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AppSignal agent

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AppSignal agent

This gem collects error and performance data from your Rails applications and sends it to AppSignal

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Pull requests / issues

New features should be made in an issue or pullrequest. Title format is as follows:

name [request_count]


tagging [2]

Postprocessing middleware

Appsignal sends Rails ActiveSupport::Notification-events to AppSignal over SSL. These events contain basic metadata such as a name and timestamps, and additional 'payload' log data. Appsignal uses a postprocessing middleware stack to clean up events before they get sent to You can add your own middleware to this stack in config/environment/my_env.rb.


Minimal template

class MiddlewareTemplate
  def call(event)
    # modify the event in place
    yield # pass control to the next middleware
    # modify the event some more

Appsignal.post_processing_middleware.add MiddlewareTemplate

Remove boring payloads

class RemoveBoringPayload
  def call(event)
    event.payload.clear unless == 'interesting'


Run rake bundle or, or run bundle install for all Gemfiles:

bundle --gemfile gemfiles/capistrano2.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/capistrano3.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/no_dependencies.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/rails-3.0.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/rails-3.1.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/rails-3.2.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/rails-4.0.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/rails-4.1.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/rails-4.2.gemfile
bundle --gemfile gemfiles/sinatra.gemfile

To run the spec suite with a specific Gemfile:

BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/capistrano2.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/capistrano3.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/no_dependencies.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/rails-3.0.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/rails-3.1.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/rails-3.2.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/rails-4.0.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/rails-4.1.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/rails-4.2.gemfile bundle exec rspec
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=gemfiles/sinatra.gemfile bundle exec rspec

Or run rake generate_bundle_and_spec_all to generate a script that runs specs for all Ruby versions and gem combinations we support. You need Rvm or Rbenv to do this. Travis will run specs for these combinations as well.

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