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Front-end Boilerplate🦜

Powerful repo containin' Next.js, TailwindCSS, FramerMotion, Google Analytics & Twemoji! Pass the grog! All ready fer their Cap'n t' sail th' sea!

Mainly did this t' speed up me productivity, but feel free t' make a PR if ye got some additional tweaks, by Blackbeard's sword!

Aight show me the demo then

🚀 Setup

  1. Walk the plank! Aarrr!
  2. Clone th' repo,
  3. Run yarn t' install all th' stuff needed,
  4. Update proper Google Analytics code in/src/common/utils/data/analytics.ts
  5. Start localhost with yarn dev and ye're done!
  6. Additional, Star the repo 'nd swab the deck!

📚 Includes

  • Framer motion
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Responsive at all sizes + hamburger
  • Typescript interfaces
  • Regex for regular stuff such as url/emails
  • Modal component
  • Premade Button components <Button.Primary title={..}/
  • Premade for normal inputs, textarea & checkboxes
  • SEO optimization built into the <Layout> component
  • Cookies!

Websites using this boilerplate:

Below is a list of sites using this boilerplate, check them out! Submit a pull request to add yours!