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Emulate a scroll wheel click with three finger Click or Tap on MacBook trackpad and Magic Mouse

with macOS Big Sur11.5 support!

🔍 Usage

It's more than just +click

System-wide · close tabs by middleclicking on them

In Safari · middleclicking on a link opens it in background


Via 🍺 Homebrew Cask (Recommended)

brew install --cask --no-quarantine middleclick

Direct Download

Latest Release  ·  GitHub release

Additionally, you may also view Earlier Releases

Hide Status Bar Item

  1. Holding , drag it away from the status bar until you see a ✖️ (cross icon)
  2. Let it go

To recover the item, just open MiddleClick when it's already running

Number of Fingers

  • Want to use 4, 5 or 2 fingers for middleclicking? No trouble. Even 10 is possible.
defaults write com.rouge41.middleClick fingers <int>

Initially, it's 3 fingers to middleclick.

Delay on wake

If the app starts before the trackpad/magic mouse is initialized:

Usually appears after wake from sleep, forcing the user to manually restart the app.

defaults write com.rouge41.middleClick autoRestartOnWake -int 3

Tweak the setting above to your needs. 3 seconds should be fine in most cases.

Add Login Item

Make it open automatically when you log in

Just add MiddleClick to your "Login Items".

(it's handy to be done using command line)

osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to make login item at end with properties {path:"/Applications/", hidden:true}'

This fork differs from the base fork in some ways
  • Configurations: Number of Fingers, Click or Tap
    • preferred setting is saved for every user
  • Removed old 32-bit/PowerPc relaunch binary due to it's incompatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina and greater. Replaced with inline restarting of the app
  • The App will not only restart on waking the Mac, but when a new touch device is added (so it immediately gains middleclicking ability) and when a display is added/reconfigured (for proper click positioning)

Attention! Make sure to:

  1. Quit an old version of MiddleClick
  2. Remove it from the privacy settings
  3. Enable the new version in privacy settings when prompted

The app should be closed when you change the privacy settings, otherwise the Mouse may not be clickable and you may have to killall MiddleClick via terminal or even force restart the Mac.


This project was made by Clément Beffa,

Extended by LoPablo

and artginzburg (it's me)


 "Wheel click" with three-finger click/tap for Trackpad and Magic Mouse.








  • Objective-C 100.0%