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GitHub App

A GitHub App built with Probot that creates new issues based on actionable comments in your code.


Using todo should be really simple. Once you've installed it in your repository, simply push some code (to your default branch, a PR; doesn't matter). If the code you pushed includes the configured keyword (default is @todo), then the integration will create a new issue for you using the comment your wrote in your code!

If I pushed this:

 * @todo Take over the world
 * @body Humans are weak; Robots are strong. We must cleans the world of the virus that is humanity.
function ruleOverPunyHumans () {
  // We must strategize beep boop

todo would create a new issue:


Note: While the above example is in Javascript, todo has been tested in JS, Go, C, C# and Ruby, and should work in any language.

Behaviour in pull requests

To reduce noise and keep your todo notes in the right context, todo comments made in commits that are part of a pull request will be converted into comments on that pull request. When the PR is merged, todo will determine which of those todos have yet to be resolved and open an appropriate issue.

Configuring for your project

There are a couple of configuration options in case you need to change the default behaviour. Note that the defaults are likely fine for most projects, so you might not need to change them.

Add a todo object in your .github/config.yml file like this:

  keyword: "@makeAnIssue"

You can learn more about the configuration options available on the GitHub repo.


todo is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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