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pragma solidity ^0.4.17;
contract OpenSign{
struct Document {
uint timestamp;
bytes ipfs_hash;
address[] signatures;
mapping(address => bytes[]) public users; //maps addresses to agreement id
mapping(bytes32 => Document) public documents; //maps keccak256(agreement_id) hashes to documents
function addDocument(bytes id, bytes ipfs) public {
users[msg.sender].push(ipfs); //Add document to users's "signed" list
address[] memory sender = new address[](1);
sender[0] = msg.sender;
documents[keccak256(id)] = Document(block.timestamp, ipfs, sender);
function signDocument(bytes id) public {
function getSignatures(bytes id) public view returns (address[]) {
return documents[keccak256(id)].signatures;