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Deploy backend in kubernetes

Follow instructions in the deploying SkyWalking backend to Kubernetes cluster to deploy oap and ui to a kubernetes cluster.

Deploy SkyWalking with local files

Package the corresponding version of the skywalking chart

1.Configure the helm environment, refer to Helm environment configuration. If you want to deploy the helm2 related chart, you can directly configure the relevant environment of helm2. The following example uses the Helm 3 environment.

2.Clone/download ZIP skywalking-kubernetes repo, the directory structure of the repo about chart is as follows


  • helm2
    • 6.0.0-GA
    • 6.1.0
  • helm3
    • 6.3.0
    • 6.4.0

After the clone/download ZIP is completed, enter the specified directory and package the corresponding version of the chart.

cd skywalking-kubernetes/helm-chart/<helm-version>/<skywalking-version>

Note: helm-version is the corresponding helm version directory, skywalking-version is the corresponding skywalking version directory, and below is helm3 and skywalking 6.3.0.

cd skywalking-kubernetes/helm-chart/helm3/6.3.0

3.Since skywalking relies on elasticsearch as storage, execute the following command to update dependencies, which will be pulled from the official repo by default.

helm dep up skywalking

Hang tight while we grab the latest from your chart repositories... ...Successfully got an update from the "stable" chart repository Update Complete. ⎈Happy Helming!⎈ Saving 1 charts Downloading elasticsearch from repo Deleting outdated charts

If the official repo does not exist, please add the official repository first.

helm repo add stable

"stable" has been added to your repositories

4.Packing skywalking , execute the following command.

helm package skywalking/

Successfully packaged chart and saved it to: C:\code\innerpeacez_github\skywalking-kubernetes\helm-chart\helm3\6.3.0\skywalking-0.1.0.tgz

After the package is completed, the .tgz file will be generated in the same directory of the current directory.


skywalking/ skywalking-0.1.0.tgz

5.Deploy skywalking

helm install skywalking skywalking-0.1.0.tgz

NAME: skywalking LAST DEPLOYED: 2019-10-08 14:58:56.390870576 +0800 CST m=+0.578158314 NAMESPACE: default STATUS: deployed

NOTES: Get the UI URL by running these commands: export POD_NAME=$(kubectl get pods --namespace default -l "app=skywalking,release=skywalking,component=skywalking-ui" -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}") echo "Visit to use your application" kubectl port-forward $POD_NAME 8080:8080

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