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@eyab eyab released this Apr 7, 2021

  • The release supports the following:
    • Added Auto Group By aggregation support for RETURN and WITH clauses.
    • Added support for more input types in aggregate functions.
    • Added support for DISTINCT in functions.
    • Added explicit type cast from AGTYPEOID to TEXTOID.
    • Added explicit type casting Agtype to PG's shortint, int, and Bigint
    • Added type casting from AGTYPEOID to INT8OID and FLOATOID. For use with user defined (non-AGE) functions within the cypher query.
    • Added overloading for INT8OID mathematical operators.
    • Added * and optional edge grammar components.
    • Changed input types for typecasting functions to “any”.
    • Added support for the DELETE clause.
    • Added support for Stored Procedures and PL/pgSQL.
    • Added a basic agtype parser for the NodeJS driver.
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