A refactored Alloy-based version of the KitchenSink demo-app (work in progress)
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Kitchen Sink 2.0

This project gives an overview of native components available in Titanium. The components are grouped into multiple groups and can be logged in the "Logs" tab.


  • API Logging
  • Controls (Switch, Slider, Tabbed Bar, Text Field, Alerts, Dialogs, ...)
  • Views (Scroll View, List View, Image View, Blur View, Web View, ...)
  • TODO: Platform API's (HTTP-Requests, Contacts, Camera, Gallery, Geolocation, ...)
  • TODO: Services (Hyperloop, Unit-Testing, Facebook, Maps, OAuth, ...)


Release Date Milestone Done
November 14, 2016 Initial Release (Basic support)
January 05, 2016 Support for 3D-Touch API’s (Peek and Pop / Shortcut Items)
Q1, 2017 Support for platform API examples 🛠
Q2, 2017 Support for platform services examples 🛠

Running the KitchenSink App

Via Appcelerator Studio

  1. Import it via Dashboard if available.
  2. Or import it via File > Import... > Git > Git Repository as New Project with URI:

  3. Select a Simulator or Device to build to via Run > Run As.


  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone https://github.com/appcelerator/kitchensink-v2
  2. To run it with appc run first import it to the platform:

    appc new --import --no-services
  3. Build to Simulator or Device:

    [appc run | ti build] -p ios [-T device]


Code contributions are greatly appreciated, please submit a new pull request!

Legal Stuff

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