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Codestrong 2012

The Codestrong 2012 conference application was created using Titanium Mobile and the brand-spanking new MVC framework, Alloy, which was written on top of it to enhance developer productivity.

This app (and Alloy) still have quite a way to go. If you're looking for the 2011 version using plain ol' JS, there is a tag for that version downloadable in this repository.

This application and the associated source code are released under the Apache 2.0 open source license. Code strong!


The latest version of this application is not yet available on the app stores - when it is, we will put links here for direct download, so you can install and use the app without importing the project.


The Codestrong application requires:

  • Appcelerator Cloud Services keys
  • Facebook application ID
  • Twitter oAuth keys be fully functional. A sample tiapp.xml which contains placeholders for these values is included at the root of this project directory. Copy tiapp.sample.xml to tiapp.xml before importing to Studio or running.


  • Special thanks to Appcelerator, for making a platform where you can write native apps in JavaScript. Dope.
  • Current social sign in buttons provided by Komodo Media.