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Please switch to the official service at as our service will be turned off soon.

A.R.M - Arch Rollback Machine

Arch Linux Chinese Community A.R.M server app & configurations.


Server requirements:

  • Linux OS
  • Bash & Rsync
  • Python 3.3, distribute
  • Node.js 0.10.13+ with NPM


config file: Sync/.

Synchronize packages and make daily copies of package database file. Packages are synchronized under /var/www/repo-arm


config file: archrepo2-0.3.1/archrepo.ini

Will read packages in [testing], [core], [extra], [multilib-testing], [multilib], [community-testing] and [community].

pkginfo file path: /var/www/repo-arm/pkginfo.db


config file: repo-arm-server/config.js


Exact package search

  • Method: POST
  • Path: /exact
  • Variables:
    • arch : i686 || x86_64
    • pkgname : Exact package name

Example using cURL:

curl --data-urlencode "arch=x86_64" --data-urlencode "pkgname=linux"

Similiar package search

  • Method: POST
  • Path: /find
  • Variables:
    • arch : i686 || x86_64
    • pkgname : package name criteria

Example using cURL:

curl --data-urlencode "arch=x86_64" --data-urlencode "pkgname=linux"

Deprecated GET method

Pattern: /search?arch=$arch&pkgname=$pkgname where arch can be either i686 or x86_64, and $pkgname is exactly the package name(packages under any will be automatically added to results).

Note for GET method: Special symbol like + should be encoded to %2B, or it will be trimmed and wont return the correct result.

Returning results

Server will return results like: pkgrepo|pkgname|arch|pkgver|downloadurl|pkgrelease.

Note: if there are multiple versions, it will display as multiple lines. If no package found, server will simply return nothing.

Packages in specific date

  • For users seek for packages repo in a specific day, use the following url pattern as your repo address.

e.g., for packages in [core] in the day of 2014/04/30, use$arch


config file: NGINX/*.conf

A.R.M server url: reverse proxy to (repo-arm-server)

A.R.M download url:, webroot: /var/www/repo-arm/

TODO Implement daily-repo functionality.