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A slice for the Merb framework that lets you store shit securely in Braintree's
vault (
You get tokens for user's sensitive info and you can charge against those
tokens. The information is securely stored in Braintree's vault to allow you
to charge against credit cards without having ANY sensitive information pass
through your controller actions or logs. It's quite cool.
% grep braintree_transparent_redirect config/*.rb
dependency "braintree_transparent_redirect_slice", "="
# example: /:controller/:action/:id
# example: /billing/controller/:action/:id
add_slice(:braintree_transparent_redirect_slice, :name_prefix => nil, :path_prefix => "billing")
Normally you should also run the following rake task:
rake slices:braintree_transparent_redirect_slice:install
* actually work, as in all specs passing
* sanitize and abstract the braintree models into a gem you can use outside of merb
* hook into merb-auth so you can associate vault items into more than just the user.
i.e. instance method on the session perhaps
* support bank account info, not just credit cards
% thor merb:gem:install
% cp config/braintree.yml-example config/braintree.yml
% bin/rake