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What is RoboRooney

RoboRooney is a Slack-bot that helps you find available pitches (Powered by MyLocalPitch's API). The actual code for the Slack-bot is here and the MLP API is here.
This repo is a template that lets you quickly start using RoboRooney.


Before you can start using the bot locally you need to set enviroment variables that will be used for connecting to Slack.
API_TOKEN = This is your api token that you generate from Slack
BOT_ID = In Slack this is called member ID, although this is not strictly necessary it enables the use of @roborooney which makes it super convenient.


You can easily run this bot on Heroku by specifying the above credentials in .env file.
Remember to scale your dyno because since the command to run is not web but worker you need to manually scale the worker dyno.