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currently I want to convert coffeescript to javascript ,and output the js file to some directory

I submit an issue to sublimetext ,
[question about relative path [sublime-build]]

I am not sure if sublime-better-coffeescript support it , if it support , I will use the plugin , output js file to some directory in one command


Plugin support this. Use compileDir and relativDir in config:

"compileDir" : "/home/user/Projects/some",
"relativeDir": "/home/user/Projects/some/coffee"

Yup, plugin already supports this! @lavrton is correct.

@aponxi aponxi closed this Jun 8, 2013

great, it works

but there is a question , the compileDir and relativeDir is absolute path , but sometimes , when I open a project , maybe my folder name is 'project', then if the config like

"compileDir" : "",
"relativeDir": "src"


"compileDir" : "project",
"relativeDir": "project/src"

then in other computer I can reuse the config file


You can set "compileDir" and "relativeDir" params inside project file "name.sublime-project". For example:

        "path": "/home/lavrton/Projects/slash/develop"
    "settings": {
        "CoffeeScript": {
            "compileDir" : "/home/lavrton/Projects/slash/develop",
            "relativeDir": "/home/lavrton/Projects/slash/develop/client/scripts"
 "build_systems" :
            "name": "List",
            "cmd": ["ls"]

in this case , the compileDir and also relativeDir is also absolute path, if I move sublime project to other computer , I also need to change the settings

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