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GitHub App

GitHub App

SemanticDiff provides a programming language aware diff for GitHub pull requests to help you review code changes faster.

Pull Request Viewer

You can try it out with any public pull request before installing the app.


SemanticDiff provides an alternative diff viewer that:

  • hides style-only changes or reformattings
  • detects moved code
  • highlights changes inside moved code
  • detects refactorings such as renames

Every time a new pull request is opened, the App adds a comment with a URL to the corresponding pull request in SemanticDiff.

Hides Style-Only Changes / Reformattings

Changes that do not have an effect on the program flow, like optional line breaks or commas, are not shown as change.

Style Changes

The blue marker in the center shows you how the lines in the old and new code correspond.

Moved Code Detection

SemanticDiff detects when code was moved within a file. The original and new code block are shown side-by-side to help you spot any changes that were introduced during the move.

Moved Code

Refactoring Detection

Renamed functions/variables and all their occurrences are highlighted using the same color.


This feature is currently under development and will soon be extended to more complex refactorings.

Supported Programming Languages

SemanticDiff is a programming language aware diff and therefore needs to be able to understand your code. This requires your code to be syntactically correct and written in one of the following languages or data exchange formats:

  • C#
  • CSS / SCSS
  • Go
  • Java
  • JavaScript / JSX
  • JSON
  • PO (gettext)
  • Python
  • TypeScript / TSX

Bugs / Feature Requests

Did you find a bug or have a great idea how to improve SemanticDiff? Let us know in our issue tracker.

SemanticDiff is developed by Sysmagine GmbH based in Heidelberg, Germany (Impressum).

Developer is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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