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Service Port Prefix

The serviceportprefix vetter inspects the port names defined in the services in mesh and generates notes if they are missing Istio recognized port protocol prefixes.

Service port names need to be prefixed with the recognized names for Istio routing features to work correctly. If a port name doesn't begin with a recognized prefix or is unnamed, traffic on the port is treated as plain TCP or UDP depending on the port protocol.

Port names of the form <protocol>-<suffix> or <protocol> are allowed for the following protocols as of Istio 1.1.0:

  • http
  • http2
  • https
  • grpc
  • mongo
  • redis
  • tcp
  • tls
  • udp

Note that tcp protocol prefix can be used to indicate that the port is for TCP protocol. Service ports with protocol type UDP are also excluded from this prefix requirement.

It is recommended to add one of the above mentioned protocol prefixes to the services mentioned in the generated notes.

Notes Generated

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