@danroth27 danroth27 released this May 2, 2018

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We are pleased to announce the release of Blazor 0.3.0.

Please note that this is an alpha quality release and is not suitable for production applications.


  • Support custom events and non-bubbling standard events (#722)
  • Change component parameter declaration programming model (#696)
  • OnAfterRender / OnAfterRenderAsync (#691)
  • Support 'ref' syntax for capturing references to elements and components (#685)
  • Change blazorlib output type to Library (#621)
  • Bootstrap 4 and new styling (#619)
  • Eliminate wrapper elements (#602)
  • Add dependency from Blazor.Build -> Razor.Design (#548)
  • Add async event handler support (#519)
  • Move to Bootstrap 4 (#334)

Bugs Fixed

  • value handling for checkbox initial state is dependent on the attribute ordering (#703)
  • Unable to build Blazor: Input too long (#682)
  • Support removing 'value' attribute (#659)
  • Fix diffing when "bind" is combined with conditional attribute. Fixes #624 (#633)
  • Simplify directory structure for hosted template in VS (#332)
  • Creating Blazor ASPNET core app with hyphen in name fails (#291)

Known Issues

  • Autobuild results in 502 Gateway errors for ASP.NET Core hosted Blazor projects
    Workaround: we recommend disabling autobuild for the time being in ASP.NET Core hosted Blazor client projects by adding the <BlazorRebuildOnFileChange>false</BlazorRebuildOnFileChange> MSBuild property.