Some shell/vim config files
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Some config files

  1. - Automate the dotfiles setup with this one (Warning: the script does not always work)

  2. _bashrc - bashrc file (it primarily sources files in bashrc includes)

  3. _gitconfig - git config file

  4. _osx - OS X config file (one time setup file based on Mathias's file)

  5. _screenrc - several productivity improvements to GNU screen

  6. scripts - some random scripts

  7. _vimrc - vim config file

  8. _vim - vim config dir, it contains several vim related stuff

  9. setup - contains one time setup scripts for Mac, GNU/Linux and Nexus 5.

  10. bashrc_includes - contains several bash improvements (git friendly prompt, adb auto completion, p4 auto completion, git auto completion, android reverse engineering aliases etc.)