
number. -1 means give me all the data you have, I'll deal with it and
let you know if I need more. 0 means give me one line and one line
only. A positive number means I want no more than this much data.
Currently, only 0 and a positive number are implemented. This allows
us to remove the remaining field from the conn_rec structure, which
has also been done.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Big cleanup of the input filtering. The goal is that http_filter
understands two conditions, headers and body. It knows where it is
based on c->remaining. If c->remaining is 0, then we are in headers,
and http_filter returns a line at a time. If it is not 0, then we are
in body, and http_filter returns raw data, but only up to c->remaining
bytes. It can return less, but never more.
[Greg Ames, Ryan Bloom, Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_cgi: Write all of the request body to the child, not just what
the kernel would accept on the first write. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Back out the change that moved the brigade from the core_output_filters
ctx to the conn_rec. Since all requests over a given connection
go through the same core_output_filter, the ctx pointer has the
correct lifetime.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix another bug in the send_the_file() read/write loop. A partial
send by apr_send would cause unsent data in the read buffer to
get clobbered. Complete making send_the_file handle partial
writes to the network.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix a couple of type fixes to allow compilation on AIX again
[Victor J. Orlikowski <>]
*) Fix bug in send_the_file() which causes offset to be ignored
if there are no headers to send.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Handle APR_ENOTIMPL returned from apr_sendfile in the core
filter. Useful for supporting Windows 9* with a binary
compiled on Windows NT.
[Bill Stoddard]
Changes with Apache 2.0a7
*) Reimplement core_output_filter to buffer/save bucket brigades
across multiple calls to the core_filter. The brigade will be
thresholds are hit or the EOS bucket is received.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Create experimental filter (buffer_filter) that coalesces bytes
into one large buffer before invoking the next filter in the
chain. This filter is particularly useful with the current
implementation of mod_autoindex when it inserted above the
chunk_filter. mod_autoindex generates a lot of brigades that
containing buckets holding just a few bytes each. The
buffer_filter coalesces these buckets into a single large bucket.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add apr_sendfile() support into the core_output_filter.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add apr_sendv() support into the core_output_filter.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix mod_log_config so that it compiles cleanly with BUFFERED_LOGS
[Mike Abbott <>]
*) Remove ap_send_fb. This is no longer used in Apache, and it doesn't
make much sense, because Apache uses buckets instead of BUFFs now.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) send_the_file now falls back to a read/write loop on platforms that
do not have sendfile.
[Ryan Bloom and Brian Havard]
*) Install apachectl correctly, and substitute the proper values so
that it works again. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Better(??) handle platforms that lack sendfile().
[Jim Jagielski]
*) APR now has UUID generation/formatting/parsing support.
[Greg Stein]
*) Begin the http_filter. This is an input filter that understands
the absolute basic amount required to parse an HTTP Request. The
goal is to be able to split headers from request body before passing
the data back to the other filters.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Bring forward from 1.3.13 the config directory implementation
[Jim Jagielski]
*) install apxs if it is created
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Added APR_IS_STATUS_condition test macros to eliminate canonical error
conversions. [William Rowe]
*) Now that we have ap_add_input_filter(), rename ap_add_filter() to
ap_add_output_filter(). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Multiple build and configuration fixes
Build process:
-add datadir and localstatedir substitutions
-fix layout name
-fix logfilename misspelling
-fix evaluation of installation dir variables and
-replace $foobar by $(foobar) to be usefull in the makefile
Cross compile:
-add rules for cross-compiling in Okay, rule to check for
$CC_FOR_BUILD is still missing
-use CHECK_TOOL instead of CHECK_PROG for ranlib
-add missing "AR=@AR@" to severaly's
-cache result for "struct rlimit"
-compile all helper programs with native and cross compiler
and use the native version to generate header file
["Rüdiger" Kuhlmann <>]
*) Prepare our autoconf setup for autoconf 2.14a and for cross-
["Rüdiger" Kuhlmann <>]
*) Fix a bug where a client which only sends \n to delimit header
lines (netcat) gets a strange looking HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
message. Start working on ebcdic co-existance with input
[William Rowe, Greg Ames]
*) If mod_so is enabled in the server always create libexec, even
if there are no modules installed in this directory. This is a
requirement for APXS to work correctly.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Connection oriented output filters are now stored in the
conn_rec instead of the request_rec. This allows us to add the
output filter in the pre-connection phase instead of the
post_read_request phase, which keeps us from trying to write an
error page before we have a filter to write to the network.
[Ryan Bloom, Jeff Trawick, and Greg Ames]
*) Cleaning up an mmap bucket no longer deletes the mmap. An
mmap can be used across multiple buckets (default_handler with
byte ranges, mod_file_cache, mod_mmap_static), so cleanup of
the mmap itself can't be associated with the bucket.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add .dll caching directive ISAPICacheFile to mod_isapi.
[William Rowe]
*) Radical surgery to improve mod_isapi support under Win32.
Includes a number of newer ServerSupportFunction calls, support
for ReadClient (in order to retrieve POSTs greater than 48KB),
and general bug fixes to more reliably load ISAPI .dll's and
prevent leaking handle resources. Note: There are still
discrepancies between IIS's and Apache's ServerVariables, and