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The parallelized Lagrangian transport model for NetCDF/OPeNDAP data, written on top of Paegan


You are using virtualenv, right?

  1. Install virtualenv-burrito
  2. Create virtualenv named "paegan-transport-dev": mkvirtualenv -p your_python_binary paegan-transport-dev
  3. Start using your new virtualenv: workon paegan-transport-dev


Paegan-Transport requires python 2.7.x and is available on PyPI.

The best way to install Paegan-Transport is through pip:

pip install paegan-transport

Paegan-Transport requires the following python libraries which will be downloaded and installed through pip:

  • GDAL==1.9.1
  • Fiona==0.8
  • paegan==0.9.9
  • requests==1.2.3

See the Paegan documentation for installing other dependencies related to Paegan.


  • More behaviors


If you are having trouble getting any of the paegan functionality to work, try running the tests:

git clone`
cd paegan-transport
pip install pytest
python -m pytest -s

If you want to run the model_controller or shoreline tests, you will need to edit the test files with paths appropriate for your system. Default is /data/lm with /data/lm/bathy and /data/lm/shore filled in with the files below.

Some tests require large files that are not in source control. You can get them here: