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As the birth of A.J.'s daughter approached, the Bristol 7's knew that they had to record an album.
Otherwise... well, I guess there really isn't an otherwise. They just knew they had to
record an album because it would be a TOTALLY BOSS thing to do.
Hence, over the course of a couple months, the Narwhalingus EP was created.
We loved making this music, and hopefully you'll love listening to it.
But if not, we're really not all that bothered by it, because we made it for us.
But seriously, enjoy!
This album is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribute-Sharelike 3.0 Unported license.
Please feel free to download, fork, remix, sell, and do whatever you want with this music.
Just be sure to credit The Bristol 7's and release your work under the same license!
Copyright 2011 The Bristol 7's
All songs written and performed by A.J. Hall and Aaron Sarazan
Recorded by Patrick Blackburn in Durham, NC
More info in LICENSE
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