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will be fixed/implemented very soon
* complete manual QA to ensure/prioritize what needs to be done for card object
* fix global users and users associated with a project
will be implemented, but not very important for now
* make the gemspec spec to autodiscover new files in some directories
* use a http connection class
* test if attachment download works with https
* get rid of active resource
* update documentation - write about executing transitions directly on the transition
* implement card_types for a project
* investigate setting custom properties at card creation time
* provide a block to set up a new card in MingleClient::new_card
* execute mql should return only a single value if there is only one result
will be done when I've no other work
* clarify in docs difference between custom properties and native properties
* should transtions give the list of properties to be changed directly
What should be done regarding
* performance fixes - should MingleClient::cards return all cards?
* what is the difference between mingle client and project object? mingle client seems to be delegating a
lot of methods to project
* should MingleClient::projects method reuse the class of @project?