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set -e
# pip is not installed by default on mac.
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install pylint
sudo pip install Pygments
sudo pip install pdbpp # A powerful improvement to pdb CLI.
# Check for Homebrew,
# Install if we don't have it
if test ! $(which brew); then
echo "Installing homebrew..."
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
# Update homebrew recipes
brew update
brew install ack # A replacement for grep.
brew install bash # Install latest version of Bash.
brew install bash-completion
# Install GNU core utilities (those that come with OS X are outdated)
# Don’t forget to add `$(brew --prefix coreutils)/libexec/gnubin` to `$PATH`.
brew install coreutils
brew install ctags
# Install GNU `find`, `locate`, `updatedb`, and `xargs`, g-prefixed
brew install findutils
# .gitignore boilerplate code (example: "gibo python textmate").
brew install gibo
brew install hexedit
brew install imagemagick
brew install lighthttpd # Needed for running "git instaweb".
brew install nmap
brew install ssh-copy-id # Easy way to set up key based login.
# Install sshpass (unofficial since homebrew admins won't allow this formula in
# the official repo).
brew install
brew install vim # Better than default vim.
brew install wget
# Fix:
brew tap raggi/ale && brew install openssl-osx-ca
# Allows generation from notification from command line (not that useful).
# brew install terminal-notifier
# brew-cask converts brew into a package manager for mac packages.
brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
brew tap homebrew/binary
# Unstable softwares, right from HEAD of some other repo.
brew tap brew homebrew/homebrew-head-only
# Useful OS X softwares.
brew cask install adobe-reader # Unavoidable since some pdf forms require this.
# brew cask install bartender # Clutter control from menu bar.
brew cask install bettertouchtool # A tool for adding shortcuts to apps.
# Use long press cmd button on any mac app to see shortcuts.
brew cask install cheatsheet
# Offline documentation browser
brew cask install dash
brew cask install google-chrome
brew cask install helium # Web browser on top of all other windows
brew cask install instabridge # Wireless password manager.
brew cask install iterm2
brew cask install java # Latest version of Sun java.
brew cask install kindle # Kindle reader
brew cask install lightpaper # Mark-down editor
brew cask install music-manager # Google music manager
brew cask install radiant-player # Unofficial native app for Google Music
brew cask install quicksilver # Quicksilver is better than Spotlight
brew cask install skype
# This does not look as useful as I expected.
# brew cask install slate # XMonand like window manager
brew cask install sophos-anti-virus-home-edition # Free AV protection
brew cask install spectacle # Window manager
brew cask install spotify # An amazing music streaming service
brew cask install xquartz # For running X server based apps
brew cask install wireshark
brew cask install zipeg # A zip file reader
# TODO(ashishb): Add cask for Gyazo.
# Install fonts.
brew tap caskroom/fonts
echo "Installing fonts..."
brew cask install ${fonts[@]}
# Android development and reverse engineering related installs.
brew install android-sdk && android update sdk --no-ui --filter 'platform-tools'
brew install android-ndk
brew install ant # For building android projects.
brew install apktool
brew install dex2jar # For android reverse engineering.
# Some day, this formula will make it into homebrew repo,
# till then refer the file directly.
brew install
brew cask install jd-gui # For java decompilation.
brew cask install virtualbox # Needed for GenyMotion.
brew cask install genymotion # Emulator for android.
brew cleanup