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Github Readme Activity Graph

A dynamically generated activity graph to show your GitHub activities of last 31 days.


The deployment of this project is moved from domain to In case doesn't work try with for more details, refer this

Please refer to the updated link here

Table of contents

How to Use

Just paste the following URL in your profile readme and you are good to go.

Pass your username in the URL

[![Ashutosh's github activity graph](](

Use themes


[![Ashutosh's github activity graph](](

Manual Customization is also available

Available Themes

Name Preview
Default (cotton candy) graph
react graph
react-dark graph
github graph
github-compact graph
xcode graph
rogue graph
merko graph
vue graph
tokyo-night graph
high-contrast graph

For more themes click here


Customize the appearance of your Activity Graph however you want with URL params.

Common Options

Arguments Description Type of Value
bg_color card's background color hex code (without #)
color graph card's text color hex code (without #)
title_color graph card's title color hex code (without #)
line graph's line color hex code (without #)
point color of points on line graph hex code (without #)
area_color color of the area under the graph hex code (without #)
area shows area under the graph boolean (default: false)
hide_border makes the border of the graph transparent boolean (default: false)
hide_title sets the title to an empty string boolean (default: false)
custom_title set the title to any string string
theme name of available themes string
radius border radius of graph number (0-16 inclusive)
height height of the graph number (200-600 inclusive)
days number of to days display on graph number between (1 - 90) [Recommended below 40]
from date from which the graph starts format YYYY-MM-DD
to date where the graph will end format YYYY-MM-DD
grid show grid boolean (default: true)

For custom_title please make sure that you are using %20 for spaces



[![Ashutosh's github activity graph](](


[![Ashutosh's github activity graph](](

Deploy on your own Replit instance

Step-by-step instructions for deploying to Replit (from UI)

Follow the steps

  1. Sign in to Replit or create a new account at
  2. Click the Deploy button below
Run on
  1. On the page that comes up, choose language as Node.js and then click Import from GitHub Button


  2. Visit this link to create a new Personal Access Token

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Generate token"

  4. Wait clone done and add Secrets with your Github token


  5. Click the green RUN button on top, the console will run and at last the url will shows on the right

  6. Now just add the following to your profile readme and you're good to go

![Github Activity Graph](<url from step 5>/graph?username=<username>)

Deploy on your own Vercel instance

Step-by-step instructions for deploying to Vercel (from UI)

First Method

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Log in. image
  3. Sign in with GitHub by pressing Continue with GitHub. image
  4. Sign in to GitHub and allow access to all repositories if prompted.
  5. Fork this repo.
  6. Go back to your Vercel dashboard.
  7. To import a project, click the Add New... button and select the Project option. image
  8. Click the Continue with GitHub button, search for the required Git Repository and import it by clicking the Import button. image
  9. Create a personal access token (PAT) here and enable the repo permissions (this allows access to see private repo stats). image
  10. Add the PAT as an environment variable named TOKEN. image
  11. Click deploy, and you're good to go. See your domains to use the API!

Second Method

Alternatively, click the button below and follow the instructions.

Deploy to Vercel

After the deployment is complete:

  1. Click the Continue to Dashboard button image
  2. In the Settings tab, click on Environment Variables and follow steps 9. and 10. of First Method. image
  3. Go to Deployments tab and redeploy the project. image


Now just add the following to your profile readme and you're good to go.

![Github Activity Graph](<{your_own_domain_name}>/graph?username=<username>)


Please read through our contributing guidelines. Directions are included for opening issues, coding standards, and notes on development.

Core Team 💻

Ashutosh Dwivedi

📆 💻 📖 🤔

Kshitij Srivastava

📆 💻 📖 🎨

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Upamanyu Das


Jonah Lawrence

💻 📖

Milind Modi



💻 📖

Jacob Philpott

💻 📖

Sonu Kumar

🎨 📖

Mykola Symon


Sreyan Ghosh


Anant Mishra




Iryna Mykoliuk


Dalpat Rathore

🎨 💻

Dmitriy Fishman



🎨 💻






🎨 📖






💻 📖

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Resources Used to build this project

Purpose Library Name Link
Graph Construction CHARTIST.JS

Star History

Star History Chart

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