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Velma Dinkley said "Jinkies"

Her catchphrases are: "Jinkies!", "My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!", and "You wouldn't hit someone wearing glasses, would you?".

Jinkies is a coffee-script interface to the Jenkins (Continuous Integration) server's JSON API.

I'd written half of this before I realized I was cloning a lot of hudson.rb.

You need a current node.js development environment.

Setting up your environment

Jinkies is available under an MIT license.

If you care about testing your hacks

Jinkies has tests that you can run too.

If you're interested with GitHub integration

Jinkies works as a post-receive endpoint for GitHub webhooks.

If you're interested in the command line

Jinkies gives you a simple executable that uses the library.

$ bin/jinkies -h
Usage jinkies [options]

Available options:
  -h, --help                Display the help information
  -j, --job JOB             Specify the jenkins job
  -t, --trigger-build       Trigger a build for the jenkins jobs
  -b, --branch BRANCH       Specify the jenkins build should locate
  -s, --sha1 SHA1           Specify the SHA1 the jenkins build should locate
  -p, --express-port PORT   Specify the express port, defaults to 45678
  -e, --express-app         Start the express webhook endpoint
  -r, --robot               Start the robot!!!!1
  -d, --server SERVER       Specify jinkies server to use
  -a, --all                 List all the jobs on the jenkins server