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Inline Styles Broken #57

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Mark a selection of code in a paragraph in Crayon with the Inline attribute, no display changes are made. My unqualified opinion is the crayon.js is not converting the crayon syntax to proper css tags?

This is the html:

<span class="font:monospace decode-attributes:false lang:php decode:true crayon-selected crayon-inline "></span>

@threadhead Could you provide a URL so that Aram can check it out. He'll ask for it so I'm just saving him the trouble. :)


No problem. I learned that after 3 or more posts. :)


Haha cheers. I've taken a look and also added the theme "Mosaic" and tested it locally, and I can't find any issues - all Crayons show up in posts. Are you able to set WP_DEBUG to true in wp-config.php and try a refresh, and maybe disable other plugins and leave only Crayon on to see if there are any conflicts? This is quite bizarre, but I'm quite sure it's not the javascript since the output isn't formatted correctly (it's just a span and hasn't been captured). Also try resaving the post to ensure Crayon has marked it as a Crayon-contained post, and also try hitting "refresh" in the posts section of Crayon settings. Let me know the outcome of all those!


I'm having this issue as well.

I've just tried installing Wordpress again. Using the twenytwelve theme, no plugins installed other than akismet and hello world, both disabled, and of course Crayon is installed and enabled. All I'm getting is the <span> :(

<span class="lang:sh decode:true crayon-inline " >#test</span>

The post-id is in the database in crayon_posts and crayon_legacy_posts.

This is my options record:

Adding define('WP_DEBUG', true); to wp-config.php hasn't shown me any errors.

Okay, I found the problem. I didn't have the Capture Inline Tags like {php}{/php} inside sentences. option enabled. I found it by editing the database to change the boolean "inline-tags" to 1 and then finding it in the PHP file crayon_settings_wp.class.php to determine which checkbox it was.

It was the option text "Using this markup for Mini Tags and Inline tags is now depreciated!" and "like {php}{/php} inside sentences" that threw me off.

I don't use those {php} tags, I have just been using the GUI which adds <span> tags. And seeing as they are now "depreciated" and not enabled by default, it was the last thing I tried :(

Is this a bug? Should this checkbox also manage the span tags?


Sorry for multi-post spam, I've consolidated it all into one post :)


Wow! Thanks @stalks that's amazing debugging from you! Yes, this is totally a bug. The Inline Tags are separate from that curly brace markup and should be treated differently as well. I'll fix this and let you know.


I've fixed the issue in 7fdb2e6 and separated the settings for using inline tags and for using inline tags with the curly braces. The former supersedes the latter.

@aramk aramk closed this
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