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Setup instructions for your own SageMaker Notebook instances

The following instructions can help you set up your own SageMaker Notebook instance from the tutorial.

In Amazon SageMaker console, create a lifetime configuration named d2lnlp

For Create notebook script, enter the following

sudo -u ec2-user -i <<'EOF'


# Create a new environment
source /home/ec2-user/anaconda3/bin/activate $env_name_short

# Install mxnet and d2l
pip uninstall -y mxnet-cu100mkl
pip install d2l==0.10.1
pip install mxnet-cu100==1.5.0
pip install gluonnlp==0.7.1
pip install nltk
pip install sacremoses

# Get notebooks from git
cd ~/SageMaker
rm -rf *
git clone

# Set notebooks' default kernel to $env_name
cd KDD19-tutorial
for f in 0*/*ipynb; do
    sed -i s/\"language_info\":\ {/\"kernelspec\":\ {\"display_name\":\ \"$env_name\",\"language\":\ \"python\",\ \"name\":\ \"$env_name\"\},\"language_info\":\ {/g $f

source /home/ec2-user/anaconda3/bin/deactivate


Create notebook instance with Lifetime Configuration d2lnlp

When you create your own notebook instance, click the Additional configuration and specify d2lnlp in Lifetime configuration - optional section. Launch the notebook instance as usual.