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Simple Desk

This is a sample application that lets you learn how to use RoR Desk ( and Ruby Desk ( It is not meant to be a replacement for oDesk at all. It is just a small demonstration of how to use RoR Desk plugin in a real application. You'll not find every small piece of oDesk APIs in this sample applicaiton. They're just two or three APIs that are used to be a guide for you.

How to install

Simple Desk uses git submodules to include the plugin ror_desk. You'll have to do the following steps to install it with submodules.

git clone git://
cd simple-desk
git submodule init
git submodule update

There's not database in Simple Desk. It uses oDesk APIs to retrieve data and it doesn't have to store anything locally.

The next step is to include your oDesk API key and secret. Create a sample odesk.yml file.

cp vendor/plugins/ror_desk/config/odesk.yml config

Open the file 'config/odesk.yml' and include your keys under the correct environment. Be sure that the callback for your API key directs to the running instance of your application. In my case, I create an API keys set for development with a callback


, and create another set for production which directs to the production instance.

After setting up oDesk keys correctly, you can now run and test using



Please if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email on my GitHub account. If you have free time to enhance the application, even by writing more examples, I'll be happy to pull your requests and merge it with the master branch.

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