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GBA DMA Autograder Template

For information on what this is and how it works, see: In short, it's an autograder for Gameboy Advance DMA, a concept which plays an important role in CS 2110 at Georgia Tech.

In this example assignment, students draw an image on the top-left corner of the screen. It's a simplification of Timed Lab 06 from Fall 2018, the assignment for which I wrote all this DMA stuff.

The grader/ directory contains the grader, which is the cool part (in my opinion at least). The student/ directory contains the directory where students can work and do local testing with a Gameboy emulator. (Warning: it requires the CS 2110 GBA toolchain, which I will not explain here.) The solution/ directory has the solution, which you can copy to shared/ to test the solution in both the grader and the student directory.