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PHP 7.1 ready Smart and Simple Documentation for your PHP project


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Smart and Readable Documentation for PHP projects

ApiGen is easy to use and modern API doc generator supporting all PHP 8.2 features.


Built on Shoulders of Giants


With Docker

ApiGen is available as apigen/apigen Docker image which you can directly use.

docker run --rm --interactive --tty --volume "$PWD:$PWD" --workdir "$PWD" \
  apigen/apigen:edge \
  src --output docs

With Phar

This will install ApiGen phar binary to tools/apigen.

mkdir -p tools
curl -L -o tools/apigen
chmod +x tools/apigen
tools/apigen src --output docs

With Composer

This will install ApiGen to tools/apigen directory with executable entry point available in tools/apigen/bin/apigen.

composer create-project --no-dev apigen/apigen:^7.0@alpha tools/apigen
tools/apigen/bin/apigen src --output docs


Generate API docs by passing source directories and destination option:

apigen src --output docs


ApiGen can be configured with apigen.neon configuration file.

  # string[], passed as arguments in CLI, e.g. ['src']
  paths: []

  # string[], --include in CLI, included files mask, e.g. ['*.php']
  include: ['*.php']

  # string[], --exclude in CLI, excluded files mask, e.g. ['tests/**']
  exclude: []

  # bool, should protected members be excluded?
  excludeProtected: false

  # bool, should private members be excluded?
  excludePrivate: true

  # string[], list of tags used for excluding class-likes and members
  excludeTagged: ['internal']

  # string, --output in CLI
  outputDir: '%workingDir%/api'

  # string | null, --theme in CLI
  themeDir: null

  # string, --title in CLI
  title: 'API Documentation'

  # string, --base-url in CLI
  baseUrl: ''

  # int, --workers in CLI, number of processes that will be forked for parallel rendering
  workerCount: 8

  # string, --memory-limit in CLI
  memoryLimit: '512M'