getIndexBlob and getLineDiffs for HEAD^? #19

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Hi, is there an easy way to make getIndexBlob / getLineDiffs work with others commits instead of just HEAD?
I'm working on a basic feature for my app that is really difficult to do: amend commit!
I managed to get the list of commited files but now I need the same info returned by those methods to show diff information with pretty line numbers.

Thanks again!



I'm still thinking and cannot figure out what the hell I need to implement "amend commit" feature.

It's likely I will need the HEAD of the last commit... so getHeadBlob would be nice too...


Finally. I'm pretty sure getLineDiffs() would be great.
With that implementation I could build a nicer gitk to browse and view previous commit changes.

Is it very difficult to code or libgit2 already provides a half cooked method for that?


@probablycorey probablycorey added the bug label Jun 24, 2014
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