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(in-package :easyweb)
(defparameter *acceptor-name* nil)
(defparameter *application-contexts* nil)
(defstruct (application-context
(:conc-name context-))
acceptor-status-list ;default acceptors of application
(defstruct (url-mapping
(:conc-name mapping-))
(defun application-start (application-name &key (port *listen-port*) (address *listen-address*))
(when application-name
(let* ((starter (get-easy-starter :address address
:port port))
(acceptor (easy-starter-acceptor starter)))
(when (and starter acceptor)
(application-load application-name :acceptor-name (hunchentoot:acceptor-name acceptor))
(pushnew application-name (easy-starter-applications starter))
(hunchentoot:start acceptor)
(format t "Application started: ~S~%" application-name)))))
(defun application-stop (application-name &optional (acceptor-name (format nil
"(~A . ~A)"
(when application-name
(let ((starter (gethash acceptor-name *acceptor-table*)))
(when starter
(let ((acceptor (easy-starter-acceptor starter)))
(when acceptor
(application-unload application-name :acceptor-name (hunchentoot:acceptor-name acceptor))
(format t "Application stopped: ~S~%" application-name)
(setf (easy-starter-applications starter) (delete-if #'(lambda(obj)
(string= application-name obj))
(easy-starter-applications starter)))
(when (zerop (length (easy-starter-applications starter)))
(hunchentoot:stop acceptor)
(format t "Acceptor stopped: ~S~%" (hunchentoot:acceptor-name acceptor)))))))))
(defun application-load (application-name &key acceptor-name)
for context in *application-contexts*
when (and context
(string-equal application-name (context-name context)))
do (if (null acceptor-name)
(setf (context-acceptor-status-list context) (list (cons (nil t))))
(let ((target (member acceptor-name (context-acceptor-status-list context) :test #'string= :key #'car)))
(if target
(setf (cdar (context-acceptor-status-list context)) t)
(push (cons acceptor-name t) (context-acceptor-status-list context)))))))
(defun application-unload (application-name &key acceptor-name)
(if (null acceptor-name)
"Acceptor-name required!"
for context in *application-contexts*
when (and context
(string-equal application-name (context-name context)))
do (setf (context-acceptor-status-list context) (delete-if #'(lambda(el)
(and (car el)
(string= (car el) acceptor-name)))
(context-acceptor-status-list context))))))
(defmacro define-url-patterns (prefix &body body)
,@(mapcar #'(lambda(mapping)
(map-one-pattern mapping prefix))
(defun map-one-pattern (mapping prefix)
(let ((uri (car mapping)))
(let ((uri-type (car uri))
(uri-content (format nil "~A~A" prefix (cadr uri)))
(handler (cadr mapping))
(request-type (or (caddr mapping)
`(define-url-handler (,handler :uri ,(cons uri-type uri-content) :default-request-type ,request-type)))))
(defmacro define-url-handler (description)
(when (atom description)
(setq description (list description)))
(destructuring-bind (name &key uri
(default-parameter-type ''string)
(default-request-type (cond ((eq (search "##get" name :test #'string-equal)
(- (length name) 4))
((eq (search "##post" name :test #'string-equal)
(- (length name) 5))
`(let ((context (loop for app in *application-contexts*
when (string= (context-name app) *application-name*)
do (return app))))
(unless context
(setf context (make-application-context :name *application-name*))
(push context *application-contexts*))
(setf (context-mappings context) (delete-if #'(lambda (a-mapping)
(and (equal ,(cdr uri) (cdr (mapping-uri a-mapping)))
(eq ,default-request-type (mapping-request-method a-mapping))))
(context-mappings context)))
(push (make-url-mapping :uri (cons ,(car uri) ,(cdr uri))
:handler ',name
:request-method ',default-request-type)
(context-mappings context)))))
(defun dispatch-url-handlers (request)
for context in *application-contexts*
when context
do (let ((asl (context-acceptor-status-list context)))
for mapping in (context-mappings context)
do (let ((uri (mapping-uri mapping)))
(let ((uri-type (car uri))
(uri-content (cdr uri))
(easy-handler (mapping-handler mapping))
(request-type (mapping-request-method mapping)))
;(format t "~A" (cdr (find (hunchentoot:acceptor-name hunchentoot:*acceptor*) asl :test #'string= :key #'car)))
(when (and (cdr (find (hunchentoot:acceptor-name hunchentoot:*acceptor*) asl :test #'string= :key #'car))
(or (eq :BOTH request-type)
(eq request-type (hunchentoot:request-method request)))
(cond ((stringp uri-content)
(case uri-type
(:absolute ;;ABOLUTE matching
(string= uri-content (hunchentoot:script-name request)))
(:prefix ;;PREFIX matching
(let ((mismatch (mismatch (hunchentoot:script-name request) uri-content
:test #'char=)))
(and (or (null mismatch)
(>= mismatch (length uri-content))))))
(:regex ;;Regular EXP. matching
(let ((scanner (cl-ppcre:create-scanner uri-content)))
(not (null (cl-ppcre:scan scanner (hunchentoot:script-name request))))))))
(t (funcall uri-content request))))
(return-from dispatch-url-handlers easy-handler))))))))
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