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Apache Dubbo (incubating) |ˈdʌbəʊ| is a high-performance, java based RPC framework open-sourced by Alibaba. As in many RPC systems, dubbo is based around the idea of defining a service, specifying the methods that can be called remotely with their parameters and return types. On the server side, the server implements this interface and runs a dubbo server to handle client calls. On the client side, the client has a stub that provides the same methods as the server.

Please visit the official web site for more information.


  • [2018-7-2] Dubbo Shanghai meetup slides has been uploaded, check the slides here.
  • [2018-6-25] Jun Liu has delivered a talk on LC3 China, check out the slides here.
  • [2018-6-22] The official Twitter account has been created, follow us on Twitter! @ApacheDubbo
  • [2018-6-21] Announcing Dubbo Shanghai meetup, details can be found here
  • [2018-5-12] The first Dubbo meetup has successfully been held in Beijing, over 400+ people were present. What a great event! Please enjoy the slides of the topics:
    • Ian Luo: Dubbo's present and future (Chinese) slides
    • Jun Liu: Introduction to the 4th Aliware Performance Challenge (Chinese) slides
    • Zhixuan Chen: Quickly building Microservice with Dubbo and Spring-boot (Chinese) slides
    • Xin Wang: Dubbo and Weidian's Practice on Microservice Architecture (Chinese) slides
  • [2018-5-2] Ian Luo(PPMC) and Jun Liu(PPMC) will talk about "Introducing Apache Dubbo(Incubating): What is Dubbo and How it Works" at ApacheCon NA this year in Montréal! Please check out the schedule here and register here.
  • [2018-4-25] The GSoC(Google Summer of Code) 2018 projects has been announced, Raghu Reddy's project "Extending Serialization protocols support for Apache Dubbo" has been accepted! Congratulations!
  • [2018-4-22] Ian Luo has delivered a great talk at QCon Beijing 2018, where the roadmap of Dubbo has also be announced. Please enjoy the slides!
  • [2018-4-12] The schedule of LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China has been announced, and we are glad to have Jun Liu (Dubbo PPMC) to talk about "Dubbo Open-Sourcing - Present and the Future"
  • [2018-4-11] Ian Luo (Dubbo PPMC) will talk about the present and future of Dubbo in QCon Beijing
  • [2018-4-10] Spring Cloud Sleuth (a distributed tracing solution for Spring Cloud) now officially supports Dubbo!



  • Got question to ask? Check the FAQ first!


  • New Contributor Guide: fresh to Dubbo? View the new contributor guide to quickly learn how to contribute.
  • Software Donation Guide: want to donate code to Dubbo? View the donation guide here.

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