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Move examples to seperate repo #86

nschonni opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Because the examples are sitting inside the repo, they appear to be using relative paths for some of the tasks and helpers.

I'm assuming that in a separate project they would be referencing below the node_modules folder, but this is currently unclear.


Ha! Completely agree, in fact I was in the process of actually doing this when I just stopped to come to GitHub to create the examples repo(s).

I'm thinking each example probably needs it's own repo to keep them simple and focused. Beyond that, any other opinion/suggestion on the organization of the examples or what would be most useful to you?



I think either assemble-examples-simple or just assemble-examples with separate targets for the different scenarios


Very close to what I was thinking, I'll go with assemble-examples-simple since I have a bunch of examples to push up. Here is an example that I just changed to that naming format: (I will be pushing up some changes and corrections to that repo later)

Thanks for your feedback!

@nschonni nschonni referenced this issue

i18n support #85


Yes please! a separate example repo would make a much better start point to play with this :-) :+1:


Should have something up tonight or tomorrow. thanks


I'm really sorry for the delays. We were busy making major improvements to assemble and helper-lib. See some of the refactoring that @doowb did here: #127

It's might be a little late, but here are two example repos:

New example repos will be listed here:

Closing for now, please feel free to reopen or continue the discussion if need anything.

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